No Nose Knows

by Irrespective

Chapter 25: 25. - Date Night

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“Celly, are you just about ready? Wysteria just knocked on the door and gave me a look that either meant ‘you’re running late’ or ‘I’m feeling bloated.’”

“I certainly hope it’s the former,” Celestia said with a giggle. “I’m almost done.”

Bean was eager to see her dress. She had been teasingly vague about what she had selected, with no information other than it was one from a previous Grand Galloping Gala and that he would like it; but since it was Celestia he was pretty extra sure she’d be stunning.

Though he hoped it wasn’t brown. He had yet to see a brown dress pulled off properly.

“So, how many dresses do you have?” he asked, mostly to make conversation while he waited. He was admiring the way the light reflected off his Celestial Crystal as the reply came.

“Believe it or not, I actually only have about a dozen or so. Every now and then I round them all up and sell them at a charity auction for the low-income families in Canterlot. They use the money to help with housing and meals and educational needs.”

“That is pretty cool,” he replied while trying to imagine how many wealthy socialites would actually fit in one of Celestia’s dresses. Maybe they put them on display, or had them drastically taken in.

“All right. I’m coming out. Don’t laugh.”

“Why in Equestria would… I….”

If there was even a miniscule part of him that maybe might have made him laugh at her dress, it was quite thoroughly decimated when Baked Bean beheld his wife.

And again, to say he was both speechless and blown away was an understatement to a degree similar to saying the sun was a little warm.

It was a sky-blue dress that fit snugly around her barrel but then flared slightly where it went over her haunches and flank in pleated folds. Across her chest was snug as well, but the look was actually accented quite nicely by a golden pendant and chain that hung loosely over her shoulders. The fabric was a material Bean was unfamiliar with, but it was no doubt costly because it had both a slight shimmer and small sparkle effect, making the whole thing gently beckon to him as she crossed the room.

“Well? Do you like it?” she asked.

“Duh… wuh… buh…”

She gave him a quick and gentle kiss. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“I am so out of my league with you,” he finally remarked. “Really.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” she replied. “You have a great deal of charm yourself.”

“Yeah? Where?”

Celestia smiled and kissed his cheek. “Here. And here,” after she kissed the other one. “Don’t sell yourself short, love. Your charm is very subtle. If I blink, I could miss it. But when one takes the time, one finds a very pleasing yellow pony before her.”

Bean could feel his cheeks heat up to a rosy glow with her compliments, but he could not complain. He was fairly sure his heart was about to burst with joy. He twiddled one hoof on the floor for a bashful moment but then offered a hoof to her. “Shall we, my princess?”

“Lead on, my prince,” she giggled, and she took him up on his offer.

They strode out of the bedroom side-by-side, hoof-in-hoof and found Wysteria impatiently waiting for them with a forced smile and and a furious tapping on her clipboard.

“You both look nice, but we’re behind schedule,” she admonished. “The others are waiting at the chariots for you. We need to hurry, unless you want to teleport there.”

“You look nice too,” Bean offered.

Wysteria scoffed quite loudly. “No I don’t, but thank you.”

“No, he’s right,” Celestia added. “Black is a good color on you.”

“This is a ten bit swath of fabric I found on the clearance rack at a thrift store. It’s as basic as you can get.”

“Sometimes the basic designs are the most flattering.”

Wysteria remained unconvinced, and her face showed it. “Well, whether or not that it true, we need to move. I’ll debate it with you later.”

“I suppose that our opinion isn’t what really matters, after all. Somepony else will be the one who makes the argument stick with our dear secretary.”

“Ah, you are quite right my love,” Bean cheerfully replied. “I wonder if he’s on duty tonight.”

Bean saw Wysteria’s rock-solid stoicism falter for half a second, and her eyes flitted to her trusty and faithful work tool. She obviously wanted to look. The only question was if her will would hold out until after the Royal Couple was out of sight, or if her resistance would crumble like cake.

“Go ahead and look,” encouraged Celestia with another giggle, providing an irresistible push.

Wysteria was flipping the pages with the first syllable out of her boss’ mouth.

“He is assigned to you, isn’t he?”

“You did this, didn’t you?” Wysteria gave her employer a playful glare. “There’s no way this just happened. Prince Shining could have expedited everything for you, too. This is all too easy, too convenient.” She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment, and her gaze went to the ground. “Should I have my mane up or down?”

