The Maretian

by Kris Overstreet

Chapter 79: Sol 122

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Dear Dr. Shields,

Dragonfly tells me she tells you something secret, and now she feel better. Now I tell you something, and you keep secret, and maybe I feel better.

I command Friendship crew. I not want command. I just want fly ship. I not smart. I not like princess or queen or like that. But all look at me order them. Even for everyone-know things they look at me order them.

I hate that. I hate this. I not want to do this anymore.

Fly is fun. Fly in space is very fun. Not fly in space and stuck on Mars is very not fun.

I want fly. I want go home. I not want be boss. Why they not let me stop be boss?

Sorry my English is bad. Not use Starlight or Dragonfly help this time.

Cherry Berry

Dear Dr. Shields,

Cherry Berry say write you feels better. But must be secret. Okay, I write you secret.

Dragon tough. Dragon strong. Dragon mean. All everybody know. Dragon best everything.

But not me. I make mess. Almost kill all twice.

I not smart like Starlight or Dragonfly. I not boss like Cherry or Spitfire. I not funny or good with people like Mark. I not help. I make things worse.

What I am good for? Almost no fire. No fly ship- no ship for fly. No space walk- not in space. I pick up things and I hold things, only. Any can do.

Crew better I not here. But can no say. Dragon not talk sorry for me.

I not feel better for say you this. Feel sad. Feel angry. Was better not think this.


Dear Dr. Shields,

I feel fine. I have no secret tell you. Think you like read that for change.


Dear Dr. Shields,

Since everyone else is writing you in secret today, I am writing you too. I apologize for the bad English you probably suffered through, but even if we’re getting good at understanding your language we aren’t as good at remembering words when we want to say things. Also, the others are really slow typers.

Everyone else is writing you their secret worries. I don’t keep those secret. But I do have a secret request, if you can help me. Dragonfly once told me that everyone else in the crew- Spitfire, Fireball, Cherry Berry- felt like they were no good at their job. I assume Dragonfly has a similar problem- not that she doesn’t think she’s good at her job, but she worries that we don’t really like her. But I’m sure we all think that we’re all doing our best for each other. Can you do anything to help them see it?

Sincerely yours,
Starlight Glimmer

Dear Dr. Shields,

I was wrong. I have secret ask of you. Can you give me human bad words and what mean? If I have bad words maybe Mark stop treat me like little child.


Author's Notes:

Buffer is now 3 again. This is with me throwing out half of today's writing because it ended up revealing too much too soon.

Yesterday's chapter wasn't so fluffy, but it led into this, and into tomorrow, both of which are cotton candy writing.

Not much to say about the second shortest chapter to date.

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