What are you wearing?

by Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

First published

When Adagio is found wearing something strange, Aria and Sonata have some questions.

When Adagio is caught wearing a rather unusual piece of clothing, Aria and Sonata can not help but ask questions about it.

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What does it look like?

"What are you wearing?"

Adagio Dazzle looked up to find her former minions, current friends, and sisters in all but blood standing in the doorway to her room. Aria stood in the doorway most, brow furrowed as she stared at Adagio. Sonata was behind her, looking over her shoulder with wide eyes.

Turning away from her computer, Adagio faced the pair. She straightened up as much as she could while sitting in a desk chair, and crossed her arms. Her own eyes narrowed and lips pressed thin as she put on her best annoyed face.

"What have I told you two about knocking?" she asked, her voice edged with irritation as she glared at the pair.

"Your door was open," Aria Blaze replied. She crossed her own arms and leaned against the frame. "And don't change the subject. What are you wearing?"

Adagio stared at the pair for a long moment, giving a subtle hint of annoyance and anger as she did. Normally, she could stare down the pair, giving them the right look long enough to get them to fall in line. There were times when it did not work, of course, such as when they were fighting like two toddlers who had been up a week straight drinking nothing but coffee, or on a rare occasion when they were able to actually focus on something and take it seriously for more than two minutes. Given the circumstances, it was unlikely for her death glare to work, especially since it seemed that Aria was actually focused on her.

"It's a hooded sweatshirt," Adagio answered. "Commonly referred to as a 'hoodie.'" She stuck her nose in the air, turning her head slightly. "I would think that after all this time, you would know that."

"I know what a hoodie looks like!" Taking a step forward, Aria pointed at Adagio and her 'hoodie.' "That one looks more like one of Sonata's stupid animal pajamas --"

"Kigurumi," Sonata stated.

"Don't care," Aria retorted before returning her attention to Adagio. "-- and it also looks exactly like your old siren form." She took another step forward. "Now what is it and why are you wearing it?!"

"And is that a tail?" Sonata asked, pointing past Aria.

"Yes, it is," Adagio answered. Reaching back, she grabbed the tail to pull against her, hugging it against her chest. "And in answer to your question: it's a fully custom designed hoodie based on the look of my siren form that I ordered."


"Because the designer gave me a discount if I advertise them in my blog, and I needed one to wear one if I was going to endorse it." Adagio turned away, lifting her nose in the air. "I do have some morals when it comes to what I will and will not allow myself to be associated with."

Aria let out a growl of annoyance. One hand reached up to her face, rubbing at her eyes.

"Besides," Adagio continued, facing the other two again with a grin, "it's so soft and warm." She hugged the tail tighter. "It's a high quality cotton fleece, and is machine washable in case it gets dirty." She then lowered her head, letting the siren head fall over her face. "And look at how cute it is."

"You don't do cute!" Aria yelled, throwing her hands up. She motioned behind her. "Sonata does cute." She motioned at herself. "I do bad girl." She then pointed at Adagio. "And you do sexy."

Adagio looked up just enough for her raspberry eyes to peak out from under the hood.

"Are you saying I'm not cute?" she asked, a hint of sadness in her voice. She then stuck out her lower lip in a pout.

"Jeeze, Aria," Sonata shouted out. "How can you be so mean?"

"I SWEAR, SONATA, I WILL DROWN YOU IN THE TUB IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP!" Aria shouted, turning to glare at the blue skinned girl.

"Look," Adagio called out, getting the attention of the other two. She let her tail go and sat back, looking up at Aria and Sonata from her chair. "None of us have to be any one way." She looked back down, letting the hood cover her face again. "Especially now that we don't have to work together to try and siphon negative emotions."

There was a moment of silence as she sat there. Taking a breath she straightened up, but still did not look at the others.

"I don't want to be just sexy. I want to try other things, including cute. No one is asking you to wear one as well." Adagio smirked. "Although, if you wanted to, I could give you the site and a discount code. They also make kigurumis and plush toys."

"Oh-oh-oh!" Sonata cried out, pushing past Aria and rushing over to Adagio. "You mean I can have a kigurumi that looks just like me when I used to be a siren too?"

A larger smile spread across Adagio's face as she looked up at the excited Sonata.

"You sure can," she replied. Adagio then turned to the computer. "Let me just pull up the site, and you can fill out the application."

"Awesome," Sonata cheered, hopping up and down. She gripped the back of the desk chair, leaning over a staring excitedly at the screen.

Aria Blaze stood in the doorway, mouth hanging open and brow furrowed. Her purple eyes shifted from Adagio, to Sonata, to the computer, and stopped back on Adagio. She then threw her head back, letting out a massive groan of frustration.

"For crying out loud!" she shouted. "Am I the only one in this house who hasn't gone insane?"

Neither Adagio nor Sonata even seemed to Aria's shouting, much less acknowledge that she had said anything. Instead the two were focused on the computer screen, with Sonata saying what to put, and Adagio typing it out.