“Let it down,” Celestia replied. “You always have it up. Down shows you are relaxed, comfortable, and willing to put work aside for a time.”

“Can you put yours up?” Bean asked while batting a curling bit of celestial mane with one hoof.

“Wavy buns look very silly and the last time I did it all of the guards laughed.”

Bean snickered at the thought of that as Wysteria quickly pulled out the pins that held her hair up, and then began fussing with it to try and make it presentable.

“Oh, go behind the ears,” Celestia offered. “Let him see your face and eyes.”

“Really?” Wysteria giggled happily. She did so, and both Bean and Celestia nodded in approval.

“That is a good look.” Bean offered. “Classy, but casual too.”

“Thanks. Now move or we won’t get to see him!”

Wysteria practically began shoving them down the hallway, and the two complied by moving up to a brisk trot with some laughter mixed in. Thankfully, the secretary’s nerves were saved from further fraying by their rapid arrival at the chariots, and the remaining Royals were simply chatting amongst themselves while they waited.

Bean had to compare his own dashing look to Shining Armor, which only made him more uncomfortable. Shining was wearing a fine red coat that was trimmed in gold, white pearls and cufflinks, and a royal blue sash; but since Shining was broader and had more muscle than Bean he filled the role of Prince better. That depressing feeling of being an imposter crept back in as he glanced down at his own blue sleeve, and he wondered if he should try adding some bulk to his own frame.

Cadence was… well, pink. Bean would never say it aloud, but her dress was too loose and frilly to be flattering and it was the same pink as her coat, so it came across as an oversaturation to him. But, not his wife, not his problem. If Shining liked it, then no other opinion mattered.

Bean did like Luna’s selection for the evening. He had expected her to go with something in navy blue or black, but she had instead chosen a deep burgundy color, and it highlighted her natural blues quite nicely. The train had more of a straight and simple cut than Celestia’s, but the silver highlights along the hem that matched her choice of a silver necklace made for a very elegant design. She had also applied some silver eyeshadow to complete the look, and Bean thought she looked quite nice indeed.

Celly looked better, though. By a wide margin, actually.

“About time you two showed up!” Shining joked. “We were getting ready to leave without you!”

“I’d like to see you squeeze into this faster!” Celestia replied with a laugh. “I could be ready in five minutes too if all I had to do is button a coat up.”

“I’m not even going to go there.” Shining chuckled.

“You were riding with us, right Lulu?”

“Indeed.” Luna nodded. “Someone needs to keep you two in line.”

“Schedule!” Wysteria admonished.

* * * *

Baked Bean determined he liked flying.

Granted, he probably knew this before now, but he had just made it officially official in his own mind. Flying was definitely better when he had Celestia next to him, with a warm wing wrapped around him and looking resplendent in a dress that felt silky and smooth.

Admittedly, it was a damper to have his sister-in-law on the other side of him, making annoyed noises when he and his wife stole kisses from each other, but it was still tolerable.

However, the kissing would soon have to stop. Manehattan was looming large in the distance, and Baked Bean sat up a bit in anticipation and excitement as they closed in.

“Have you been to Manehattan, Bean?” Luna asked.

“Not recently. I’ve been here twice: once when I was just a foal, so I don’t remember that; and then once when I came with my parents for a chef’s convention when I was seventeen or so. I remember being blown away at the sheer number of ponies crammed into one place and the insane height of the skyscrapers. I hadn’t ever realized how small Salt Lick really was until then.”

“Just remember to remain calm, and to not act overwhelmed. You are a Prince, and you need to portray yourself as such. The ponies of Equestria will look to you as a bedrock foundation. You must always be so for them, for they will gain the confidence they need to succeed in their own lives from seeing your own exemplary example.”

“You do remember I was one of them naught but two weeks ago?”

“And did you not gain strength from Celestia’s unwavering devotion and steadfast example?”

“Honestly, we local yokels hardly ever talked about you two or Canterlot. The only time you got mentioned was when taxes went up and my friends and family would say to each other ‘somepony really ought to say something’ and then do nothing. Salt Lick was far enough out and peaceful enough that both of you never really bothered with us, and so we never really bothered with you.”

“Well!” Luna huffed in great indignity.

“He’s got a point, you know,” Celestia replied. “Smaller towns really don’t get a lot of our attention. We always seem to focus on the large population centers. We wouldn’t have anything to do with Ponyville if the Elements and Twilight were not there.”

