by Hiver

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Getting into the Hive was a lot trickier.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but Ponies are banned from entering the Hive.”

“Look, I know what’s going on,” I explained to the drone guard, “I need to talk with Queen Chrysalis.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, but Ponies are banned from entering the Hive.”

Sighing, I rubbed my eyes, “…What’s your name?”

“Short Antenna, sir.”

“Short Antenna, I’m trying my best to help you guys,” I said and shifted my wings, “I want this to work for you guys and that in this reason mean that I need to stop your Queen from being stupid. Please, you need to let me past.”

He looked hesitant before he shook his head again, “I’m sorry, Sir. I can’t allow you into the hi…”

He dropped as I hit him with a sleeping spell and stepped past, covering him with an illusion of standing on guard.

Then I dropped another illusion over myself of being another drone. It wouldn’t work the second a changeling got close as they would taste my emotions, but I wouldn’t instantly be spotted the moment they saw me.

Another illusion of a second drone walking along next to me finished the disguise. If somechangeling found the guard sleeping on the job, they might think to look for a lone changeling.

Two changelings however…

I made my way through the tunnels, leaving a pair of sleeping changelings behind me on the way before I reached the throneroom.

A pair of changelings where standing guard just inside the entrance.

I didn’t bother slowing down, dropping them to sleep as I walked past them to see a small crowd of changelings gathered around the risen part where the throne was.

Ontop of the throne were Queen Chrysalis. She were laying across it and quite frankly, she looked horrible.

Even for a changeling, she looked… gaunt. Like her exoskeleton was a size too large. She also didn’t look regal, she were more like draped across the throne.

The rest of the group snapped to look in my direction as the two guards dropped, but she didn’t move at all.

They quickly gathered to protect their queen and I dropped the illusion.

“Let me past,” I said to the group, “I need to speak with your Queen. While I can.”

One of the drones stepped forward, “We can’t let you! Leave the hive! You are intruding on…”

“On your Queen being an idiot,” I said and spread my wings, “She want to die gloriously for the best of the hive? Fine. She can do that if she like but she’s going to do it with me bitching at her. Because I’m not moving, and you can’t make me. Unless of course you wishes to challenge a Alicorn?”

Chrysalis shifted slightly at that, her eyes opening slightly, and she spoke up, “Let him past,” she said, her voice barely audible, “Leave us.”

The changeling drones looked between us before filing past me on the way out. It didn’t take long before we were alone in the grave quiet chamber.

I slowly approached the throne, “So this is how you end? Drowning in self pity?”

Chrysalis shifted slightly, watching me with tired eyes, “Here to… gloat… little predator?”

Ignoring her I moved up to her throne, “The end of the great Queen Chrysalis. The most powerful changeling in the world, able to go horn to horn with Princess Celestia and almost winning. The one that guided her swarm through a thousand year banishment to the most horrible parts of the world and keeping them alive. This would be an end to remember… locking herself in her room and refusing to eat.”

That got a reaction. She growled at me and then closed her eyes again, “…Protecting the hive.”

“The fuck you are,” I growled right back at her and I jumped onto the throne, pressing my side against hers, “You’re hiding from the problem like a coward, dumping it all on your daughter’s shoulders. She and the hive still need you, you selfish bitch. Do not have permission to die!”

With that I closed my eyes and leaned against her and thought of Luna, Celestia, Sunset, Skitter, Twilight. Everyone I loved, all my friends.

I kept it up until I started to feel weak and cold. When I opened my eyes again, I got a close up of Chrysalis luminous eyes and sharp fangs.

“Foolish pony!” she snarled, “you know not what you meddle with!”

“I know exactly what I meddle with,” I groaned, “I have dealt with changelings for years.”

Chrysalis snarled, “I’m a Starving Queen! I could drain you dry in seconds and if it wasn’t for the protection of the hive, I would! It you had come days later, I wouldn’t have been able to drop it even if I wanted to!”

“Try it, bitch,” I challenged her, and pressed close again, “You’re not dying now.”

Her nose pressed against my neck and I could feel her fangs, “Pony. Go. Away. Or…”

“Or what? You eat me? Delicious love. You taste it, don’t you? When was the last time you ate directly from a pony? Was it Shining Amour? Now you have an Alicorn to feed of all trapped and unable to run away. Delicious love mixed with furious anger? What does that taste like? Spicy?”

Chrysalis growled and hissed responding by in turn pressing closer and I could feel me starting to get drained again.

She was eating me for serious now.

Feeling myself getting weaker by the second, my vision swimming, I grabbed her with my magic before I no longer could and threw her of the throne and straight into one of the big wats filled to the brim with glowing green congealed love jelly.

She landed with a splash and slowly sinking to the bottom, the level of the jelly starting to visibly lower.

Struggling to get up from the throne I found that my legs didn’t seem to want to respond at the moment.

…And now I’m unable to move while in a room with a ravenous changeling queen.

Who’s plan was this again?

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