The Maretian

by Kris Overstreet

Chapter 289: Appendix: Dramatis Personae

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MARK WATNEY - Human. NASA astronaut (29th class), member of the Ares III expedition to Acidalia Planitia. Primary role: scientist (botany). Secondary role: mission engineer. Backup role: scientist (chemistry). Master's degrees in botany and mechanical engineering, Northwestern University.

CHERRY BERRY (alias "Orange Leader") - Earth pony. Commander of Equestrian Space Agency Flight Fifty-Four, the third flight of ESA Amicitas, a mission jointly manned by the united space programs of the world Equus. Equus's first and most experienced rocket pilot. Former chief pilot and de facto head of Changeling Space Program. Prior missions include landings on Equus's primary moon and one of its companion asteroids, Minmus. Known by her peers as "the steely eyed missile mare."

STARLIGHT GLIMMER (alias "White Boxy") - Unicorn. Mission scientist and senior Equestrian Space Agency member on Amicitas Flight 3. Co-creator of the experimental Sparkle Drive, meant to make interplanetary and possibly interstellar travel feasible via magic. Student and chief research assistant of Princess Twilight Sparkle. Recovering megalomaniac.

DRAGONFLY (alias "Orange Random") - Changeling. Mission engineer, Amicitas Flight 3. Experienced pilot and engineer. Creator of several systems universally used in Equus space flight, including the durable parachute systems and the flexible core layer of space suits. Veteran changeling infiltrator and warrior; fastest changeling in Chrysalis's hive.

FIREBALL (alias "Tall Boy") - Dragon. Mission EVA specialist, Amicitas Flight 3. First dragon astronaut. First survivor of a rocket crash. Experienced pilot with two tours on the Equestrian space station. Antisocial and not fond of his job.

SPITFIRE (alias "White Hen") - Pegasus. Mission medic, Amicitas Flight 3. Recently promoted to Major, Equestrian EUP (national military/guard forces). On leave from commanding the elite Wonderbolts flying team. Although trained as a reserve astronaut, Amicitas Flight 3 is her first ever space flight.


LEWIS, Melissa - Ares III mission commander (NASA Astronaut 27th class). Primary role: commander. Secondary role: science (geology). Backup role: mission pilot. Commander, United States Navy, with a career including carrier operations and submarine duty in preparation for astronautics.

MARTINEZ, Rick - Ares III mission pilot (NASA Astronaut 28th class). Backup role: medic. Major, United States Air Force.

BECK, Chris - Ares III mission doctor (NASA Astronaut 28th class). Secondary role: EVA specialist. Backup role: science (botany).

JOHANSSEN, Beth - Ares III systems operations specialist (NASA Astronaut 29th class). Backup role: mission engineer.

VOGEL, Alexander - Ares III chief science officer (European Space Agency astronaut). Secondary role: science (chemistry). Backup role: mission EVA specialist.


Dr. VENKAT KAPOOR - Chief director, Project ARES and all Mars operations; de facto second ranking executive, NASA Johnson Space Center. Ph. D., physics, specializing in astrodynamics.

THEODORE "TEDDY" SANDERS - Chief administrator, United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

MITCH HENDERSON - Chief flight director, NASA Mission Control, Johnson Space Center.

ANNIE MONTROSE - Director of media relations, NASA.

BRUCE NG - Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Pasadena, CA; in charge of constructing supply missions for Project Ares and overseeing work on vehicles for same.

MINDY PARK - Photography technician, Satellite Control (Satcom), Johnson Space Center. Master's degree in mechanical engineering.

RICH PURNELL - Trajectory calculator, Astrodynamics Directorate.

MICHAEL "MIKE" BENDAREK - Chief of trajectory calculations, Astrodynamics Directorate.

CATHY WARNER - On-air personality, CNN.

Dr. IRENE SHIELDS - Chief psychologist, Project Ares.

Dr. ETHELBERT KELLER - Chief flight surgeon, Project Ares.

RANDALL CARTER - Mars specialist, Meteorology Directorate, Johnson Space Center.

MICHAEL HONG - Safety inspector, SpaceX.


TWILIGHT SPARKLE - Princess of Friendship. Founder and former head, Equestrian Space Agency. Inventor of the life support systems used by all Equus space agencies and the magic-powered thrust systems used for Amicitas's in-space engines. Co-creator of the Sparkle Drive.

CHRYSALIS - Queen of the changelings. Founder and former (titular) head, Changeling Space Program. Experienced rocket pilot. Once and possibly future would-be world conqueror.

MOONDANCER - Current head mare, Equestrian Space Agency. Graduate magna cum laude, Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.

OCCUPANT - Current head of Changeling Space Program. Trained science officer, experienced flight controller.

DRYING PAINT - Employee, Equestrian Space Agency.

CADANCE - Princess of Love, co-ruler of the Crystal Empire. Trained rocket pilot.

Author's Notes:

Will add more as I go through the story and pick the people out. As a general rule, you have to appear in more than one chapter to get in this appendix.

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