Tempest's time had come, at last. The Fleet was nearing Canterlot, and she was the one to lead the assault. Finally, after years of training and waiting, her dream of shattering the childish delusion of friendship would become a reality.
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Mild spoilers for the movie ahead, read at your own discretion.

It had begun, at last. The day Tempest had trained and waited for her entire life... had finally arrived.

For weeks, months even the Storm King had promised her that this very day would be the last one of Equestria and its princesses. He promised Tempest power, even agreed to restore her horn.

But that was not the reason she joined the Storm King. The scars of her past were too deep. They couldn’t ever be removed or undone. The sorrow and loneliness of her past had rapidly transformed into anger and bitterness.

No, she wasn’t there for the spoils that the Storm King offered her. She was there to take revenge on the very thing that scarred her and her life forever.

Friendship would be destroyed, Equestria shattered, and its ponies broken. Tempest Shadow would triumph at last.

A somewhat alternate and darker backstory for Tempest than in the comics. If you’ve read the movie prequel comics, keep in mind that they do not apply to this story.

This story was edited and proofread by the lovely Cinder Vel and Rock Slide! Thanks to both of you!


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  1. To Taste Revenge [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Oct 8th, 2017
Published Oct 8th, 2017


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