by Hiver

Chapter 1

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Ugh! Eeep! Uhmp!

I felt something crash into my side, knock me over onto my back, and sudden extra weight pressing me down into the mattress. Damn it, I was enjoying that..

I slowly forced my eyes open to look up at a very happy looking Sunset Shimmer.



“Get off me.”

“Do I have to? You are comfy,” she teased, before jumping off the bed. “Come on, it’s morning. We have a meeting in an hour.”

I slowly blinked awake, rubbing my eyes before I glared at the way too cheerful looking unicorn before rolling over. “They can fuck off,” I grumbled, and pulled my blanket over myself.

Now normally waking up with a cute mare on top of you would be fun, but I preferred if it was Luna, and also not this horribly early in the morning.

Suddenly the world spun around, and I found myself weightless before the ground reached up to smack me.


I forced my eyes back open. “Damnit, Sunset," I grumbled with a sigh.

Where are the royal guard when you need them? Dungeons! To the dungeons with her! This had to count as assault. Possibly attempted murder.

“You told me to not let you sleep in,” she reminded me with a smile, enjoying this way too much for her own good. “Come on, we’ll be late!”

Sitting up, I rubbed my eyes and folded my wings. “What time is it anyway?”

“Eleven. We have a lunch meeting in an hour,” Sunset said and moved up next to me, shouldering me onto my hooves. “Come on!”

“Why did I agree to an early meeting again?” I asked as I got up and stretched.

Sunset raised an eyebrow. “Noon is not exactly early.”

“It is when you go to bed at five,” I grumbled and walked out of the guestroom. I knew it would be an early morning today so I slept here instead of risking waking Luna.

Sunset smiled and flicked her ear. “That’s your own fault.”

“My marefriend is nocturnal.”

“Well, there is that,” she admitted and frowned. “Not sure I could handle that. It’s easier with Twilight.”

“Easier schedule, more difficult getting the time?” I asked and yawned again, rubbing my eyes as I walked over to pour a cup of extra strong tea, before jumping onto the couch. No need for a bagel, it’s a lunch meeting after all.

“…True,” Sunset admitted and jumped up to settle down next to me. “She’s always so busy… and lives in Ponyville. Especially with new new student.”

Sipping my tea, I nodded. “Not easily being with a Princess.”

“No,” she agreed and flicked her ear with a frown. “It’s not.”


“Meeting, remember?”

Brilliant, not even time to wake up properly.

“Why did I agree to this again?”

“Because a very awesome and beautiful mare asked you to, and you folded like a wet napkin?” Sunset commented with a grin.

I gave her a flat look. “Laps. You will be running them.”

It's way too early for Sunset. Why did I ask her to wake me again?

“Aww, you know you love me.”

I rubbed my forehead beneath my horn, and groaned, before saying, "Way too fucking early for your antics. Why do I need to hold a speech at a school?”

"Because you are long overdue, and can't avoid it any more, and you know it,” Sunset said and bumped her shoulder against mine. “And it’s not a speech, it’s a meeting about it.”

“I’m awful at public speaking!”

“It’s just fillies and colts, it’ll be fine,” she countered with a smile, “but we really should get going.”

“And you are coming why?”

She grinned. “To make sure you don’t try to escape. Twilight asked me to.”

“Laps. I promise,” I grumbled and jumped off the couch. “Then I’m kicking your tail up and down the field and then more laps.”

“You just like watching me run,” she teased. "Don't try to deny it, I've seen you looking!"

Oh, for crying out loud.

I sighed at her. “Somebody is in a horribly good mood. Why?”

“Twilight is coming to the city today and will be staying for a couple of days. A meeting about something or the other.”

Sunset shrugged.

I raised an eyebrow at her, and said, “I see,” before I frowned at her. “So why are you flirting with me?”

“I’m in a good mood, and your reactions are fun.”

“Tell me why we are friends again?”

“You like watching me run in circles?”

I bounced a bagel off her horn.

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