Twilight vs. Mosquito

by DeiStar

Chapter 1: Twilight vs. Mosquito

Twilight vs. Mosquito

Finally, time to sleep! Twilight wrapped herself with the bed sheets, making sure every part of her body would be warm under its gentle fabric. She tilted her head around her pillow and hummed because of its soft texture. There’s nothing better than a good night of sleep after a hard day of work, right? At least, that’s what Twilight was hoping to achieve.

Spike was already fast asleep on his tiny bed. He had had a tasty bowl of sapphires for dinner, since he helped Rarity earlier that day to gather some gems for certain dresses of her. At least, now he could dream about them living together in a castle made of crystal.

Meanwhile, Twilight had a busy day of studying for an upcoming magic test at Canterlot, which was precisely tomorrow, so she needed a quiet and calm night of sleep to have energy for it. She levitated her alarm clock and flicked the tiny switch on its back to set the alarm, which was configured to six o’clock in the morning, so she could get ready for her trip.

Hah, only eleven o’clock. That means I have seven hours of sleep. Plenty of time to refresh my worn brain. Twilight giggled, placing the alarm clock on the nightstand right next to her bed. She hummed one more time and pressed her cheek against her warm pillow, closing her eyes to finally take her trip to dreamland.


“Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student,” Celestia greeted her, taking a few steps closer to her.

“Hello, Princess Celestia! I’m ready for my test!” Twilight claimed. She stood in front of the Princess and looked at her warm smile. With the Princess by her side, that test was going to be as easy as Pinkie Pie.

“I’m glad you are,” Celestia replied. She turned her body and looked at Twilight. “Now then, please follow me,” she added, turning her head to lead the way.

Twilight nodded, catching up with her beloved mentor. She was still a bit nervous about the test, but she knew everything was going to be all right. “So, Princess, what’s the test about?”

“Very simple, Twilight. You only have to perform a bzzt. Easy, right?” Celestia said.

“Huh?” Twilight stopped walking, looking at Celestia with a puzzled look on her face. “Perform a what, Princess?”

“Perform a bzzt. It won’t be a problem for you, I’m sure,” Celestia repeated, resuming her walk.

Twilight blinked, unsure of what she had just heard. “A what?” she repeated, this time with a louder tone.

“A bzzt, Twilight, a bzzt!” Celestia exclaimed.


Twilight opened her eyes and threw a hoof close to her left ear. She rubbed it, trying to soothe the buzzing she had heard. What was that buzzing? She turned her head and looked at her alarm clock. It was now 2:00. Ah… it’s still two o’clock. That means four more hours of sleep. Still, I shouldn’t be waking up or I won’t rest well at all. She closed her eyes and threw her head over her pillow again.

Spike rolled on his bed, apparently dreaming of taking Rarity to a trip to their new mansion in Canterlot.

Twilight softly inhaled and tried to resume her slumber. It didn’t take long for her to be annoyed by an unexpected visitor.

“Bzzt,” the same sound echoed through Twilight’s left ear again.

Almost by reflex, Twilight threw her hoof once again to her left ear. She pressed it against it and rolled on her bed. Okay, what’s going ? She looked around the room, only to be greeted by her familiar decorations and books. It wasn’t that dark at all. The moonlight beams were filling some of the room with their silver glory. Whatever it is, it better not interrupt my sleep again. She grunted, readjusting herself on her bed to find that comfortable position.

It wasn’t long enough for that mysterious something to strike again. “Bzzt.” This time, it was near Twilight’s ear.

“Eek!” she softly squealed, turning her head to press her right ear against the pillow. She raised her head and looked around. “Okay, who’s there?” she called, without receiving any answer. She glanced at Spike, who was muttering some words that could barely be understandable. Something like ‘Reriiry… loaf yaw’ or something.

