Fragile Flower

by desolate_account
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Guidance counselor Starlight's day is passing uneventfully as ever. Until a young filly comes into her office with a simple but surprising question. "How do I make mommy love me?"
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Starlight Glimmer is the guidance counselor at Twilight's School of Friendship. Since Cozy Glow, she's had students come in every now and then with small problems. Which is well and good, but mild grievances are solved pretty quickly. So while of course she's glad she's needed to some extent, Glimmer does wish her workdays could be a little more eventful. What'll she do when one day a young filly by the name of Water Lily comes to her with an interesting question. "How do I make mommy love me?"

Rated T for: Suggestive themes, mild language and referenced child abuse

Special thanks to hazeyhooves for being my editor for this story

Featured story on June 10th 2018

Two in a row, oh geez. Thank you everypony for reading my stuff I guess. <3

On Hiatus
Slice of Life

8,615 words: Estimated 35 Minutes to read: [Cache]

4 Chapters:

  1. How Do I Make Mommy Love Me? [Cache] Jun 9th, 2018
  2. Mommy Told Me Not to Talk to You [Cache] Jun 12th, 2018
  3. Mommy Left a Scar [Cache] Jun 11th, 2018
  4. You Won't Be With Mommy Tonight [Cache] Jun 16th, 2018
Published Jun 9th, 2018
Last Update Jun 16th, 2018


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