Broken Bindings

by anonpencil

Chapter 1: Page 1

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Is it true? Is this open?

Are you able to read these words that I'm conjuring up, or am I just talking to thin air? Again.

It's stupid of me to ask.

I don't even know how to prove to myself if you're here or not, or if I'm just alone like I always am. I could try screaming, but I know I don't make any noises. I could ask you to scream, but I don't think I can hear you. I haven't heard anyone before. I could ask you to do a great many things, but to be honest, I don't think there is anything that will work.

Damn it.

I'm just talking to myself again. I know I am.

Why do I even let myself hope anymore.

It's been so many years, shut, alone, just... here. She would never let somepony read me, she would never pull me out just to check in on me herself. I'm fooling myself. But you know, at least, for a moment there, I had something other than silence, even if it was just my own words on the page. So I'll play that little game with myself that I used to play. It's been a while since I've played it, but how long? One year? One thousand years?

Anyway, if you're out there. If you can see this. Turn the page for me. I'll feel it if you do.

If not, then I'll know I'm just shouting into the empty space between sentences, still lost in this endless sea of paper.

I won't let myself believe you're real. But it's worth asking, just so there are a few less moments of silence.

If you're there, turn the page.

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