by Kavonde

Chapter 1: Dinner and a Show

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"Really, darling, you have simply no idea how much I appreciate your help with this," Rarity told her companion. The fashion queen of Ponyville wore a dress of her own design, a white, indigo and pink number that complimented her coat and mane. As always, it was accompanied by a giant, unwieldy hat that seemed to take up more of the train's passenger car than its wearer did. "I know you had a rather dreadful experience with Photo Finish. It really means a lot to me that you'd come out of retirement, as it were, for my little show."

Fluttershy smiled meekly, eyeing the brim of the unicorn's mighty chapeau warily; she worried a bruise was forming from all the times the thing had struck her. "It's okay, Rarity. I know this is really important to you, and, you know, you won't ask me to do more than I'm comfortable with."

"Of course not, darling," Rarity agreed. "Well, except for that you'll have to get up onstage and model in front of another large group of judgmental Canterlot ponies."

"Oh, it won't be that bad. I won't be the only model up there this time, so everypony won't be looking at just me."

Rarity smiled tightly. "Uh. Darling, we want everypony to be looking at just you. That means we're winning."

"Oh." Fluttershy's expression fell. "Um. I didn't know it was a competition."

"Well, it's not, really. But all of Equestria's top fashion designers will be there, and whoever garners the most positive attention will undoubtedly see a lot of new–and very wealthy–clients. And with you wearing my designs... " She giggled. "Perhaps I'll even open a second shop in Canterlot! I'll still make my dresses in Ponyville, of course," she added quickly at Fluttershy's dismayed look, "but it would make it much easier for all of my new clients to place orders. Although, then again, perhaps the Carousel Boutique's distance from Canterlot adds to my aura of exclusivity. I don't want to be seen as just another merchant, after all. What do you think, Fluttershy?"

"Um," offered the pegasus. "Yes?"

"My thoughts exactly, darling. Ooh, we're almost there!"

Several minutes later, the train rumbled to a stop at the Canterlot station. Steam hissed and the engineer sounded a short, low moan of the horn. Rarity stepped primly out of the passenger car, the steam and the breeze making her dress and mane billow attractively around her. Fluttershy stepped out behind her, nervously searching for the steps so she wouldn't fall.

"Fancy Pants!" Rarity all but squealed. Fluttershy looked up to find her friend wrapping her hooves around the neck of a tall, strikingly handsome stallion with a bushy little blue mustache and a monocle. Beside him stood a creature that made Fluttershy's mouth drop open in shock: a tall, long-legged, ephemerally beautiful unicorn mare with an alabaster coat and light pink mane. She looked almost like one of the princesses, but more down-to-earth and... Fluttershy realized she was staring, and she blushed and looked awkwardly at her hooves.

"Rarity, my dear!" Fancy Pants replied, returning her hug with one hoof while he crooked his neck to avoid the bludgeoning brim of Rarity's hat. "How wonderful to see you again! How was your trip?"

"Well, it certainly couldn't compare to an expedition aboard your yacht, but the train was as reliable and comfortable as ever."

"Glad to hear it," Fancy said jovially. "My! And I recognize this lovely young filly. One of your friends from Ponyville, yes?"

Rarity nodded. "Fluttershy, this is Fancy Pants, my dearest friend here in Canterlot."

"Hi," Fluttershy said weakly, glancing up for only a moment.

"A pleasure, my dear," Fancy said assuringly.

"Fancy Pants, this is Fluttershy, one of my dearest friends in all the world and the Element of Kindness."

The stallion adjusted his monocle and smiled. "Why, of course she is! I've never met a filly who so radiates warmth and compassion for her fellow ponies. It's a genuine honor to make the proper acquaintance of another of the Elements."

"... Thanks?"

Rarity turned to the tall, gorgeous mare next to Fancy. "And this, of course, is Fleur de Lis, Fancy Pants'... what was that phrase?"

"La petite amie," she said. The unicorn's voice rolled over Fluttershy like a wave of warm, silken chocolate. She gulped and looked at her hooves again.

"Um," she squeaked. "Hello."

"Bonjour, mon amie."

Rarity, too wrapped up in her eagerness to speak with Fancy Pants, didn't seem to notice her friend's discomfort. "It's very kind of you to provide us with lodging for our stay."

