by Hiver

Chapter 1

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The bed shifted beneath me and I pulled the blanket tighter around myself with a grumble, squeezing my eyes closed tighter.

Don’t wanna.

“Go back to sleep, My Page,” Luna said gently and kissed my head, “I need to raise the moon.”

Mumbling in agreement, I flicked my ear and nuzzled closer to the pillow, curling up slightly and drifting off to sleep again. Way, way too early to get up.

I wasn’t sure how much longer I slept, but it couldn’t have been too long as when I opened my eyes again, I could still see a slight moonbeam through the curtains but it was quickly cut off by thick whirling snow and darkness.

That and a pair of green luminous eyes about a hoof from mine.

I startled back before I groaned, “Luna…”

“Yes Page?” she murmured and scooted close to my back, nuzzling at my neck as she slipped her forelegs around my barrel, pulling me back against her as she put the book she had been reading down with her magic.

“There is a bedbug in my room. She’s staring at me.”

Luna giggled and nuzzled at my mane, “Silly Page.”

Skitter rolled her eyes and jumped onto the bed, putting her forehooves on my chest, giving me a push, “Sir!”

I groaned before I scowled up at the Changeling Princess, “When did you get so pushy? I remember a much more patient lovebug that waited until her food was well and awake.”

She did a small bounce, poking me with both hooves as she glared down at me, “Sir!”

“Off!” I groaned as I rolled and she slipped, dropping onto the bed next to me before I stretched, vinching slightly at the ache and tug at my foreleg the motion gave me before I looked at Skitter, “I don’t know,” I admitted, “Yes, I found Changelings that’s likely other hives, but some are quite far away and I’m still trying to figure out their Queens or Princesses. Your species is wei-.”

Like a weird strange twisted and kind of wobbly or distorted, almost through a lens and strangely connected.

“But you found them?” Skitter asked quickly before she looked down with a small cringe, “...Sorry, sir.”

“...You’re excited, don’t worry about it,” I said and rubbed my eyes with a hoof as I stretched my wings with a yawn, “It’s just really early. Okay,” I continued and shifted my wings again, stretching them wide for a moment before folding them again, “I found three hives other than the Canterlot hive. One is beyond the Badlands. One seems to be somewhere in Griffon territory and one somewhere across the sea way further down the coast.”

Skitter slowly nodded, her wings doing a small buzzing sound, “That’s good. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet,” I told her with a small sigh, “I’m still not sure it’s a good idea.”

“But unless we know more about them, we can’t know that. If we could just talk to them, show them that there is another way of doing things!”

“Which is why I agreed to this,” I said and struggled onto my hooves, frowning as my right hoof trembled against the bed before I forced it still.

Skitter frowned at me for a moment but scooted a bit to the side to give me room to jump off the bed.

“Hungry?” Luna asked with a smile, “There is a fruit bowl out in the main room. Oh, and the guards mentioned that Sunset were looking for you.”

I nodded and worked my right shoulder, lifting my hoof off the floor a couple of times, stretching my leg,, “You’re busy tonight?”

Luna nodded with a small sigh, jumping off the bed to give me a small soft kiss, “Sadly, yes. Nightcourt.”

I glanced to the dark window where I couldn’t see the moon as evidenced by the thick whirling snow and howling wind, “...You really think anypony will show tonight? I doubt anypony will mount the polar expedition required. Where would they even get the Yaks required?”

“Always a few,” Luna said and smiled, “But they still deserve for me to be there even if they are unable to come.”

“Have fun.”

Luna grinned and gave me a small nuzzle, “See you once I’m finished?”

“Of course.”

Luna trotted out and when the door closed behind her, Skitter was instantly at my side. I glanced at her and then rolled my eyes, “I’m fine,” I told her and lifted my right hoof again, shifting my shoulder once more, the twinge in it mostly gone by now.

Skitter frowned at me, “You’re not.”

Well, no tricking her, was there. Not when she could taste whenever I felt a small twinge of pain.

“Seriously, I’m fine. I’m almost fully healed, I think I just slept wrong,” I told her, “I’ll be fully recovered in another couple of weeks.”

Considering I got smacked by a Goddess, that was pretty good in my book!

Skitter frowned at me and I just smiled at her,

“Seriously, I’m almost back to normal,” I told her and gave her a quick hug with my wing, “I’m fine.”

Her wings buzzed softly but she nodded, “...Yes, sir.”

Giving her a smile, I let go and trotted out into the main room towards breakfast. I was getting seriously hungry and I could use some tea and then maybe have an apple or two. Or four. Oooh, wonder if they have mangos today...

“About time you get up,” A voice drifted over to me and I looked over towards the couch where Sunset was laying, a book floating before her, “It’s almost midnight, you lazy bat,” she teased with a smile.

Fern was deep asleep in his basket in the corner, the winter having made the Timberwolf sleepy… more than usual. Which made a bit of sense as he was a plant. Sunset was far from asleep though, looking at me from the couch.

“Don’t give me that, I was up late yesterday,” I said and trotted over to touch my horn to hers, “And I seem to remember you being there.”

She grinned and nodded, her horn against mine, “What did you think of the play though? Like it?”

“I did, was funny,” I agreed and then jumped onto the couch next to her and stole a kiss before I turned to gather fruit from the table.

Oooh, Cherries.

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