Sounds Like Love

by PonyManne215
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A 2nd Person story, with you and Octavia. Romance, Comedy, and feisty situations all in one.
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2nd Person Romance story, with you and humanized Octavia.

As a normal guy, you like all sorts of things. In fact, that is why your friends love you. Still, as laid back as you are, your parents love to mess with you! Having no sense of direction in life, they decide you should get a hobby. And that hobby is playing music. They hire a fancy cello instructor to teach you the ways of harmonic tunes. But that isn't the only thing you two will make, as you start to develop feelings for the refined, beautiful, and whimsical girl. But how hard will it be to tell her if her roommate is a beat-blaring, rowdy disk jockey? Will she accept your want for something more? Does she share the same feelings? And will you ever get over that intrepid fear of crabs?


6,452 words: Estimated 26 Minutes to read: [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. Just Another Day For You [Cache] Jul 28th, 2012
Published Jul 28th, 2012


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