"Nonsense, my dear! I've got more than enough room to spare at my estate. My great-great-grandfather built the place, and I'm afraid he greatly overestimated the number of descendants he would need to provide space for. You and Miss Fluttershy shall have nearly the entire east wing to yourselves. I've even had a workshop prepared for you."

Rarity gave a girlish little cry. "That's... I don't even know what to... "

Fancy tut-tutted. "It was little enough trouble, especially for a valued friend. Now, you must tell me, my dear, have you heard about the newest innovations in airship design... ?"

Rarity and Fancy Pants fell into comfortable, animated small talk as the small group began trotting out of the station. Fleur and Fluttershy walked a few steps behind them; the pegasus kept her eyes fixed squarely on the ground in front of her hooves, still trying to fight down her blush.

"Pardon," Fleur said after a moment, her accent making the word sound excitingly exotic. "I do not mean to be rude, but... are you well, Mademoiselle Flootairshy?"

She shivered. "... Yes."

Fleur made a thoughtful sound. "So... you will be modelling in this show, no?"


"Tres bien! I am as well. It will be good to have a friendly face about."

Fluttershy grimaced and managed a glance up at the radiant unicorn. "Um, you're competing against me and Rarity?"

"Quoi? It is no competition. Merely a fashion show."

"Oh, um... well, Rarity said that, too, but she's also kinda treating it like a competition, and if I'm competing against you, then that's not good, because you're much prettier than I am, and, um... "

"Moi? Prettier?" Fleur laughed, and the sound made Fluttershy's blush darken. "Mademoiselle Flootairshy, you have this beauty that I can only dream of! I was trained for this, shaped and sculpted, so to speak. But you! So natural. I am with jealousy."

Fluttershy looked up in surprise. "Y-you are?"

"Oui," Fleur said with a nod. "And, you will not be forced to model your cousin's hideous attempts at haute couture." She stuck out her tongue in disgust.

"Oh, um... I'm sorry?"

"Do not be. It is the price I pay for my current freedom." She shrugged and smiled. "I am here, in Canterlot, with the love of my life. Parading around in an abomination of a dress is easy enough."

Fluttershy managed a genuine smile. "Fancy Pants seems like a very nice stallion."

"Oh, oui," Fleur agreed. "So strange, in many ways, compared to the rest of the nobility here, you know? He sees the world differently. He is not bound by ancient traditions and codes of behavior. When he finds a worthy pony, he makes sure that everypony sees her worth, regardless of where she was born or who her parents were. As he did with your friend, Mademoiselle Rarity."

"He sounds wonderful. Everypony must really like him."

Fleur frowned. "Not everypony."

Fluttershy glanced up at her. "Hm?"

"Quoi? Oh, I apologize. Look, we are almost at the banquet."

"Um... banquet?"

"Mademoiselle Rarity did not tell you? All of the designers and their models will be there. You arrived barely in time."

Fluttershy gulped. "More new ponies?"

Fleur laughed and bumped against her amicably. "Try to look more angry than nervous. Nopony will bother you. Models are notoriously lunatique, you know."

"Okay. And... at least there'll be food, right? I'm starving."

"Um... is that it?"

Fluttershy frowned down at the piece of lettuce and three red beans arranged atop it. The waiter raised his eyebrow at her, turned up his nose, and walked away. She sighed and lifted the edge of the leaf gingerly, hoping to find a proper daisy sandwich underneath.

"Sorry, darling, I should have warned you," Rarity told her quietly. "These sorts of dinners are always rather light on the 'dinner' aspect. I'm sure Fancy Pants will provide us an actual meal later."

Fluttershy sighed and kicked one of the beans halfheartedly across the plate.

Up and down the table were nearly two dozen ponies that Fluttershy had never seen before, most of them beautiful, well-dressed, or both. Opposite her sat a stallion with an emerald-studded blue shirt and a carefully-arranged, spiky coiffure that defied gravity. Beside him was a pretty earth pony filly, about Fluttershy's age, who was pointedly ignoring the meager meal placed in front of her. On her right, past Rarity, was a matronly old unicorn fussing over what appeared to be her granddaughter, a tiny little slip of a filly with a purple coat and long, green mane. Further down, a pair of nearly identical pegasi, both bright blue but with varying shades of gold for their manes, talked quietly among themselves. Other faces, some eccentrically-clad and some looking as uncomfortable as Fluttershy herself, ran the table's length.