Luna couldn’t come up with a proper argument, so she simply pouted, slumped her shoulders, and began muttering about ‘disrespectful peasants’ under her breath.

“We should be landing in just a minute, Your Highnesses!” Sergeant Clover Leaf shouted back.

“So where are we going to dine?” Celestia asked, with a quick nose boop for her beloved. “You can tell me now.”

“I’m a bit surprised you didn’t see it on the itinerary. Shining and Cadence had heard good things about a place called Le Petite Café, so we decided to try that out. Despite the name, it’s a gourmet restaurant, so it should be decent enough.”

“You don’t sound very thrilled.”

“Well, maybe. I think it’s more because it’s a competitor, even though they’ve never had anything to do with the Zuerst, nor us with them. Family loyalty says that any other restaurant is only second rate.”

“Well, I suppose we shall soon find out.”

“Your most Royal Highnesses, welcome to Le Petite Café. I am Twice Baked, and on the behalf of the entire staff, it is my highest honor to have you here this evening.”

“Thank you, Mister Baked!” Cadence replied for the entourage. “You are most kind.”

“Please, follow me. We have reserved a private table for your pleasure, and we are honored to be your waiter for this evening as well.”

Bean had to suppress a twinge of self-consciousness at the waiter’s use of we. Obviously, he had never met Bean’s mother, and her rather strict rules on dealing politely with customers. Far worse was the way that everypony had quickly stood and bowed when the Royal Party had entered the restaurant, making Bean resist the urge to look behind him for somepony else who was really important. Once they had all been seated, their fellow patrons resumed their meals, and Bean felt a little better when it seemed like nopony was looking their way anymore.

Twice Baked smiled broadly. “Now, if we may be so bold, we have crafted a culinary chef-d’œuvre for your pleasure, if you would be interested.”

“Oh?” Celestia replied this time. “Please, continue.”

“For the appetizer, Chef Wafer has chickpeas, lightly roasted and seasoned with a signature pepper sauce of her own creation. The main course is a bulgogi tofu, finely dressed in a spicy sesame sauce and highlighted with onions and mushrooms we have grown in-house. For a wine, we personally recommend the Fers à Cheval Rouillés Parfumés à la Peau de Pomme de Terrete, which I think you’ll find compliments the dish quite admirably.”

“Oh, that does sound good,” Cadence remarked.

“How would the taste be affected if one opted to simply have mineral water for the evening?” Luna asked.

“Water?” Twice Baked repeated. “Well, Princess, it would not be affected dramatically, but the sweetness of—”

“I shall sample your recommendations, but with water,” Luna announced without leaving the matter open for discussion.

“I believe I’ll follow Princess Luna’s lead and have water as well.” Bean added.

The other three agreed water was the best choice, leaving Twice Baked a bit confused but still eager to please. Once he had disappeared into the kitchen, Bean leaned over towards Luna with a smile.

“Thanks. I wasn’t sure how to handle that.”

She smiled back at him and nodded. “You are welcome. I suspected you would have an issue with any wine selection offered, so I resolved to be of assistance.”

“Wait.” Bean leaned back and gave her an amused and questioning look. “You’re being nice to me.”

“You are fulfilling your end of our bargain so I intend to honor mine. I am a mare of my word, after all.”

“That you are,” he chuckled, but then he faced the others. “You all didn’t need to turn it down because of me, you know. I don’t mind.”

“I’ve never really been one for wine,” Cadence replied with a grin.

“I’m trying to cut back,” Shining added with a bob of his eyebrows. “Gotta stay in shape, be an example to my soldiers.”

“I utterly refuse to have another drop,” Celestia simply announced.

“You hardly had any drops before.” Luna pointed out.

“If my Bean doesn’t drink it, then I won’t.”

Baked Bean tried to keep his smile, but the way that Celestia made her proclamation pulled the corners of his lips down despite his best efforts. “Celly, really. I don’t want you to give up something you like just because of me.”

“I’m not. I am taking stand with my husband of my own free will. Just don’t take away my apple cider.”

“No problem there,” Bean replied. “My parents have a fantastic old family recipe for sparkling cider. I can whip some up this fall.”

This news was met with interest and enthusiasm, and Bean promised to make some for all of them when the time was right. The conversation then turned to what went well with apple cider and if it was better hot or chilled until the chickpeas arrived.

