A Little Monster

by Shadowmane PX-41

Chapter 1: Unleash the Magic

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"Unleash the magic, free the magic, now!" The students of Crystal Prep chorused as Twilight Sparkle took her steps forward to compete in the final event of the Friendship Games; the event that would seize them all another consecutive win against Canterlot High and its students.

Twilight quietly took steps forward, being driven by the echoes of her peers as she approached Sunset Shimmer and her friends. She held up the locket that she had used to gather all of the stolen magic and looked upon it one more time, almost taken by the electronic light that swung around the centre.

"Imagine all I'll learn by setting it free..." Twilight had always been one to have a vast knowledge on multiple different subjects, but now that magic had been introduced to the fold, she was partially curious just to see what this new magic could do. "Now winning these games depend on me."

Sunset Shimmer watched Twilight place her hand on the locket and wrap her fingers around the clamps. Alarm bells rang in her head as she watched her new potential friend about to unleash something that she had no control or understanding of. She coiled her fingers into fists and ran towards her friends.

"And what doors might open if I try to use it?" Twilight took one last deep breath and slowly began to prise the device open. Slowly but surely, she saw a radiant purple and white light begin to spill out of the opening crack. "But the magic's what I really want to see..."

"Twilight, NO!" Spike bolted through the legs of the other Crystal Prep students and ran towards Twilight. He and Sunset Shimmer had the same thoughts running through their heads; neither of them wanted to see Twilight use magic for a purpose other than to win the Friendship Games.

"NOW!" declared Luna and Cadence, signalling the beginning of the last event of the Games.

Twilight ripped the device open, allowing the magic to fully be unleashed. A massive purple blast knocked everything close to her down onto their knees and arms—including her own principal and a few of her fellow students. As the locket quietly landed on the ground, a glowing ball appeared before Twilight, lifting her into the air with it as it slowly began to consume her.

Everyone else could only watch with multiple mixed feelings as they saw Twilight Sparkle, the girl who had gathered up stolen Equestrian magic, be hoisted skyward and devoured by a rapidly enlargening ball of purple and white light. They saw her anguish and heard her cries for help as she hopelessly tried to reach out for her acquaintances at Crystal Prep, but alas, she was fully stolen away into the light.

The orb shook and shuddered as it flickered between white and black, before it finally exploded in a majestic gleam of light. Everyone else could see nothing else through the gleam and had to shield their eyes due to the sheer intensity of it. Once they saw it begin to die down, they pulled their arms and hands clear from their faces.

"What the heck just happened?!" Crystal Prep's Sour Sweet was the first to break the silence between the humans.

"I'm not sure, but whatever we've done, I don't think it's good..." Indigo Zap slowly crawled closer towards the diminishing light. "Twilight? Are you there? C'mon, girl, you've still got us a Friendship Games to win!"

"Indigo? I'm not so sure Twilight's there anymore..." Sunny Flare hobbled over and tapped on Indigo's shoulder, pointing towards the centre of the light.

Eventually, the light broke off entirely, revealing a rather bizarre and alien sight. There, standing between the Rainbooms and Shadowbolts was a baby-sized girl with long black and purple hair sticking up high into the air. She wore a cyan face mask with a small horn of the same colour poking out of her forehead, with a pair of small black raven wings protruding out of the back of her shoulder blades. She wore magenta gloves and boots, a bright purple dress, and crimson baby shoes with white soles.

"What in the world is that thing?!" Principal Abacus Cinch lunged a finger at the infant, twitching her eyebrows at the sight.

Suddenly, the baby let out a loud cry that pierced the ears of all of the students and staff, deafening them without any effort. They all had to put their hands over their ears to keep their eardrums from bursting.

Sunset Shimmer took a rolling dive and picked the baby up, gently beginning to rock her in her arms. "Twilight... I'm so sorry about this," she began to soothe the monstrous infant. As she patted the back of Twilight's head, she looked up at Cinch with fire in her eyes. "That thing as you so put it is the result of your stupid and crazy dreams, Principal Cinch!"

"Such a foul tongue. Have you no respect for your elders?!" Cinch flexed the fingers in her right hand and glared right back at Sunset Shimmer. "And besides, this never would've happened if your side had just played fair instead of resulting to witchcraft such as magic to win the Friendship Games!"

"Hey! No-one threatens Sunset Shimmer in the presence of a baby—even if it is a figurative and literal little monster!" Pinkie Pie stomped up to Cinch and got up in her face, forcing the old principal to lean back. "If these are the elders we're supposed to respect, then I think I'd rather be a big, old meanie-pants instead!"

"I don't have to take such nonsense from a brat from Canterlot High!" Cinch pushed Pinkie onto the ground. "You're the ones we're supposed to ground into the dirt year after year! Nothing is ever going to stop that!"

"Actually, Cinch, I must disagree with you." Sugarcoat readjusted her eyebrows and walked up to Twilight Sparkle.

"What? You're defecting against me, now of all times?" Cinch watched Sugarcoat approach Twilight and place her hand on the baby's cheek.