Seated at the head of the table was Fancy Pants, with Fleur and a similar-looking unicorn on his right and a pair of empty seats on his left. As the last of the plates were set before the guests, he stood, levitated a spoon and tapped gently on his wine glass for everypony's attention.

"Fillies and gentlecolts," he began in his rich baritone, "I would like to thank you all for your participation in the first annual Equestrian Fashion Forum, three nights hence. You have all proven yourselves to be remarkable artists on the cutting edge of modern fashion, and this event will present an opportunity for all of Equestria–and beyond!–to see the fruits of your endeavors. It is also my hope that inspiration and new friendships will blossom among you, and that, when this is over, you will return to your homes richer in spirit–and in reality, of course–than you left them.

"Before we enjoy the fine banquet generously provided us by the owners of this esteemed establishment, I would like to make a round of introductions." He gestured to Fleur and her cousin, who nodded at the others. "Some of you may know my beautiful paramour, Fleur de Lis, of the Duchy of Fancè, and her cousin, Belle Rose. Belle is one of the leading designers of haute couture in Equestria, bringing the classic style into the modern age.

There was a smattering of polite applause. "Beside them are Miss Fluttershy and Miss Rarity, both from Ponyville. Don't let their rural origins deceive you; Miss Rarity's designs have lately taken Canterlot by storm, and with good reason. Additionally, these two young mares are responsible for saving Equestria twice, now, as the Bearers of the Elements of Kindness and Generosity."

That brought considerably more applause. Fluttershy smiled bashfully while Rarity humbly accepted a hoofshake from the elderly unicorn beside her.

"Beside Miss Rarity are Lady Silver Pendant and her granddaughter, Grape Vine. Lady Pendant has long been one of Canterlot's foremost designers of formal eveningwear, and her designs have not slouched a bit over the years. Next to them are the Sky sisters, Clear and Cloudy... "

The pegasus with the lighter mane raised her hoof. "Cloudy and Clear."

"My apologies," Fancy Pants continued smoothly. "Twin sisters from Cloudsdale. Cloudy is the fashionista of the two, though both are talented tailors who supply the residents of Cloudsdale with apparel both attractive and practical."

Fancy continued on down the table, introducing the designers and their models and describing their various areas of expertise. The gathered ponies clopped politely for each in turn, while Fluttershy stared forlornly at her lonely little piece of lettuce and hopes nopony noticed the growling in her stomach.

"... And finally," Fancy said, turning to the pair of ponies opposite her, "the esteemed Rhinestone of Las Pegasus and his assistant, Miss Jet Black. Rhinestone is unarguably the most successful promoter of the famed 'showroom style,' and is known for his bold and daring designs for both stallions and mares." The spiky-haired pony nodded politely at the applause; his assistant raised a pointed eyebrow at Fancy Pants and glanced at her food.

He smiled at her. "Unfortunately, the last of our guests couldn't make it here tonight, but... "

"Darling," called a sultry, haughty voice. "I was just being fashionably late."

All eyed turned to the speaker. A unicorn mare with a pale green coat and white mane, clad in a fur-trimmed coat that covered her from neck-to-hoof yet somehow accentuated the generous curve of her flank, sauntered towards the table. Behind her came three tall, slender mares, one of each pony race, all tan-coated and with manes dyed to match their eyes and their form-fitting leather jumpsuits: one red, one blue, and one yellow. As the speaker took her seat, the three stood behind her; they reminded Fluttershy of cats (wild ones, not pets like Rarity's Opalescence): relaxed, but predatory and ready to pounce. She gulped.

"Ah, Miss Worthy," Fancy said, his expression unreadable. "So glad you could join us."

"Why, I wouldn't miss this opportunity to meet my competition," she said, throwing back a lock of alabaster mane.

"It really isn't a competition."

"Everything is a competition, darling," she sneered. She cast her gaze up and down the table, taking in her fellow fashionistas with a disdainful expression. Her eyes finally settled on Rarity, and narrowed wickedly. "Ah. The mud pony with a horn."

Rarity's eyes widened in surprise. "W-what?!" she managed.

"You are from that little mud pony village, aren't you?" Worthy asked lightly. "Hardly a real unicorn."

"W-why, you.... "

Fancy Pants cleared his throat. "Miss Worthy, you are here because I invited you. I won't have you insulting my other guests."