Bean then simply sat back and began listening again as the conversation turned to the budget that Celestia had been given. Luna offered the most input on the various proposals, but Shining and Cadence were both quick to point out how things might affect the Empire and what they would like to have done or not done. Bean actually found the back-and-forth to be stimulating and amusing, and he was glad it was undergoing such a vigorous discussion.

Then the main course arrived, and Baked Bean finally figured out what the difference between upscale and gourmet was.

Upscale, it appeared, was less fancy but more filling. One would obviously use the finest ingredients at the peak of freshness, but at the end of the meal you left feeling satisfied.

Gourmet was a fancier meal, and the fancier the meal, the less actual food, until Bean could imagine an empty plate being served as the pinnacle of high dining. Of course, some chef would have to top that with a plate that somehow had a negative amount of food on it, which might actually be a unicorn spell, now that he was thinking of it. That certainly would be better than what he had just been served.

“Voila!” Twice Baked grandly proclaimed. “We are sure you will be delighted by this most exquisite dish. We shall return right away with more water.”

The other Royals eagerly began eating, but Bean poked his with his fork and tried to figure out how he could sniff it without causing a scene, or accidentally inhaling the entire thing.

“Is there something wrong with your meal, my love?” Celestia gently asked.

“Oh, no. I was just expecting something more than a can of cat food on a decorative plate. The sprig of parsley is a nice touch though.”

“This actually appears to be a rather generous helping,” Luna remarked.

“Right.” Bean groaned. “Well, it does look good. How does it taste?”

“It is acceptable.” Luna shrugged.

Bean took a small bite. It wasn’t bad, that was true. A bit less on the sesame would help, and a bit more clover perhaps, but overall not bad at all.

“Does it meet your standards?” Celestia asked.

“Yeah. It’ll do.”

She gave him a quick wink. “That is good to hear. Now, would you like some diplomacy lessons while we’re here?”

Dinner quite rapidly became very interesting. Bean nodded once, and Celestia let out a high, tinkling laugh.

“You are just too much, my love!” she pronounced. “So, the first thing I have to show you is how to hold a conversation within a conversation.”

“I suspect the occasional laugh is part of that.”

“Most assuredly. When you do this, it is important to make it sound like you are still holding a normal conversation. By sprinkling in more common terms and phrases, and especially at the beginning and end of a statement, the bits and pieces that your conversation that float away from you become random and meaningless. Once you become a bit more proficient we can use the double entendre to share all sorts of wonderful secrets.”

“Fair enough. My talkifying is common enough so all I have to do is open my mouth and let the sounds fall out.”

“Talkifying.” Luna repeated with a laughing scoff. “What kind of a world have you created, Sister, when a pony gets away with such a blatant assault on the equish language?”

“My dear sister, there are many words that have entered our vocabulary thanks to those blatant assaults. I predict that within twenty years we will all use talkifying in our everyday conversations.”

“If that happens, I’ll send myself back to the moon.”

Both Bean and Celestia shared a giggle, and then Celestia continued her lesson. “Now, my precious, let us try this. Pick something in this room, and describe it to me while still following the instructions I gave you. Let’s see how marvelous you are.”

“Let me see. Let me begin with the chandelier, a rather impressive crystal… thing. I want to say infused but it’s not that.”

“What is it then?”

“Wait.” Bean gave his wife a knowing glare. “This has nothing to do with diplomacy. I mentioned I was having a problem describing the alternate world in my book. This is just a way to get me to practice describing things.”

“It is both,” she replied with a smirk. “The ability to describe, compare and contrast will prove invaluable in the future. The ability to mask what you are saying will allow us to flirt without anypony knowing.”

“Unless we are with our present company.”

“Guards are selectively deaf, dumb, and blind,” Shining chimed. “I’ll keep my flirting over here if you keep yours over there.”

“Deal!” Bean announced. “Celly, do you like shmoopy-doopy better or sweetie-weety?”

Luna groaned as the two married couples began booping and nuzzling their respective partner. “I suppose this is the penalty I pay for marrying young,” she muttered, but with a coy glance to a nearby waiter, who looked startled and pulled at his necktie in obvious concern.