Twilight felt a funny sensation on the tip of her nose. She illuminated her horn a bit and looked at her muzzle, only to spot a very tiny object resting on the spot with the funny feeling. What the? Is this a… She squinted her eyes to take a better look at the tiny creature. It was gray-black, with wings and a few tiny pair of legs. A mosquito!? She rolled her eyes and looked at the clock. It was now 3:10. Ponyfeathers! Now I have less than three hours of sleep! You little thing, go away!

After a few seconds, Twilight flicked the mosquito off her nose, opening her room window with her magic so it could leave. There, now you’re free to go. Don’t bother me now. She sighed, flipping her pillow and resting her head on it's cool surface. Okay, now to sleep. I need to be ready for my magic test.

Finally, it seemed like Twilight was going to refund those waste minutes of being awake. She felt her soft, warm bed sheet gently rubbing her entire body, giving her a calm sensation that she expressed on a hum of pleasure. It felt so good, but she knew she could make herself feel better.

Twilight moved her left hoof and ran it through the top of her body, down to her flank, savoring the interaction between hoof and coat. I guess I should go to sleep now… She stopped massaging her flank, placing her hoof close to her head. It was just a matter of seconds before she could fall asleep again. She took a quick breath, patiently waiting for her muscles to relax and allow her into dreamland once again.

“Bzzt.” The mosquito flew right next to Twilight’s ear.

“Argh!” Twilight growled, grabbing her pillow and waving it around in front of her. “What the hay is wrong with you, mosquito!? The window is open! Leave!” she said, not too loud to avoid waking up the dreamy Spike. The mosquito, however, had other plans. The mare grunted, grabbing her bed sheet and covering herself, along with her head, so the mosquito couldn’t possibly fly next to her and bother.

Now that the pesky insect can’t bother me… I better go back to sleep. Twilight placed her hooves together close to her head, proceeding to resume her slumber. Think of quiet and relaxing things… She wanted to keep going, however, the heat under her sheets was way too much. Even so that she was getting in heat, making her feel sultry. She could uncover herself, but the mosquito would be there, waiting for her to drop her guard and buzz right next to her ear again. I can’t sleep like this… it’s too suffocating. She popped her head out of the sheets, feeling the cool breeze of the air against her face once again.

The clock marked 3:45. Argh, it’s too late. I go to sleep already. She closed her eyes, hoping that the mosquito had left the room already. Yes, I’m sure it left already. Now I can sleep in peace. She giggled, her eye twitching.


“Yeeargh!” Twilight yelled. “Enough!” Her horn glowed, creating a magical force shield around her bed. “Hah! Go on! Try to enter now, wimp!” she exclaimed. Surprisingly enough, her outburst didn’t wake up Spike. Instead, he just rolled on her bed, muttering some more words about bride, wedding and so.

The shield emanated a faint, pink aura from it, but its brightness didn’t bother Twilight at all. “Now, to sleep, ha-ha-ha,” she chortled, one of her eyes twitching again. She looked at the clock once again. Only five minutes had passed. There, Twilight. You’ve got two hours left. She hummed, closing her eyes for her final lapse of sleep.

“Thud.” A noise emanated from the shield.

Twilight opened her eyes and looked at the magic bubble in front of her. “W-what now?”

“Thud.” The same sound could be heard. This time, Twilight spotted certain waves of light that ran through the shield, apparently from the point of origin of the noise.

“You’ve got to be joking,” Twilight leaned her head and stared at the center of the shield. There, she spotted something that she had acquainted with earlier, none other than her nemesis. The mosquito, which was still determined to interrupt her sleep, was crashing against the magic bubble, causing it to react with a thud noise each time it bumped into it.

Twilight couldn’t stand it anymore. Sure, the mosquito was now outside her range, but the noises from the shield were no better. “Celestia damn it!” she cursed, making her horn glow once again and dispelling the shield from around her bed. “If you won’t leave, then I’ll make you leave!” she exclaimed, standing on top of her bed. Her horn glowed once again.