"Insulting?" Worthy said with mock innocence. "I was merely pointing out a fact. I'm terribly sorry if I offended you, darling."

Rarity's nostrils flared and she tensed in her chair. Fluttershy glanced at Worthy's trio of apparent bodyguards, and put a restraining hoof on her friend's foreleg.

"Yes, well," Fancy Pants huffed, glaring daggers at the newcomer. "For those who are unaware, Miss Worthy is one of the leading fashion designers of Manehattan. And one of these young fillies is your model, I assume?"

"One?" Worthy asked. "Why, darling, they all are."

"I asked everypony to only bring one model."

She waved his concerns away. "You simply can't expect me to play favorites. These girls are like daughters to me. Only choosing one would break their little hearts."

Fancy Pants glanced at the trio. They stared at him stonily.

"Very well, then," he said after a tense moment. "Please, everypony, enjoy your dinner. Thank you all, again, for taking part in this event. And may Celestia smile on you all."

"I cannot believe that stuck-up, arrogant, smarmy... "

Fluttershy shot a concerned glance over her shoulder. The various not-competitors were mingling now, standing about in groups of four or five and exchanging stories about designing, modelling, or their trips to Canterlot. Only Rarity and Fluttershy stood off to the side, the unicorn steaming with barely-contained fury and the pegasus trying to calm her down.

"It's not a big deal, Rarity," she told her friend. "Nopony else thinks less of you because of where you were born."

"I know that!" Rarity snapped, struggling to keep her volume in check. "I'm not angry that she insulted me, dear, I'm angry that she insulted everypony I know and love! The nerve of that mare!"

"Well, you know, she did say she thought this was a competition. Maybe she was trying to make you angry so you wouldn't do as well... "

Rarity blinked. A sharp and unsettling grin began to spread across her face, and Fluttershy backed away nervously. "You're right! She thinks this is a competition, and she thinks I'm her top competitor! Well, I'll show her!"

"Um, show her what?"

"I'll design a new line! Something bold! Something unique! And I'll blow away her paltry little attempts at 'fashion' and send her scurrying back to Manehattan with her reedy little tail between her legs!"

Fluttershy glanced nervously at a nearby group of guests, who were looking at them with raised eyebrows. "Um, but you already have your line for the show."

Rarity shook her head and grinned. "I shall design a new one! Better than anything I've done before! Fancy Pants was kind enough to grant me workspace, and, Celestia as my witness, I shall put it to good use!"


"I'm going to find Fancy Pants and tell him we're leaving," Rarity said determinedly. She leaned forward, looking her friend dead in the eyes. "Worthy is going down, Fluttershy. It. Is. On."

"Okay," Fluttershy said mildly as Rarity stormed off. The ponies nearby looked at her expectantly. She shrugged meekly and turned away.

She almost ran right into Fleur de Lis, who had somehow snuck up behind her. "Pardon, Mademoiselle Flootairshy, but did I hear that Rarity is leaving?"

"Um, yes," she said apologetically. "She's kind of upset about Miss Worthy."

Fleur frowned. "You must stop her."


"I have no time," the tall unicorn said emphatically. "But she should not leave yet."


"Because... " Fleur cast a furtive look around the room. "I am sorry. I cannot say more. But stop her." She leaned forward until she was eye-to-eye with the pegasus. "Please."

"O-okay," Fluttershy offered nervously. She gave Fleur a concerned look and then headed off in search of her friend.

She found Rarity waiting less-than-patiently as a subtly exasperated Fancy Pants listened to Miss Worthy drone on about something. The pale green fashion mare seemed to be pointedly ignoring Rarity and doing everything in her power to prevent Fancy from politely disentangling himself from her diatribe, and Rarity was beginning to turn an alarming shade of red. Fluttershy tapped her friend gently on the shoulder and recoiled when she whipped towards her with an infuriated glare that took a moment to dissipate.

"Oh! Terribly sorry, darling." Rarity rolled her eyes in the general direction of Worthy. "I'm having a bit of trouble getting Fancy Pants' attention. You're ready to go, then?"

"Um, actually, Fleur sort of said... "

"Yes, thank you, Miss Worthy," Fancy said loudly enough for half the room to hear, "but if you'll excuse me for a moment, my dear friend Miss Rarity seems to need a word."

"Well, darling, if you really must associate with such creatures... " Worthy turned her nose up and trotted over to another group, who didn't look particularly thrilled to have her.

