Fluttershy's mark gives her the ability to communicate with animals. Unfortunately, no matter what those ponies who own pets might believe of their companions, the majority of animals are really stupid.
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Since the rediscovery of the Elements, the reputation of the Bearers has been slow to spread -- but it has spread. And so some ponies are now aware that if they ever truly want to know what an animal is thinking, all they need to do is go to Ponyville, approach the cottage on the settled zone's border, and request a consultation -- whereupon the pegasus who lives there will typically do everything she can to turn them away.

After all, most ponies really don't want to know that their favorite companions are, at heart, complete morons.

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Slice of Life

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  1. Aukative [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Jun 28th, 2017
Published Jun 26th, 2017


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