"Twilight Sparkle was the candidate for the final event of the Friendship Games," Sugarcoat examined the baby Twilight from all angles, watching her now giggle as she cuddled up in Sunset's embrace. "If this magical occurrence was legitimate and Twilight is indeed an infant, I'm afraid that disqualifies her from the Games." She looked up at Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and all of the pupils of Canterlot High. "Without someone to represent Crystal Prep in the last event, we have no choice but to forfeit our position. Ergo, that means that we have lost the Friendship Games this year, and Canterlot High are the winners."

Murmurs and whispers sprung up from all of the students from both schools as Sugarcoat's words sank in. No matter how much the students wanted to believe that it wasn't real, there was no error in Sugarcoat's reasoning.

"I guess it's for the best, really." Indigo Zap finally stood up and rubbed Twilight's head. "We did kinda act like jerks back there and forced Twi to go through with this thing."

"As much as I hate to admit it, Sugarcoat and Indigo are both right." Sour Sweet gruffly shrugged her shoulders and looked at both Sunset and Twilight. Her heart melted at the sight of the baby and she exhaled through her nostrils. "Though she is super-duper adorable, we can't win the Friendship Games with a baby representing us."

"Blasphemy! Ridiculousness! Falsehood!" Cinch could only splutter words as she watched her own students go against her. "This is simply a travesy, I tell you! I call shenanigans on this putrid and vile school!"

"Call it whatever you want to, Cinch, but it ain't gonna change." Applejack walked up to the Crystal Prep girls and crossed her hands as she looked Cinch in the eyes. "Face it. Ya'll let your own ambitions get to ya. You wanted to win this thing so badly that you didn't really take Twilight's view on the situation into account."

"If Twilight wanted to say no, you could've respected her decision like any moral human being would, but you wanted to win the Friendship Games instead, and now Twilight Sparkle is an adorepulsive monster because of it." Rarity pointed at Twilight, who now began to suck on one of her thumbs.

"Adorepulsive?" Fluttershy asked as she wrapped an arm around the baby.

"It's a combination of adorable and repulsive. I taught it to her the other day." Pinkie Pie raised her finger and smiled.

"Whatever it is, it is still an affront to us all!" Cinch snarled and cracked her knuckles. "I hate this baby. I hate Canterlot High! And I hate all of you for defecting against my unbreakable and perfect wills!" She turned to the other students and stomped her foot. "How dare you side with such hideous creatures after they snatched us of a clean and perfect victory! You should all be asha—"

"Save it, Cinch. We heard you talking about cancelling Twilight's application to Everton before you drilled those thoughts into her mind." Sugarcoat yanked hard on Cinch's shoulders, forcefully turning her to back to the group. "Not only are you a sore loser, but you have a potential blackmail case on your hands." She turned towards the crowd of CPA students. "I'm sure that, while we may be perfectionists, we would never want to be associated by a criminal, correct?"

The students all nodded and glared at Cinch with fire in their eyes.

"Monster!" One of them called out.

"Witch!" Another yipped.

"We're not gonna believe your lies anymore, Cinch!" A third student added before a chorus of boos flooded down on Cinch. "You brought this on yourself, you hear me?!"

Cinch's strong hatred did not change as she watched her entire school rebel against her. No matter how strong she thought she was, she was not about to be dissuaded and dragged down by her own students. "Unbelievable. SWINES! DEFECTORS! COWARDS! ALL OF YOU! I'M GOING TO BE TAKING YOUR FEEBLE INSURGENCY UP WITH THE SCHOOL BOARD! YOUR TIME AT CRYSTAL PREP IS FINISHED! DO YOU HEAR ME?!"

"If anyone's time is up, I'd say it's yours." Sugarcoat held an open phone in her hand and closed it up, slipping it back into her pocket. "We've just sent out a word to the police about you blackmailing Twilight. It's time to face the music, Principal Abacus Cinch. You. Lost. Accept it."

"Being a loser's one thing, but being a downright crazy lady and saying that we'll all get expelled is another thing, Cinch." Lemon Zest took her headphones off and held them in her hands. "I'd say you're doing us a real solid here. It's better to be kicked out of school than to spend our time in it with you!"

"Yeesh. When Lemon Zest's headphones come off, she's like a whole different person." Sour Sweet leaned in close to Sunset's ears and whispered into her ears. "I'd hate to see her when she's angry. But on the other hand, it might also be interesting..."

As the students finally stopped jeering Cinch, police sirens blared as a single car rolled up and appeared before the school. Two policemen climbed out of the car and walked over to the principal, who was now starting to sweat as she looked around for any potential means of escape.

"Abacus Cinch. We got a report that you were suspected on blackmail." One of the cops came up to Cinch and lowered his brows as he unfurled his police badge. "Care to say anything?"

"Shining Armor, please think before you do this." Cinch looked into his eyes and clasped her hands together. "You were my best and brightest pupil! You won me the Friendship Games before, can't you do something about this?"

"No. The law comes first in everything, Cinch." Shining Armor grabbed Cinch, turned her around, and slammed on a pair of handcuffs onto the elder's wrists. "Even in the Games."

"This can't be happening..." Cinch's body grew cold as Shining Armor began to bring her towards the car.

