The Maretian

by Kris Overstreet

Chapter 221: Sol 407

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Well, we didn't have to start weaving insulation out of hay, so that's good.

The combination of the RTG in the habitat deck and shutting down all air flow to Rover 2 and the bridge, plus the ugly-ass insulation job we did on the walls of that compartment, kept the room warm enough during the early part of the evening and only a little chilly by just before dawn. That'll have to do, because we can't really afford to run heaters, and we don't have anything else to use for insulation except hay, which has problems.

We decided one other thing: when we leave, we're going to line the floor of the habitat deck with the mattress pads from the Hab bunks. They're only a few inches thick- they were made to be thrown across a string base to save launch weight- but they're better than nothing.

Today we're going to make sure everything's in its proper place. Then tomorrow, Sirius 7, the dress rehearsal.

Fingers crossed...

(I need to ask Starlight what the pony version of that is.)

Author's Notes:

Sorry, but two things happened today. (1) I committed to helping a friend in Dallas, whose apartment lease is up and can't afford the new higher rent, get her crap out before the landlords lock her out and shitcan all her worldly possessions. And (2) I found a problem for our heroes, but not yet the solution, and I just spent an hour and a half verifying that the problem is, if anything, worse than I thought.

So this is all I had time for today, what with unloading the van and filling it with boxes and paper for moving stuff. And since tomorrow involves about twelve hours of driving plus five hours or so of moving house, I won't have any time for writing tomorrow.

Hopefully two chapters on Thursday to make up for missing a day.

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