What's Going On Trixie?

by TheGreatEater

Chapter 1: I said hey! What's going on?!

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Trixie woke up that morning feeling a bit peculiar. Feeling more than a little hungover from her first official Pinkie Pie Birthday Party, she went to stretch and felt her forelegs hit something definitely pony shaped. Looking to before looking to either side of her and noticing Cheerilee and Twilight on either side of her and did what any respectable pony would do in her situation.

“The Majestic and Not Hungover Trixie demands to know what you two are doing in my bed!?” Trixie demanded, before wincing from the sound of her own shout.

“Nyaah! Trixie not so loud and it’s my bed,” Twilight mumbled, “but good question … what are we doing in my bed?”

Cheerilee chuckled, “wow you two don’t remember anything?”

“And you do?” Trixie asked.

“Bits of it. We all had fun at the party. Trixie said she knew a fun magic trick, and the rest is a blur of things I think I’m either imagining, or Trixie really did know more than a few fun tricks.”

“Well, not to brag. But Trixie is skilled in many … wait fun magic trick? Did you two take advantage of the Virtuous and Definite Still a Virgin Trixie?” Trixie asked in shock.

“No … I’m sure Cheerilee imagined those things right?” Twilight asked.

“Maybe? We were all more than a little drunk on whatever Pinkie Pie threw together.” Cheerilee suggested.

“Alright. Well it’s not that you both aren’t attractive, but you should at least take a mare out on a date before ravishing her in a decadent three way. And I want to at least want to remember my first …” Trixie blushed at the end and mumbled something indiscernible at the end.

“Well at least this can’t get any more embarrassing,” Twilight sighed. Just before a still drunk Cadance teleported on the bed.

“Heyz joo guyshes!” Cadance slurred, “Sho Twixie didja like my gift? It wush a smexy gift huh!”

Twilight looked at her sister-in-law in mute horror, “You didn’t!?”

“What’s going on?” Trixie asked looking at Twilight.

“I didz!” Cadance drunkenly purred, “Twixie had the … the … hotness for you and you had the hotness for Cheers, and Cheers had a decade long dry spell. So I madez evrathing bettar! WOOT!!!”

“So Trixie’s no longer a virgin?”

“Nah! Youz three fell asleep before the good timez! Now yer all awake, and can kiss!” Cadance pirouetted before passing out on the bed. Snoring loudly while drooling on Twilight who rolled her eyes at Cadance’s behavior.

“Wow. Okay so that was a thing,” Twilight mumbled, “alright. First order of business breakfast. Then we can talk about our feelings now that Cadance has drunkenly confessed it for all of us.”

“I’m game,” Cheerilee replied.

“Alright, but I’m getting back at Cadance first,” Trixie replied before summoning a permanent marker, “Anyone else want a go?”

So the three mares partook in some good old fashioned pranking on Cadance for her meddling and scaring the Poor and Adorable Trixie with her shenanigans. And no one noticed Pinkie Pie and Discord spying on them and giving each other a brohoof, being disguised as stained glass window figures as they were.

Author's Notes:

So two songs gave birth to this fic.


I thought how funny it'd be if Prince Adam was replaced by Trixie and Man of Arms with Twilight. With the red guy who sounds like that cartoon character who escapes me ... was replaced by Discord. And the bird chick replaced by Cadance.

With Trixie hitting on Twilight.


Watched this vid. With Trixie showed beside Cheerilee. And this fic popped into my head. Along with the following song as I neared the end.


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