Now That All Is Said and Done

by desolate_account

Chapter 1: Now That All Is Said and Done

“I really can’t thank you enough, princess.” Tempest spoke with both hesitance and appreciation. She was ever grateful to Twilight for the compassion she had shown her, and for the forgiveness she’d been willing to grant her. She knew Twilight didn’t particularly care for when other ponies, especially those she’d consider friends, addressed her as ‘princess.’ But it was a sign of respect, and respect was something Tempest absolutely had for the purple alicorn.

“Really, you don’t need to keep thanking me.” Twilight smiled and waved her hoof dismissively. “You’re more than eligible. You’re experienced in combat and in leading subordinates. And might I add, you make that armor look pretty good.” Twilight punctuated this with a friendly wink. Yes, Tempest was wearing her new set of armor. It hadn’t been too long since Tempest’s return to Canterlot when a royal guard member had stepped down from his position. Not just any guard though, but one of the captains. Usually his spot would’ve been offered to somepony a rank lower than him. But after pulling some strings, Twilight had managed to get Tempest the job. She was plenty qualified, having been with the Storm King for so long. And neither Celestia nor Luna seemed to mind. Another point for nepotism.

Tempest was reluctant though. She honestly didn’t feel like she had the right to it. Not after all the wrong she’d done and all the pain she’d caused. But Twilight had been persistent. It was with this in mind that Tempest had been laying her appreciation on thick. “Nonsense, you’ve thrown me a larger stick than I could’ve ever hoped for. Certainly more than I deserve. It only makes sense to show my gratitude.”

“Well sure,” Twilight responded with a light grin. Her smile was there, but it faltered when Tempest mentioned not deserving her new occupation. It makes sense she’d think that way, but it still saddened Twilight nonetheless. “And it makes me glad to hear you’re thankful towards me. But I want you to understand that this isn’t some sort of pity I’m showing you. I honestly believe you’ll make a fantastic captain and I don’t think your past actions define the pony you are now. Especially after you near sacrificed your life for me. Getting you a job is the least I could do.”

Tempest slowly shook her head in polite disagreement. “With all due respect Twilight. Saving one pony doesn’t atone for the hundreds, possibly thousands of lives I helped ruin. All to fix this horn of mine.” With that, Tempest’s eyes motioned towards the still cracked horn atop her head. “I’ll respect your decision to give me the job. But I don’t believe I’ve earned it.”

The princess frowned. “Tempest, as a princess it’d be irresponsible and reckless of me to appoint anypony undeserving and unfit to this position. That alone should assure you of the legitimacy of my decision.”

The logic was going over the unicorn’s head. In one ear and right out the other. It wasn’t as if the former storm guard wasn’t comprehending what Twilight was saying, just that she didn’t agree with it. “By that logic you could appoint that hyper pink friend of yours or a literal rock as captain and the decision would be a sound one for no reason other than your royalty.”

Twilight couldn’t help the giggle that bubbled out of her. “Heh, ouch, was that a slide against Pinkie Pie?”

Tempest quickly shook her head, wanting to dispel the thought from Twilight’s mind. Tempest was still rather new at interacting with others socially on a daily basis, and she was a bit rusty at picking up on any sarcasm that wasn’t coming from her own muzzle. “N-no not at all.” She assured. “Just that I don’t believe she has the skills necessary to be a castle guard. Just as I believe I don’t necessarily deserve the title myself.” Tempest’s ears folded back, and rested against her head.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Twilight nudged Tempest affectionately, trying to seem as comforting and supportive as she could be. “Without you, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. Without you, Celestia, Luna, Cadence and myself would be crystallized. You may have served the Storm King once, but it was only out of desperation. Without you, that maniac would be ruling over Equestria. The lands beyond our own would still be under his reign. We're all safe now because of the sacrifice you made for me.” Twilight’s look switched from a soft expression to a much more serious one. She looked Tempest in the eyes, and made her next point abundantly clear. “Tempest, you could’ve died that afternoon. Had I not caught you in time, you would’ve died to protect me and my friends. If that doesn’t make up for past transgression, I don’t know what does. And it wasn’t just saving me, Tempest. When you did that, you saved everypony. Equestria thanks you.”

Tempest searched Twilight’s face. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for, but what she found was a look of utmost sincerity. “T-thank you Twilight… I… don’t know what to say. You honestly feel that way?” The unicorn spoke softly; more softly than Twilight had ever heard from her.

Twilight nodded, and pulled the reformed villain into a tight hug. “Absolutely. Who knows what he would’ve done after crystallizing me? Tempest, I might just owe you my life.” With that, Twilight pulled away and gave Tempest a warm smile. “I can think of nopony else I’d rather have taking on the captains mantel. You will make an outstanding leader for your knights.”

Tempest’s lips pulled into a smirk. She wasn’t quite ready yet to forgive herself for all the pain she’s caused. But maybe she could at least begin making up for it, by being the best captain she could be. “I… I understand.” Twilight’s kindness would never cease to amaze her. “I won’t let you down.” She ended this with an firm salute to the princess.

“I know you won’t.”

It was a new chapter in Tempest’s life. It was scary, but also thrilling. She’d spent so long feeling bitter and alone, that this new way of life actually felt somewhat jarring. But it was a good feeling all the same. Later that night, Tempest looked herself up and down in the mirror. She was wearing her new suit of armor. Her eyes lingered on her broken horn, then scrolled down the rest of her body. From her crazy purple mane. Down to her worn out hooves. She grinned at herself, and a thought she hadn’t had in a long time bounced into mind. ‘Now that all is said and done… maybe things will work out after all.’

Author's Notes:

I've been dealing with some awful writers block. I've started and stopped ten stories
since Sirens Deserve Saving Too. One of them I got like... six pages into before trashing it.
*sigh* Oh well. I finally got something out. It's short, but at least it's something.

Some people (mostly the people who take issue with how often mlp likes to reform their villains) aren't fans of Tempest. But I adore her. I think Emily Blunt did and fantastic job voicing her, she's super badass looking, and while still maybe not the best villain origin story ever, at least it's not as dumb as Starlight's. Dumb origin stories don't really bother me though. Hell, Starlight is my second favorite character behind Pinkie.

I considered making this shippy (as you can probably see in Twilight's bit of flirty-ness) but I decided against it. Anywho, thanks for reading and all that jazz. Hopefully I'll get the next story out quicker.

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