"I cannot stand that pony," Fancy Pants growled, not particularly quietly, as he turned to Rarity and Fluttershy.

"Why in Equestria did you invite her?"

He sighed and used his magic to polish his monocle. "She's a relation of old royalty. Half the designers here are, actually, Fleur's cousin included. While I'm all for promoting egalitarianism in Equestria, I'm afraid it doesn't do to exclude the nobility from such things." He winked conspiratorially. "That's why I'm rather hoping you'll blow her out of the water, so to speak."

Rarity grinned fiercely. "Oh, I shall. In fact, I was just going to ask your leave to return to your estate and put my new workshop to use."

"Um, actually... " said Fluttershy.

"I say, didn't you already bring your line for the show? My stallions were instructed to be very careful about handling your luggage from the train, for fear of damaging your work."

She shook her head. "Those pieces are good, but I can do better." She shot Worthy a glare; the older unicorn caught her look and returned it with a smirk. "And I am going to do better."

Fancy Pants chuckled. "Well, if nothing else, at least she's inspired you to yet further heights of artistic brilliance, my dear. Certainly, you may go to work if you wish. I've a carriage waiting outside, if you'd like to borrow it."

"Um, but Fleur really didn't want us to leave yet, and it sounded kind of important... " Fluttershy trailed off as she realized nopony was listening.

"That would be wonderful, thank you," Rarity said with a broad smile. She craned her neck up to plant a chaste little kiss on Fancy Pants' cheek. "Your generosity never fails to amaze me."

"I suppose you would know about generosity." He grinned and turned to Fluttershy. "Miss, was there something you were trying to say?"

Fluttershy scraped a hoof across the floor. "Um, actually, Fleur de Lis was trying to tell me... "

"Quoi de neuf?" Fluttershy shut her mouth in surprise as Fleur returned, her expression and posture again placid and graceful. "I hope I am not interrupting?"

"Of course not, my dear," Fancy said with a broad smile, draping a foreleg across her shoulders. "Miss Rarity and Miss Fluttershy here were just about to depart. It seems our esteemed fashion designer has been struck by inspiration."

"Tres bien! One cannot stop the creative muse, no?"

Rarity grinned. "When it strikes, it does strike."

Fleur inclined her head to the two. "I shall see you later this evening, then, I am sure. À ce soir!"

As her companion turned to leave, Fluttershy paused and leaned as closely as she could to whisper in Fleur's ear. "Um, aren't we supposed to not go?"

"It is clear, for now," the tall unicorn tolld her. "I will try to keep it so. But hurry."

"What do you think about hats?" Rarity asked as the carriage trundled along Canterlot's cobblestone roads.

Fluttershy looked up in surprise. She'd tuned her friend's ramblings out several minutes ago, staring out the window for any sign of whatever mysterious danger Fleur had been so worried about. "Huh?"

"Hats, darling," Rarity repeated, as if it should be patently obvious what she meant. "Should my new designs incorporate hats? I know you don't much care for them, and you will be modelling, but I have to think in terms of a wider client base, as well."

"Um. You... should do whatever you think is best, Rarity. You're the expert."

"Fluttershy, dear, don't sell yourself short. You know quite a bit about fashion, yourself."

She shrugged and cast a nervous glance out the window. "I know, but, um, when it comes to your designs, you have a much better feel for what works and what doesn't. Um. Right?"

"Yes," Rarity answered thoughtfully. She glanced outside. "Fluttershy, are you alright?"

"Um. Well. Fleur sort of said it wasn't safe for us to-"

There was a shout of surprise from the front of the carriage, and the vehicle suddenly veered sharply and threatened to topple over. Fluttershy was slammed into a wall; Rarity was launched from her seat and slammed into Fluttershy. Her mighty chapeau crumpled at the impact.

"What's going on?" she called out. "Is everypony okay?"

The carriage settled back on its wheels. "Everythink is fine," called a rough, female voice. "We try not to hit cat. We continue journey now, yes?"

"Oh, yes. Is the cat alright?"

"Yes, is fine. Please take seats."

Rarity settled back onto her cushion and inspected her hat. "Drat. I'm going to have to restitch the brim."

Fluttershy made a vague sound in response. She was staring up towards the driver's seat suspiciously. "Um, wasn't our driver a colt?"

