by CategoricalGrant

Chapter 1: Introduction

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Author's Notes:

An idea that came to me today. I hope you all enjoy!

You are a human in Equestria. You aren’t exactly sure how you got here, of course; one morning you simply woke up in the middle of Ponyville in your underwear- bed, sheets, and all! Thankfully, Princess Twilight Sparkle was able to lead you through this very confusing time, and was working diligently to find a way for you to get back home.

It was taking a while, and of course you needed to find a way to pay the bills in the meantime. You just happened to stumble onto a grand career: snuggling. Boy, do ponies love to snuggle! You made more bits than most skilled workers in Equestria through your job as a ‘stress management consultant’; mares would pay hundreds to have you wait on them during a day off, providing snuggles, food, massages, and whatever they needed. Your name had entered the parlance of even the highest-running social circles in Equestria, and while you were homesick you were also kind of loving the attention…and money. Mostly the money.

And now, you were standing on the precipice of your biggest job ever. You had been hired to spend three days managing the stress of none other than Princess Celestia herself!

Steeling your nerves, you knock on the large doors to Princess Celestia’s chamber.

“Come in,” an angelic voice calls.

You open the door and walk in, seeing the form of Celestia standing regally by the windows, facing you. She is smiling, albeit a little nervously.

Taking a deep breath, you greet her and explain the rules: she’s not allowed to do any work over the next three days, and all she needs to do if she needs anything from you, be it hugs, a massage, some food, or snuggles, all she needs to do is ring a bell.

Celestia nods sweetly, seemingly calmed by the introduction, and assures you that the necessary notifications have been made regarding the castle staff, who are at your disposal. “How much for your services, sir?”

You smile widely. “For her highness? Free of charge of course!” Being known as the princess’ personal stress manager would do wonders for your business, anyway. Finishing up your spiel, you clear your throat. “And, uh, I always like to begin with a hug.”

“A hug?” Celestia asks, tilting her head. “Oh!” her magenta eyes suddenly light up with understanding, and she uses her magic to float her chest regalia and crown away. She looks at you rather invitingly, but doesn’t move.

Slowly, you walk over and reach your hands around her neck, pulling her into a soft hug. She reciprocates immediately by wrapping a front hoof around your waist and unfurling her wings to cover you. She is fluffy, warm, and smells almost fruity! The hug goes on for a long time, with Celestia nestling closer and closer to you.

Over the next few hours, you serve Celestia by bringing her food and even scold her once when you catch her attempting to write a letter (she sheepishly smiles and puts the letter away, her ears hanging against her head in shame). You hear the bell again and leave your temporary work area to enter Celestia’s chambers.

“At your service, your highness,” you say, bowing.

Celestia covers her mouth with a hoof as she giggles. “You humans sure are funny. No need to be so formal, dear.”

You nod softly, but don’t say anything.

She clears her throat awkwardly. “A-anyway, I was wondering if you would…cuddle me?”

If you choose to cuddle Princess Celestia, proceed to Chapter 1.
If you would like to refuse, proceed to Chapter 14.

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