Celestia suppressed a chuckle when yet another pony quickly trotted up and got in line to meet the suddenly famous Baked Bean. Ever since they had touched down in Saddle Park, ponies had been flocking to both him and to Luna, and that pleased her to no end. Bean deserved the attention, in her estimation, and the more he got out among their little ponies, the more he would be accepted and loved.

Most ponies who spoke with him were so astonished by the circumstances that had put him where he was that they just had to ask if it was all true. Bean chuckled each time and confirmed that it was, and then he would patiently answer the dozen or so questions that came after that. Her husband was doing well, and at this rate he would soon be as beloved as her dear sister was.

That was what made Celestia the happiest. For over a thousand years, she had been alone in the spotlight, so she was more than happy to let those whom she loved be the focus of the country’s praise and adoration for a change. It was bringing flavor and zest into her life, and it made it easier to remember just how magical friendship was.

She had been lonely for long enough.

“Excuse me, Princess, but I have something for you from the Prince.”

“What? Wysteria, what is… oh!”

Wysteria was holding a sizeable bouquet of red roses in her magic, and she gently transferred them to the Princess with a smile.

“He was really insistent they be red, something about tasting the best,” she remarked.

“Oh, they’re lovely.” Celestia dipped her nose into them and inhaled the sweet aroma. “I don’t remember the last time a pony gave me flowers with no political favors attached to them.”

“I certainly don’t remember anypony doing that,” Wysteria agreed.

Celestia giggled a bit and positioned the bouquet in front of her so that the next time Bean glanced over he would only see her eyes over the top of them. She then began staring at him with a sultry and inviting look, hoping that he would feel her stare and look over towards her.

It didn’t take long. Bean was telling a gray unicorn about his Celestial Crystal, and when he glanced over at her as part of the story, she quickly batted her eyelashes at him and tilted her head teasingly.

Bean had some red flare on his cheeks but he managed to keep his composure and continue on with his conversation. The next time he glanced, Celestia softly bit one of the blooms off and slowly pulled it into her mouth with her lips. This he chuckled at, and he shook his head slightly before focusing back on the ponies before him. With the next glance, Celestia made a great show of licking her lips while staring right at him. This made his cheeks nearly as red as the roses, and he did stammer a bit before recovering and forcing his eyes forward.

And then Celestia noticed one of the guards moving towards Luna with a large bouquet of flowers.

“Wysteria, who got those flowers for Lulu?” she asked, as she gently plucked one full rose and placed it behind her left ear.

“Prince Bean did. It took a bit longer to find them since they’re Night Lilies, though.”

“Night Lilies?”

“Yeah. He thought she would be appreciative of them.”

“Oh, I hope so,” she replied. “Those were the flowers she and Star Struck always shared. It might bring up some memories she doesn’t want to recall.”

Both Celestia and Wysteria watched in hopeful concern as the guard tapped Luna on the shoulder and then presented the arrangement. There was a gasp from Luna, a tear escaped, but then a warm smile came as she accepted and buried her nose in the bouquet as if she were traveling back in time by way of the scent.

And when Bean glanced over towards her, Celestia felt warm and tingly as she watched Luna mouth ‘thank you’ to him with one Night Lily petal dangling from her bottom lip.

“My dear Bean, you simply are amazing,” Celestia remarked to herself with a chuckle as Luna took a lily and placed it beside her own left ear. She then met Celestia’s gaze, gave her a nod of solid satisfaction, and turned her attention to another pony who had come to visit with her.

“And I’m a singing pony!”

Luna tried to hide her smile behind a false facade of minor grumpiness as Bean and Celestia’s serious expressions devolved into helpless giggles. The trip home had been insufferable, what with them belting out all of the songs from the play at full volume for the entire flight back home.

Of course, Shining and Cadence had done the same so she was stuck with off-key singing no matter what. Even so, she would not trade their flat notes for the finest choir in all of Equestria.

“Oh, my dear Bean, we simply must do this again!” Celestia laughed, an expression of joy that Luna relished beyond all things in the world. “This was fun, and that was a most fantastic musical! I am sure I’ll be singing ‘High Hinny Hey!’ for the next week!”

Then again, all good things had their limits, and there was only so much off-key joy that Luna could stand. “It has been a delightful evening, but I must tend to my duties now. If you’ll excuse me.”

“Oh,” Celestia replied sadly, and both she and Bean pouted. “Well, good night then, Sister.”

“Good evening.”