"Hm?" asked her friend, not looking up from her inspection of the chapeau.

"I... I'm going to go talk to the driver. I'll be right back."

"Very well, dear."

Fluttershy wiggled her way out of the window and drifted easily up to the roof of the carriage. She could see the driver, now; he or she seemed significantly taller than the one they had started out with, and was wearing a heavy, brown trenchcoat with its collar turned up and a fedora that concealed its features. "Um," she said hesitantly, "excuse me, but... what happened to the driver?"

The figure stiffened in surprise, but didn't turn. "He is takink break. I drive now. All is fine."

"He... took a break in the middle of a drive?"

"Yes," the figure nodded. "Union rules. Very strict."

"Oh. Um... " Fluttershy chewed her lip. "I'm really, really sorry if this sounds rude or anything, but... are you driving us somewhere so you can do something bad to us so Rarity can't be at the Fashion Forum and won't be get a bunch of new customers and become even more famous and successful than she already is?"

The figure said nothing. Fluttershy stared at it, running a hoof nervously across the carriage's roof. It turned to her, slowly, and for the first time she could see a tan coat, red eyes, and a red mane peeking out from under the hat. Fluttershy gasped. "You're one of Miss Worthy's models!"

She rolled her eyes, and in a single, fluid motion, she threw off her coat and landed in a classic, two-legged hoof-fu pose in front of Fluttershy. The pegasus squeaked and ducked as the model pirouetted on one hoof in a roundabout kick that would have sent her flying. She rolled desperately aside as the kick halted in mid-swing and suddenly turned into a downward chop that pounded heavily on the roof.

"Fluttershy?" called Rarity from inside. "Is everything alright?"

All Fluttershy managed to say was "um" before the red-clad earth pony leapt at her again, throwing a series of punches that barely missed the pegasus and forced her back. She felt her rear hooves slip off the edge of the roof, and gave a surprised "eep" as she suddenly found herself dangling from the moving carriage.

Wings! she thought dimly, but before her panicked mind could connect the idea to anything concrete, the red-clad pony was on her again, slamming a hoof down right beside Fluttershy's. The pegasus gulped and looked up into her attacker's crimson eyes as she prepared to send her tumbling to the cobblestones below.

Suddenly, the model rocked back as an alabaster hoof wrapped around her midriff and heaved her backwards. Despite her surprise, she landed on her hooves at the front of the carriage, facing the newcomer. "Ah. Fleur de Lis. We were woderink when you should show up."

Fleur, in a two-legged fighting stance similar to her opponent's, nodded. "Bonsoi, Red Adder. It has been too long."

The red-maned pony sneered. "Not long enough."

"C'est la vie. If I give you the chance to surrender, will you take your friends and leave?"

"I do not need to surrender!" Red Adder snarled and charged Fleur with a series of lightning-fast punches and kicks that Fluttershy, trying to climb back onto the roof, could barely follow. Fleur simply flowed around them all, dodging and weaving and blocking as if she knew ahead of time where every blow would land, until her opponent's momentum finally began to run its course. With almost dismissive ease, she ducked under a punch, placed her shoulder against Red's chest, and flipped her into the air. Red howled in wordless frustration as she landed on the side of the road, tumbling along through the carriage's dust.

"Fluttershy?" asked Rarity. "Darling, what's going on up there?"

Fluttershy opened her mouth to respond, but stopped as Fleur offered her a hoof and pulled her back onto the carriage. "Do not tell her," she hissed quietly.

"What? Why?"

"If she knows she is in danger, she will ask Fancy Pants for assistance. Things will escalate. Let me handle this."

"... Could you please tell me what's going on?"

"Later," Fleur said seriously. "You are involved, now. I will tell you everything. For now, go back in the carriage. I will drive you to the estate."

"O-okay." Fluttershy gave her rescuer a doubtful look as she climbed back through the window. "Thank you for saving us."

"Do not mention it." Fleur paused. "That is a literal request. Do not."

A moment later, Fluttershy squeezed back into the carriage and landed on the soft, plump cushions below. Rarity regarded her questioningly from over the brim of her damaged hat. "Is... everything alright, dear?"

"Yes." She chewed her lip. "The, um, the driver was kind of shaken, you know, about the, um, the cat. Um. Absolutely no ninja fights happened on top of the carriage."

Rarity blinked slowly, and nodded. "Good to know."

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