by Hiver

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


The sun shone in through a crack in the curtains to the bed. Of course it just about hit me right in the eyes.

Closing my eyes I supressed a groan and rolled over, scooting closer and hiding my face in Luna’s mane.

Damn it, Celestia! Couldn’t you move your big ball’o fun a couple of degrees north? Did you have to follow exactly that path?

Is it selfish of me to wanting to redirect the entire celestial system so the sun didn’t hit me in the eyes around lunchtime? What was the point of being good friends with a sun goddess if you couldn’t ask for a simple favour?”

…Of course, it would be simpler to ask the maids to change the style of curtain back to the old one.


I really didn’t want to move. Bed was awesome, soft, warm and smelled of my Luna. Outside was cold and it’s was where the stupid ponies were.



Rolling out onto my back, I peered over my shoulder at the changeling poking her head over the edge of the bed, reaching to poke my shoulder.

Amber looked at me for a moment before I sighed and nodded. She was right, I couldn’t stay here all day, no matter how much I wanted to.

Slowly and carefully extracting myself from beneath Luna’s wing, I scooted out of bed and rolled onto my hooves before stretching my own ones and following Amber out of the bedchamber, closing the door behind us.

“What’s on the agenda today? Other than Sunny and the meeting with my guard?”

“Princess Celestia sent a message that she wants to talk to you when you have the time, sir,” Amber informed me as I poured a cup of steaming hot tea, “She suggested lunch?”

“Which means breakfast. As in, in about twenty minutes?”

Amber nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Hence you were making sure I was awake.

Rubbing my eyes, I then sipped my tea, “…Better get going then,” I said and supressed a yawn, “Nothing else come up?”

“No, sir.”

“Great, maybe I’ll actually get some time to write this afternoon before kicking Sunnies shapely tail around the training grounds.”

Just need to talk to Celestia first and I suspected she wanted a favour from me. But that shouldn’t take long, would it?

…Yeah, I’m not buying it either.


“So how was court today?” I asked and relaxed on the large pillow, floating a cucumber sandwich before me. Nice. Tomatoes, cucumber and daisies.

Celestia smiled, “About what you would expect.”

“I still prefer my way of handling them,” I said and took a bite.

“Had a bunch of complaints about that when I got back,” Celestia reminded me before she grinned, “Good. They need to be shook up from time to time. Sadly, tradition mean I can’t really do the same.”

“Screw tradition. You’re the Princess, they’ll fall in line once they’re done bitching.”

She shook her head, “Not that simple, sadly,” she said and poked at her salad with a fork floating in her magic field, “The court is meant to be for the people, to let them see the workings their government. Not only to solve problems the bureaucracy and courts can’t handle to satisfaction.”

“Luna said the same thing,” I admitted and sipped my tea, “I think it may have been my least favourite part of covering for you while you were away. At least with all the paperwork don’t come with ponies being passive aggressive at each other.”

Celestia shifted slightly, “It’s actually one of my favourite parts.”

I looked at her in surprise, “What, really?”

“At times anyway,” she explained, “Not when it’s like you said, but when you get to help a pony. Somepony that need your help for a chance to fulfil their dreams. Out of my duties as a Princess, that one is special.”

“Like being a teacher.”

That got a smile from her and she nodded, “I love teaching. I’m always looking for students with special potential, like Twilight and Sunset.”

“Or Skitter.”

Celestia nodded and then looked thoughtful, “Skitter was actually the reason I wanted to speak with you.”

“What’s up?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know, she’s seemed distracted for the last couple of weeks. She says nothing is wrong, but… I had hoped you could talk to her? I think she might tell you.”

“I’ll check how she’s doing.”

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