Twilight looked around the room to spot the mosquito. It was no easy feat, since the room was still a bit dark. However, she finally noticed a tiny, black spot flying when it crossed in front of her window. “Aha! Gotcha!” she exclaimed. A beam of magic was shot from her horn, making it collide against the window. A great glass shattering noise echoed through the library as the beam broke the window. “Curse you!” she yelled. Before she could celebrate her victory, a familiar buzzing chirped right next to her ear.

“Woargh!” Twilight roared, jumping back from her bed and shooting another beam to the spot where she was standing. “Die, damn it!” she shouted. The beam struck a pot that was on top of a shelf, breaking it instantly.


Twilight jumped once again and shot a beam. This time, it hit one of her book shelves, making some of them to fall on the floor. Some of them burnt by the magic beam. “Damn it!”

As her patience ran out, Twilight kept shooting beam after beam in random directions. Causing a total chaos that would soon be noticed by the nearby neighbors. She broke every pot, she caused every book to fall from their shelves, and she messed up the walls, the floors and ceiling. However, Spike didn’t show any signs of being disturbed by the chaos that Twilight was generating. Instead, he was giving soft kisses to his pillow, as if he was kissing certain unicorn.

“Enough!” Twilight shouted. She clenched her teeth, twitching one of her ears and tilting her head in rage. “I will make you pay!” she exclaimed. Her short fuse was consumed long ago. She didn’t care to sleep anymore. She didn’t even care for the test. The only thing she cared about was to finish that mosquito and its reign of annoyance.

A few sparks of magic appeared around Twilight, cracking against each other like two tiny bolts of electricity. “I will end you! I will end you!” she roared. Her horn started to charge magic as she concentrated all of her reserves on the tip of it. She was about to use a forbidden spell that the Princess specifically told her not to use, but she didn’t care anymore. If it was to get rid of the mosquito, then Celestia would have to excuse her.

Twilight felt the magic growing within her horn. It was now a matter of seconds until it would be totally charged. Her eyes were now two shiny orbs of light, which were staring at the nothing. Finally, the spell was complete. “Die, you little bitch!” she yelled, at the top of her lungs, releasing the magic outburst from her horn, which quickly enveloped the whole room, the whole floor, the whole library. The mosquito was going to receive its well-deserved punishment. “Take that!”



Twilight opened her eyes and looked at the scene before her. She was in the sky, along with clouds, clouds everywhere. Clouds and more clouds as far as the eye could meet. She turned her head and looked around, just to be greeted by the same scenario. There were clouds of all sizes scattered all over the sky. She looked below her, just to see another cloud, in which she was sitting in. “Sweet Celestia! What happened?”

A cloud came across floating in front of Twilight. She noticed a familiar dragon on it. It was Spike, who was still fast asleep even after the recent events. He was cuddling with his cloud, hugging it like he’d hug certain unicorn, muttering more words. The thing that caught her attention was a bright, golden aureole floating on top of his head.

“Spike? What the?” Twilight glanced at the top of her head, only to see she had the same golden aureole as Spike floating right above her head. She took a few moments to recall the events before she woke up. “Okay, I remember shooting magic beams like crazy all around the room, trying to kill that damned mosquito.” She tapped her chin with her hoof, closing her eyes. “And then, I…” Her eyes went wide open as she realized what she had done. “Oh, damn it… I blew up the library…” she mumbled.

“A-am I dead? What will I do now? How will everypony react? Oh, Celestia, how will she react? What about my test? Will I fail? Don’t be silly, Twilight! You’re dead! Or am I? What’s going on in here?” Twilight bombarded her mind with those thoughts. She bowed her head and stared at nothing in particular. She then snickered, throwing her body against the cloud and resting her head on her hooves. “Well, whatever! I can finally sleep in peace now! That stupid mosquito can’t bother me no more up here! Ha ha ha!” Her eye twitched as she laughed like a maniac would do. She closed her eyes, satisfied with her victory.


“No… no… nooooooo!”

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