The Infinite Loops: The Wedding of Leman Russ and Nyx Sparkle

by Evilhumour

Chapter 1: Chapter Zero: Beyond the Veil

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Chapter Zero
The Beginning of the End​

Tyr looked stoically as Skuld, Fenrir and Sleipnir brought forth the reports. The two animal Admins brought in the papers that said the kids were ready to get hitched and Skuld had brought in compiled paperwork saying that every Admin had agreed to do this and were ready for it.

Quickly examining that all the paperwork was in order, he then waved Skuld over to the overriding control system. Placing his unique, ever changing key into its slot while Skuld did the same with her hammer, the two of them let their divine blood drop into the scanner so it would positively identify them.

After going over the list of safety features, the two of them began to prepare for this massive Fused Loop, power inside Yggdrasil Proper already going into backup power mode as Yggdrasil shuffled the sheer energy around as they set the parameters of the Loop. Biting their lips, the four Administrators waited to see if this would work. Yggdrasil might not be strong enough, after all. They had done countless simulations, with only a zero point five rate of failure. If the tree couldn't actually handle it, they had several firewalls set up to give them enough warning that they could end the program before any actual damage was done, but even so, their nerves were on edge as they waited for a warning flag that might not even come. Or at least that they hoped wouldn't come; they really wanted this to work. After all the good the individuals involved had done for them and all of existence, the least they could do was try.

They watched and listened as the World Tree Computer, existence itself, hummed in front of them as it processed what they wanted. Fenrir and Sleipnir paced back and forth, Tyr and Skuld watching all the data fly across the screen.

Then after a tense number of minutes, during which nearly all of their friends and family had wandered in to watch, the lights went out as Yggdrasil powered up the program and began the preliminary tasks for the Loop start.

Tyr held his sword in his left hand to quell any noise, as the emergency lights kicked in. Leaning down to a blinking screen, he moved the information to a larger monitor so that those gathered could see firsthand.

Turning to face his Admins, Tyr gave a toothy smile.

"It's a go people," he said as he pulled up a throne chair to sit down in. "The Wedding of Leman Russ and Nyx Sparkle is about to begin."

And then the Loop initialized.

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