With a final huff, Aria turned and stomped off, leaving the pair to their insanity.


Sonata Dusk let out a squeal of excitement so high pitched that only dogs could hear it. Grabbing the package, she sprinted for her room as fast as she could.

"It's here! It's here! It's here!" she cried out. Dropping the package on the bed, she grinned widely as she got ready to open it.

Then stopped herself.

No. No. She was going to do this right. First, a quick shower to wash away all of the ick from her paying job, so she was nice and clean. Then she would open the box. For a moment, she considered filming the unboxing, but there were two problems with that: first, that would ruin the surprise of her fans seeing it when she posted her next video; and second, that would mean she would have to put on more than just underwear, or else she would get flagged for indecency.

Opening the box, Sonata Dusk stared wide-eyed at its contents. She wiped the drool from her mouth before reaching down, taking a hold of the kigurumi. The pale blue fabric felt so soft. Pulling it out, she looked over it. Sonata did not know much about tailoring, and never been any good at it, but it did look so amazingly much like her old siren form.

Sonata rushed to put it on as quickly as she could.

It felt so soft against her skin, and she could already feel herself getting nice and toasty warm. It made her want to go to bed, curl up and sleep.

She had something else in mind though. Something she had been working on since the day after she had filled out her application.

For weeks, she been planning for its arrival. She had done all the scenes of her as a human, and even recorded her audio separately so they could be out of sync. The biggest part of her time and energy had gone into building a fake city, which she had dubbed Sonatokyo. Scraps of paper, cardboard, plastic, and even bits of wood were scavenged, glued, taped, painted, and drawn on to make buildings until she had an entire massive metropolis built. She had even included a couple of different landmarks from various big cities.

Sonata set up one of the cameras, making sure it was exactly where she wanted, and turned it on to record.

Then she started to smash Sonatokyo.

She stomped her way through the miniature city, letting out roars as she did (which she would add the actual Godzilla roar over when she was editing). She would stomp on buildings, kicking them with her covered foot, or smack them with her hand. There were even a few that she could smash apart with a swing of her stuffed fish-tail.

It was a lot of fun.

It would have been more fun if she did not have to occasionally stop and move the video camera to a new position, but having the entire thing shot from a single fixed point that showed the entire city at once would have been boring. She had to think of her 'Nata Fans if she wanted to keep the likes and views coming, especially if she wanted her channel to be successful enough that she can make a livable wage from it and quit her day job.

So it was that it quickly became a routine: Smash, smash, smash; move camera; roar; smash, smash, smash. She continued until the entire place was nothing but a pile of broken junk. She was actually feeling a little tired from it, but could not help but smile. It had still been fun.

Now came the long, boring part: editing it all together.


Aria Blaze let out a groan as she was awaken by the sound of her alarm going off. Reaching out with one hand, she groped and swatted blindly until she finally managed to grasp her phone. Her sleep-addled brain was still trying to get working as she tried to remember the number to unlock said phone and turn off the alarm.

Once the horrendous skull drilling noise, Aria dragged herself up and out of bed. She had never really been a morning creature, and had stayed up late working on Siren's Song, a psychological horror game she was creating in her free time, that she had pretty much just flopped down on her bed and passed out from exhaustion. As a result, she was well away from being a functional creature capable of more than the most basic of thoughts at that moment.

The one thought that was capable of being coherent and make it through the sleepy brain was COFFEE! Her sleepy and sluggish body followed this one command, shambling its way toward the kitchen, where life-inducing elixir was created.

As usual, Aria was the last one up, with the other two sirens turned human already up and at breakfast.

"Good morning," came Sonata's annoyingly cheery (especially this early) voice. Aria merely gave a growl of acknowledgement, not even looking up at she continued by instinct and practice toward the machine whose potion would allow her to evolve into a creature capable of basic comprehension and human speech.

Grabbing the large mug that looked like the disembodied head of a robotic fox, she began filling it with the vital brew.

"What are you wearing?" Adagio asked.

Aria wondered what kind of question that was. Adagio would clearly be able to see her and what she was wearing. It was the same thing she had been wearing when last night: spider-web covered lounge pants, an over-sized tee with a bloody hockey mask on the front, and...

Aria's eyes snapped wide as her brain kicked into full. She looked down at her arms, seeing the light violet colored fleece sleeves.

"IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" Aria cried out, turning around and holding up her hands.

"Really?" Adagio said. She leaned forward, placing one elbow on the table before resting her chin in her hand. Her eyes narrowed as they flicked up and down across Aria's body. "Because it looks like you're wearing a siren hoodie, as made by Stitch'n'Sew." One luxuriously shaped eyebrow quirked up. "Which, if I recall right, you called me crazy for wearing, and Sonata for wanting one."

"It's not like that!" Aria retorted, waving her arms frantically. She had known this was a possibility, but had thought she would be able to keep it a secret from the two. If Aria did not want anyone to know she liked something like the soft fleece siren hoodie, that was her business. No one else's.

