Of War and Friendship

by DocDelray

Chapter 1: Time line and prologue

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It has been one hundred years since Kade Skywalker defeated Darth Krayt.
Much has changed in the galaxy.
The Fell Empire has recovered much of its strength since the treachery of the Mof Council.
The Jedi have since removed themselves from the greater politics of the galaxy, choosing instead to focus inward and heal the still lingering wounds left by the Sith.
The bulk of the Sith whom seeded war across the galaxy have all but vanished into hiding, there are some who still remain causing havoc and proclaiming themselves the despotic rulers of poorly defended outer rim sectors.

During this time much has changed for the Mandalorian people.
A growing number of force users among the population has yielded new military applications.
Under the guidance of the new Mandalore Shaysa Fett the Mandalorians have become stronger.
With newfound strength and force wielding warriors Fett has set about liberating the surrounding sectors of space from the weakened Sith forces.
Their worlds liberated, many have willing flocked under the Mandalorian banner to find safety and security in the outer rim


Night had settled on the aptly named City of Bone. Shaysa Fett reclined against the soft pillows of the lavished couch as she sifted through the information on her datapad. A half breed of human and some undistinguishable race, she was had recently taken the highest seat of power in Mandalorian society. She was the Mandalore. Her dark golden eyes coupled with the near red pink tint of her skin and firry red hair created an exotic air about her. Fett’s strong athletic build was a reward from her warrior lifestyle, flaunted by the nightgown she now wore. In the far corner of this regal suite lay her scarred and dented battle armor and her weapon of choice - a power hammer.

At her feet a pair of Strill pups snarled and challenged one another over a bone that they had both long since stripped of its’ flesh and muscle. Shaysa regarded them both with an amused smile as they snapped and growled threats back and forth.

This was cut short as a holographic image grew to life from the projector built into the surface of the table. A fully armored and helmeted Mandalorian stood at attention, at whom Shaysa shot a bored look, “I assume you have a good reason for disturbing me Colonel.”

He quickly snapped a salute, “Forgive me for the intrusion Mandalore, but you said you wanted to be informed should there be another report of piracy in the newly secured Ojoster sector.”

She let out a low growl as she set down the datapad and picked up a glass of wine, “So they struck again did they?”

“Yes ma’am,” The Colonel answered back as he looked over a datapad of his own, “Two more cargo transports have gone missing; we recovered wreckage that belonged to both. It would appear they were destroyed just like the others.”

“Colonel, there is a difference between pirates and insurgents.” Fett stated flatly.

“I’m not sure if we should jump to the conclusion of terrorists ma’am.” He replied in a shaken tone.

“Five cargo ships have been destroyed by these as of yet unidentified pirates.” Fett reinforced her position, “This is no simple act of spacers preying on the weak and selling off cargo. They attack and leave no survivors and then pull out before any of our ships can enter the sectors. These are acts of a small guerilla military force. It’s time we showed these bastards we’re done playing games with them.”

“Very good ma’am, what are your orders?” The Colonel questioned as he stood at attention.

A grin came over her face, “Assemble Epsilon Squad.”

He looked to be taken by surprise by her decision despite the blank face of his helmet, “Epsilon, is that wise?”

“I’m aware of their reputation for being unorthodox with their missions, as well as the high collateral damage they seem to cause,” Fett stated, “However, I’m also aware of their flawless record for completing those very same missions. They’re perfect for rooting out these guerillas and taking care of the problem.”

With noticeable hesitation he bowed his head to her, “As you order, Mandalore!”

With the holographic image vanishing she swirled the contents of her glass with an amused grin, “Try not to blow up any planets this time boys.” She mused to herself before sipping the sweetened wine.

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