"Principal Abacus Cinch, you're under arrest on suspicion of blackmail," Shining said as he walked her down. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say and do can be used against you in a court of law. Further more, everyone here today is a witness in this crime and shall appear to testify against you."

"You think this is over, you maggots?!" Cinch growled as she was pulled towards the car. " I'm fifty-five years old and you're just adolescents! I'm far superior to you in every way! DO YOU THINK THAT YOU'RE ALL SAFE FROM ME?! I WILL HAVE MY VENGEANCE ON ALL OF YOU FOR THIS INJUSTICE OF SUPERIORITY!" She was thrown in the car by Shining Armor and his assistance and driven off into the distance.

"Well, I was not expecting that at all." Principal Celestia walked up to the Rainbooms and Shadowbolts as the police car disappeared. "But, nonetheless, it looks like we have our winners."

"Yes." Luna held up a trophy and brought it over to Celestia. "Here you go, sister. I believe that this was what you wanted?"

"It is, Luna." Celestia tousled Vice Principal Luna's hair. "The winners of this year's Friendship Games are Canterlot High and the Wondercolts!"

Everyone from both schools let out a massive cheer as Celestia held the trophy high into the air. Any remaining tension between the two of them had been lost in their celebrations. Arms her thrown up high as the students of both school ran up to each other and shook hands, smiling and exchanging other pleasantries.

As everyone else cheered and clamoured around Celestia and Luna, the Rainbooms and Shadowbolts' attention was focused on Twilight Sparkle. The former prodigy, now day-old monster baby, gently cooed as Sunset held her gently. The eleven teenage girls couldn't even focus on celebrating the downfall of Cinch with the matters now at hand.

"We won the Friendship Games, but at what cost?" Sunset looked back at the delighted crowd of students. "Not only was it an unfair win, but we also lost Twilight in doing so. Does this really count as a victory?"

"Well, whatever the case, Cinch is gone and you've opened our eyes for the first time." Sunny Flare looked up at the Rainbooms and cracked a smile. "Things are going to change at Crystal Prep a lot thanks to your help, Sunset Shimmer. And I must apologise for our rather outlandish and cruel behaviour earlier."

"I hope that you can accept our apologies and bury the hatchet between our two schools." Sugarcoat also smiled and held out her arm towards the girls. "I know that none of the things we did were in any case the right ones, but I just want to let you know that we are no longer enemies. And, maybe, we can grow to become friends instead."

"Well, I don't know if we can really be friends just like that, but I think we can work something out." Rainbow Dash lifted one of her brows and eyed up the girls. "May take some time though, just saying."

"Well, I think it'd be great to be friends." Fluttershy walked forward and shook hands with all five of the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts. "It's much nicer than having to play against each other."

"Totally!" Lemon Zest slid up to Pinkie Pie and gave her a wide smile. "Besides, I saw that party you put on earlier. It was pretty wild once you got into the mix, girl!"

"Thanks! I aim to please." Pinkie Pie tipped her hand forward and puffed out her chest.

"Thanks for the gesture, girls." Rarity nodded at the Crystal Prep girls. "I suppose that I could look into something, given that you did stand up against that rotten Abacus Cinch."

"Besides, what did make you want to stand up to that old hag?" Applejack asked, tilting her head at the Shadowbolts.

"When we saw what had happened, I guess." Indigo Zap took another look at the baby. "None of us wanted to lose, but at the same time, we knew that it wouldn't be fair to put a baby into the Games. Cinch played us all like musical instruments, and little baby Twilight was a wake-up call."

"It was time for us all to wake up and smell the coffee; to come to terms with the fact that what we had done was wrong." Sour Sweet came up to the Rainbooms. "Winning the games is one thing, but to cheat was just plain wrong. Plus, that little pint-size over there wouldn't have lasted a second playing the Friendship Games."

"Don't mind Sour Sweet." Indigo Zap gently massaged Sour's shoulders. "She's had some sorta weird bipolar syndrome since she was born. She's actually really nice once you get to know her. Much like I can be a great gal outside of Crystal Prep, y'know?"

As the other Rainbooms began to accept the Shadowbolts' requests to be friends, Sunset still had her eyes fixated on Twilight Sparkle. As she looked down at the serene baby, she couldn't help but frown. She wanted to make amends after what she had said at the Tri-Cross Relay, but now she would never get the chance to do it. Hanging her head, a single tear slipped from Sunset's eyes as she brought Twilight back to her chest.

"I'm so sorry for what I said, Twilight. I never meant for any of this to happen, just as you never meant to take magic into your own hands." Sunset looked down at the baby and tried to avoid getting poked by the horn coming from the demon's forehead. "I just hope that you'll forgive me for what I did to you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even when I leave Canterlot High, but I just want you to know that I apologise for my actions and that I hope that we can still be friends."

Author's Notes:

And, voila! The first chapter's done! Baby Midnight Sparkle story is a go people!

I came up with this idea on the fly after almost a week of sitting down and writing other stories. This cover art you're seeing is actually made by a guy named TopWanted, and it was all done in crayon as well. So make sure to give him some praise as well, for he is a very talented man with just crayons at his disposal.

And as always, have a nice day!

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