Luna then teleported away, but not to her quarters. She did fully intend to attend to the dreams of her little ponies, but first she needed something to eat. She wasn’t herself when she was hungry, and she doubted there was a gourmet meal in the whole of Equestria that would ever satisfy her.

A quick raid of the pantry yielded a slice of chocolate cake, and Luna tried to eat the first delectable treat with as much speed but as little sound as possible. The second slice disappeared with seconds and without a care for the noisy grunting she emitted as she ate, but she forced herself to slow down on the third slice so as to properly savor it.

And yet everypony thinks Celly is the cake fanatic, Luna thought with a snicker.

Her magic then pulled the night lily from her ear, and she smiled deeply as she looked it over. Bean probably had no idea why Luna loved them so—he had probably picked them because they had the word night in their name—but the flood of warm memories that had swept over her when they had been presented had helped her to feel not quite so alone, not quite so removed from her own beloved. In fact, she was quite pleased that Bean was able to help her remember him so often.

It didn’t hurt so much when she did.

A rattling noise at the door broke her thoughts up, and she stepped back into the shadows to avoid detection. Who could possibly be coming into the kitchen so late?

“Shh!” Celestia voice drifted in. “I thought I heard something.”

“Just don’t use your nose to go looking for the source,” Bean’s voice followed.

“Very funny. All right, I think the coast is clear. What can you make that’s quick?”

“I could probably throw a salad together real quick like, just a simple one.”

“That sounds good. Those roses were delicious but it just wasn’t enough. I think—”

“Hungry, Sister?”

Both Bean and Celestia yelped in alarm, and Luna simply laughed as they recovered and glared at her.

“I thought you said you were going to the dream realm,” Celestia said with a huff.

“I said I was attending to my duties. Eating is one of them.”

Bean rubbed one hoof against the opposite arm in embarrassment. “Guess I didn’t pick the restaurant so well, huh?”

“Do not be discouraged.” Luna admonished Bean with a kind smile. “It is difficult to find a restaurant anywhere that will offer more than what we received. I think our subjects worry more about our weight than we do.”

“Well, next time I’ll just take you home then. My parents won’t hold back.”

“I would like to visit them sometime.” Luna smiled a bit more. “Now, did you mention a salad? And not the kind of salad we were served at that place. One of your salads.”

Bean beamed at the princesses. “I’ll have a nice beet salad with candied macarana nuts whipped up in two shakes of my tail.”

“Celly, is the food at Bean’s restaurant any good?” Luna asked while Bean got to work, and her sister smiled warmly.

“We didn’t get to eat an actual meal when we were there, but I assure you that you would not leave feeling hungry based on what I saw them making.”

“But he wants to be a writer,” Luna shook her head. “I’m afraid I still don’t quite understand why.”

“Destiny is a fickle thing, Lulu. Some ponies find their purpose rather quickly, others spend a lifetime searching and never find it. If I may be a bit prideful for a moment, I personally think that his desire to be a writer was simply the means he needed to find the his true destiny.”

“Oh, very modest, Miss ‘I Am The End Of Your Searching.’” Luna scoffed with a laugh. “I suppose you could be right. He would not have found you if he had been good at running a restaurant. I suppose that this plays into your theory that cutie marks are simply suggestions, too.”

Celestia nodded. “Perhaps it does.”

“Well, for the record, I am most pleased you have him, and that he has you. He has proven himself to be a most devoted stallion, and I feel that he will be for you what Star Struck was for me. I may still tease and torment him on occasion, but I believe I can accept him now. You have accidentally done well for yourself.”

“Sometimes that’s the best way to go,” Celestia replied with a laugh.

A thud from the far end of the kitchen caught the sister’s attention, and both grew curious as the sounds of a pony muttering in frustration leaked through the open doorway.

“Shiny, they’ll hear you!” Cadence hissed. “Quiet!”

“How can they hear me? They’re at the other end of… the…”

Both of them froze as they rounded the corner and found both aunts staring at them with amusement.

“Uh, hi?” Shining tried, with a cheesy grin.

“Good evening,” Luna replied. “What brings you by here during this most glorious hour of my night?”

“I admit I may have not picked a very good restaurant,” Shining Armor said sheepishly. “Cady and I are still hungry.”

“Bean!” Celestia shouted back into the kitchen “Double up that salad, and stuff it!”

“Stuff a tree and double it!” he shouted back.

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