My Little House Guests

by Spazzy Jamz

Chapter 1: A Scroll In The Mail

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The sunlight broke through the blinds in Tristan's bedroom window, almost instantly illuminating his otherwise dark room. Being a light sleeper, the light alone was enough to awake the twenty-two year-old. He cracked one eye open to check the time on his alarm clock. It was only 6:45, fifteen minutes before the alarm was supposed to sound. Tristan let out a sigh of defeat and reluctantly sat up in his bed, knocking off the bag of potato chips that was on his legs.

The chips scattered along the floor, which was also occupied by soda cans, dirty laundry, and dishes that never exactly made it back to the sink. Studying the wasteland that was his bedroom, he made a mental note to take care of the mess whenever he found the free time to.

Tristan swung his legs off the bed and onto the floor, an audible crunch indicating that his feet had found last night's snack. Groaning, he stands and tip-toes his way across the floor, hoping to not make more of a mess. Tristan scraped off the chip crumbs from his feet before crossing the hall and entering the bathroom for his morning shower.

Showers always seemed to put Tristan in a decent mood. Maybe it was the symbolization of washing off all of yesterday's stress and, of course, getting a fresh and clean feeling. His shaggy, black hair no longer greasy and his body refreshed, Tristan stepped out of the shower and donned a semi-clean towel. He then proceeded to go through his typical morning routine: brushing teeth, combing hair, shaving, re-combing hair, then picking the outfit for the day. He had the day off today, which, being a Monday, was extremely rare, so he pulled out his absolute best pair of jeans and a black v-neck shirt. After confirming his appearance in the mirror, he trudged down the hallway into the kitchen for some coffee and cereal.

Once breakfast was over with, and the dishes mindfully rinsed off and left in the sink, Tristan stood and made his way to the door. He opened the door to his dismal neighborhood. Potholes plagued the street and the convenience store across the street was sporting a "Foreclosed" sign. After he had gotten his fresh air for the day, Tristan checked the small mailbox that hung next to his door.

"What do we got here..." he mumbled to himself. He then proceeded to, one by one, remove the mailbox's contents. "Coupons, junk, electric bill..." he sighed. But then he felt something in the very bottom of the box that instantly caught his attention. It felt like it was rolled up, with a wax splotch directly in the center. He carefully extracted it to find that it was a scroll of some sort, and the wax splotch bore some sort of royal insignia.

Tristan was completely taken aback by this scroll. The parchment was slightly worn and it had a texture to it that he had never himself felt before. It had captured his undivided attention as well as his curiosity, taking all the importance away from the rest of his mail. He glanced around his slummy neighborhood to try and find it's deliverer, but the streets were quiet as they normally were. Tristan took a step back inside his home, shutting the door quickly, and threw the rest of the mail on his couch. He spent a good few minutes just staring at the scroll. He carefully removed the wax seal and began to unroll it.

As he opened the scroll, he began to notice the fine calligraphy of the words. It looked like it was done with an actual quill and ink, as opposed to just a normal pen or pencil. Once the entirety of the scroll was revealed, he checked the very top of the parchment for a possible sender's address. It read, "From the Desk of Her Royal Highness, Princess Celestia".

"Princess Celestia?" he asked aloud, as if waiting for the scroll to answer him. He began to read.

Dear Tristan Shay of Earth,

My name Princess Celestia, high ruler of Equestria. I believe I must ask of you a favor of the utmost importance. I am sending my most faithful student, along with her assistant and her five most trusted companions to your world as a learning experience. I ask that you take care of my subjects for the thirty days that they will be spending there. I have all the confidence in the universe that you will accomplish this task. I would like to thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

With many thanks,
Princess Celestia

Tristan stood, confused, trying to process what he just read. Is this for real? he thought. What was she talking about when she said his world? Who is this Princess Celestia, anyway? Who are these people that are coming to his house? Should he start cleaning?

His mind finally broke away from the countless questions that ran through his mind and took a look at his situation: He was reading a scroll, supposedly written by some princess, saying that there were going to be seven people that would cross the dimensional barrier to stay in his home for an entire month.

Someone had to be messing with him. He cursed at his gullibility and just stared at the scroll, re-reading it to see if it was as ridiculous as he previously thought. And, of course, it did. Tristan immediately returned to reality and gave the paper the once over before deciding to get rid of it.

Tristan went to crumple up the paper when there was a flashing light just outside his house, followed by a window-rattling shock wave. Tristan was floored immediately and couldn't get up. Not from injuries, but from the mere shock of it all. He sat up the best he could and watched his door in horror, waiting to see what was behind it.

Suddenly, after about a minute, a few soft knocks were made from the other side of the door.

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