Reading Rainbow

by Jay David

Chapter 1: Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

For the record, yes I really did use that title. I mean, come on, how could I not?

Reading Rainbow

The door of her room slammed open as she entered, and Rainbow sauntered in with a big grin on her face. She threw aside her school bag, as well as whatever important work and textbooks might be within, and immediately hopped into her bed. Lying down, she gave herself a good stretch after her long day, letting loose a sigh of contentment as she did so. With that done, she sat upright, legs crossed, and reached into her pocket to pull her phone out. Making sure to look over whatever schedule she'd made, which was fairly crude given that this was Rainbow Dash after all, she nodded with a smile. Yeah, no interruptions this time. So, satisfied at that, she set her phone to the side for the time being, reaching over to a nearby drawer beside her bed, and soon pulled out one of her favourite books. It may have been an older Daring Do book, but that hadn't dulled the edge of Rainbow's love for it. So, still grinning, she flipped open the pages and got right back to the last spot she'd read to.

"Okay...let's do this."

But, before she got on with what she’d obviously planned to do here, a look of thoughtfulness came to her.

“Huh...wonder if it’d be good to invite Twilight or Juniper over for this one day?”

After pondering that, she simply shrugged her shoulders, her eyes once more drifting down to her beloved book. Raising a fist to her mouth, she cleared her throat a little, then brought the book right up to her face. She narrowed her eyes, focusing hard, before speaking aloud the words she read there.

"The jungle was hotter and with thicker air than she was used to, but even so, Daring Do would not be stopped. She ran across vines, sand-pits, gaping holes in the earth, all to reach her destination. As always, the call to adventure and treasure stayed with her, just as it always had."

Rainbow smirked a little.

"She chuckled a little as she thought on how often she'd done this. How many death traps had she escaped? How many foes would she face in the years to come? Would she perhaps even see her greatest enemy again? The legendary Ahuizotl?"

Then, Rainbow frowned, looking to the side briefly.

"An enemy who definitely isn’t her secret lover, no matter what a certain someone's fanfics may say!"

She looked back to the book.

"Then, before she even knew it, she was there. A clearing in the jungle , and at the centre of it, the great golden pyramid of the ancient ones. How many had fallen trying to find this place? Well now, Daring Do would be the first to enter those hallowed halls in centuries."

Leaning back into the pillow of her bed, Rainbow continued.

"Slowly, she took careful step after careful step, the torch in her hand blazing brightly to give her light in the ancient gloom of those hallways. Her eyes narrowed at each and every tile and brick she saw. She had done this song and dance a few times by now, and she just knew that some trap lay in store for her."

Rainbow chortled.

"Then, it happed. She stepped on one tile in particular, which began to slowly descend downwards. Her eyes widened, and she leapt forward. And just in time too, for as she hit the ground, a thousand poisonous darts flew out of every tiny hole and crack in the walls around her."

The girl was practically giddy as she read that part.

"Thankfully, Daring Do had managed to just dodge them, using her free hand to hold her famous adventurer's hat to her head. Then, as soon as she was sure that all of the darts had been spent, she slowly got back to her feet. She was close now, she had to be. Traps like that weren't just lying around in any old place after all."

Pausing for a moment, Rainbow reached over and picked up a small glass of water on the side table. Taking a big gulp of it, she once more let out a sigh, then set the glass aside and continued her reading.

"After turning corners all over the place, she soon stumbled on exactly where she'd been looking for. It was the central chamber of the entire pyramid, a vast cavern adorned with paintings and golden statues of the ones who had made this place in ages past. And there, right in the middle, was the largest ruby anyone had ever seen."

The book was drawn just a touch closer to her face.

"Daring Do made sure to be especially careful now, her steps closer and more hesitant than before. It took longer, but the rewards were all the more worth it. For as she reached the centre, she saw and appreciated, perhaps for the first time, just how beautiful that gem was."

Rainbow chuckled.

"Sounds like Rarity."

Then, she got back to it.

"As she inched closer, she raised her hand, and though she knew some other trap just had to be close by, the beauty of the gem beckoned to her, calling to her, as if she was meant to be there. Her eyes widened further still, and the tips of her fingers just lightly brushed the surface of that dazzling gem."

Rainbow's smile widened.

"Then...the trap! The room began to shake, for as soon as Daring Do had touched the gem, the trap was sprung! Bricks and boulders of every size and shape began to shake loose from the ceiling, falling all over the place. Daring Do, finally pulling herself away from staring at the ruby, looked up just in time to see one particularly large rock coming down right above her. It fell fast, and she knew she wouldn't be able to get out of the way in time."

The smile widened further.

"Then...Daring Do did the only thing she knew she could. It was a gamble, but she knew it was her only chance. So she watched the rock get closer and closer, and then, right at the last minute, she..."

Then, Rainbow slammed the book shut. She had ended her own reading session, letting out a long sigh as soon as she'd done so. A smile was upon her lips, and she chuckled a little. Carefully, she set the book right back in that same drawer she'd got it out of to begin with. Then, after turning around, she got out of bed, walking over to where she'd discarded her school-bag earlier. Picking it up, she rummaged around it for a bit before pulling out what appeared to be some homework. Though grimacing slightly at the sight of it, she nevertheless moved over to her bedroom desk, setting that work upon it. Taking her seat, she cast one final glance in the direction of where she'd put that book, before smiling to herself.

"Rule number one of reading a good book? Always leave yourself wanting more at the end of it."

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