by CategoricalGrant

Chapter 1: Introduction

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Author's Notes:

The first one was well received, so here's a sequel! Perhaps there will be more to come in the future if this, too is well-liked. Suggest who comes next in the comments!

There are six unique endings and (if my dubious calculations are correct) upwards of 1.6 million different unique paths that the story can take! Can you get all the endings? Can you get the Perfect ending on the first try? Can you find the secret ending without cheating?

You are a royal night guard. You’ve spent a while serving in different posts throughout the castle, but it was only recently that you were promoted to the post outside of Princess Luna’s door.

You had always admired the Princess from afar in your work, and of course you heard stories about her kindness and her mysterious nature; however, it has only been in the past few days in your new post that you have garnered an appreciation for Princess Luna’s beauty. When she walks by you, your heart begins to flutter in your chest, and your normally laser-sharp focus, honed by much training, goes completely fuzzy.

To make a long story short, you’re pretty sure that you’ve got a serious crush on your magical, powerful, ultra attractive…boss.

It’s towards the end of your shift when Princess Luna comes trotting down the hallway. Every muscle in your body tenses as you snap to attention: you were already at attention, of course, but what you’re doing now transcends normal posture.

You notice out of the corner of your eye that Princess Luna doesn’t quite seem her composed self; her head trails along near the ground, and you can hear her metallic shoes scrape against the marble floors. Your peripheral vision isn’t that good, but you even get an inkling that there are bags under her eyes.

She slowly approaches the doors to her chamber, which are right next to you. This is your chance to say something!

If you want to ask her how her day was, proceed to Chapter 1.
If you want to simply bow and give her a greeting, proceed to Chapter 2.
If you want to tell her that she’s hot, proceed to Chapter 43.

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