by Nido_King

Chapter 1: Silver Gleam

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Silver Gleam nervously paced back and forth infront of the throne room doors, his armoured shoes clicking against the marble floor. The Royal Guard bit his lips as he debated on whether or not he should just cut his losses and run with his tail between his legs. Maybe start a new life in Vanhoover under a new name and–

Shaking his head, the unicorn stallion pushed that thought aside. No, wanting to run away at the first sign of danger was precisely what had gotten him into this mess! If he wanted to keep his job, then he’d need to pony up and stand strong in the face of danger! Taking a deep breath, he mustered up all his courage and stood proudly. I can do this!

“Silver Gleam?”

No I can’t! With a loud gulp, Silver Gleam turned as the double doors to the throne room slowly opened, revealing none other than Princess Celestia standing at the end of the room and staring at him. Doing his best to look composed, Silver began the slow walk towards the princess. Once he had cleared the doorway, the doors slammed shut behind him, sealing him inside with his looming fate.

His hooves felt like lead weights as he trotted up to the princess, stopping before her and leaning down into a bow. “Y-you wanted to see me, Your Highness?”

“Yes, I did.” Gesturing for him to rise, she held up a scroll in her magic. “I was going over your recent evaluation and I couldn’t help but notice some… issues.”

Silver winced at the disapproving tone in the princess’s voice when she had said “issues”.

“According to your commanding officer, you’ve been repeatedly caught having abandoned your post, failing your standard gear and armour maintenance checks, and several times having fallen asleep at your post. As one of my Royal Guards, I trust that you will be vigilant at all times to catch any threats towards the citizens of Canterlot, but it seems my trust has been misplaced in you.”

Silver felt like a young colt being reprimanded by his mother, hanging his head in shame.

“After seeing this report and, taking everything into consideration, I’m afraid actions must be taken to ensure you learn proper discipline. As such, I have decided that as of today you will be demoted from the ranks of the Royal Guard.”

Silver Gleam’s head snapped up to stare in horror at the princess. “De-demoted? But–“

Before Silver Gleam could utter a word in his defence, a swirl of the princess’s magic began to wrap around him, making his coat tingle. In an instant, he felt himself shrink slightly, losing several inches of height as his armour hang off his diminished body. As a lock of hair entered his vision, he looked up to find his mane growing as he got smaller, blue bangs beginning to drape down his forehead.

His armour began to feel much lighter as it changed from steel to a silky fabric, fading in colour until the gold had become a velvety black. “My… my armor?” Silver Gleam squeaked, a hoof shooting to his mouth as the voice that came out of his mouth sounded less like a stallion, and more like a young mare. His eyes widened in terror as he realized what the princess intended to do to him.

“Noooo….” She squeaked as the transformation progressed further and further, her uniform changing into a black lace dress with white ruffles that draped over her rump, while her helmet had turned into an equally as frilly headdress. “Ow!” Silver winced as she felt a tug against her mane, watching out of the corner of her eye as her two toned blue mane was carefully braided and tied together with a nice bow.

“There, all done,” The princess said as she admired her work. The stallion that had once been standing before her had now been transformed into a short and adorable mare, dressed in the black maid outfit of the cleaning staff.

Silver was in a state of shock, flopping down onto her rump as she stared wide-eyed at the black slippers now on her hooves, looking herself over at what her laziness had done to her.Just when it looked like she might burst out into tears in the middle of the throne room, she felt a hoof on her shoulder. Looking up, she found Princess Celestia looking down at her, a warm smile on her face that instantly made the newly transformed mare feel safer.

“I know this must be hard for you, but I want you to try and see this as a learning experience. If you can show me you can do a good enough job as a maid, then I’ll consider letting you back into the Royal Guards, ok?”

With a sniffle, Silver wiped the building tears away as she nodded her head. “Ok…”

“Good. Now, please report to the maid quarters to receive your new assignments, Silver Gleam. Oh, and do hurry. It wouldn’t do to be late on your first day, now would it?” Celestia said with a. Small titter.

Silver Gleam blushed as she turned and walked back towards the throne room doors, still reeling a bit from her sudden transformation and new assignment. Oh, I hope none of the guys hear about this… They’ll never let me hear the end of it!

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