"And post!" Sonata called out, getting Aria's attention. Sonata was grinning as she lowered her phone. Her eyes narrowed a the grin grew wicked. "Congratulations, Aria Blaze, you're now posted all over the internet."

"...you didn't..."

"I did!"

With a roar, Aria Blaze chased after a fleeing Sonata Dusk, threatening all sorts of bodily harm once she caught the little traitor. Sonata simply ran, laughing as she did.

Sonata's special bonus

"Please?" Sonata Dusk asked, making her raspberry eyes as wide as possible as she crouched by Aria's chair.

"No," Aria Blaze replied, doing her best not to look at Sonata and the pleading look she knew she was getting.

"Please?" Sonata asked again, sticking out her lower lip and making it tremble.

"No," Aria replied more firmly, turning away from Sonata as much as she could. It was annoying at how good she was at being cute.

Sonata straightened up her back and took a deep breath, sucking in as much air as she could.


Aria slapped a hand over Sonata's mouth, letting out a growl.

"Stop!" she snapped, ignoring the fact that Sonata was licking at her hand. "Just stop." She pulled her hand away, wiping her palm on her pants. "I'm not going to be in one of your videos, I'm definitely not going to do it in my hoodie, and I'm absolutely not dancing. So stop asking."

"But Adagio already agreed," Sonata whined out, "and it needs all three of us. It doesn't work if you don't do it."

"Too bad."

Sonata stood up and looked down at Aria. Her eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What if I made it worth your while?"

Aria could not help but snort as she turned to look up at Sonata.

"This I gotta hear." She crossed her own arms, smirking up at the other girl. "Okay. Go ahead."

"If you do this," Sonata stated, "I'll do a Let's Play of your new game when it's finished."

"Pff," Aria huffed. "You already promised to do that." It had been how Sonata had stopped Aria from killing her after posting the pictures of Aria in her hoodie on-line.

"Was hoping you had forgotten that," Sonata mumbled to herself before speaking up louder. "Okay. If you do this, I'll give you all my video revenue for a month."

"Three months," Aria countered.

"No way!" Sonata called out, throwing her arms out. "I'm not making enough to live off of yet! If I give you three months, it'll be another six or something before I can even consider quitting my job!" She held up a finger. "One month."

"Two," Aria stated, crossing her arms tighter and scowling.

"One," Sonata repeated. "And! I'll make you my famous Full Farm Stew."

That got Aria's attention. She sat up straighter, looking Sonata directly in the eye. One eyebrow went up.

"Your Full Farm Stew?" she repeated.

"Yep," Sonata confirmed, grinning. "A big batch of it." Her eyes narrowed as her smile grew wider. "And you can have all the leftovers."

Aria could feel her stomach rumble with excitement at the possibility and had to fight the urge to drool. Sonata's cooking was one of the few good things that came with this world, and that stew was as close to heaven on earth as possible as far as Aria Blaze was concerned. It was at least four different meats -- beef, pork, chicken, and mutton -- and a bunch of different vegetables, all cooked in what was more like a gravy than a broth, with milk, eggs, and cheese added to it. It took all day to cook, and got better if left for another day or two. It was Aria's favorite thing that Sonata had ever cooked up.

It was also something that Sonata had not made in years.

Aria's stomach won out over her pride. With a sigh, she uncrossed her arms and got up.

"Fine," she huffed. "Get the stupid camera ready or whatever you need to do."

With a cheer, Sonata lunged forward and wrapped Aria up in a hug. Aria rolled her eyes and grumbled, but one arm reached around Sonata's waist to hug back.

"ADAGIO!" Sonata shouted, right in Aria's ear. "Aria said yes! Get ready!"

A few minutes later, the three of them were standing in Sonata's "studio," with Sonata in her siren kigurumi and the other two in their hoodies. Adagio had a friendly smile on her face, and Aria had her hood pulled down extra far, keeping her face hidden from the camera.

After turning the camera on, Sonata straightened up and took a step back, standing in front of the other two, with one on each side.

"Hey, 'Nota-fans!" Sonata called out, grinning as she waved to the camera. "I got some big news! We've just hit fifty-thousand followers! That means a special video to celebrate. I even got my sisters to help me out, including A.Dazzling-Dame.

Adagio gave a small wave.

"You can find a link to her channel in the description."

Sonata turned to look over her shoulder.

"Ready girls?"

"Ready!" Adagio replied cheerfully.

Aria gave a nod.

Sonata reached hit play on her phone. As Caramelldansen started playing, the three of them raised their hand above their heads and started swaying their hips.

Author's Notes:

A random little bonus chapter, both because it was requested to give a little more, and to celebrate the fact that not only was this story featured, but it was also the first featured story I got that was not M rated. So to celebrate, have the mental image The Dazzlings performing Caramelldansen dressed up as their siren selves.

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