Best Young Flyer

by bookplayer

Chapter 1: Hot Mares Where You Least Expect Them

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Scootaloo dodged and wove through the air traffic on her way home from work. She heard other pegasi complain about how crowded the Cloudsdale skies were during rush hour, but a stop and go flight full of obstacles suited her quick, flitting style. Sometimes she pretended she was on that daring flight through the Everfree Forest where she had earned her pink and purple swooping star cutie mark just after she learned to fly. Even Rainbow Dash had been impressed with how she had dodged trees and branches with enough speed to get the potion they needed from Zecora.

Despite that, being a late flyer and having small wings left her doubting herself far too often. She had no speed in a straight race, and lacked the wing power needed for a lot of fancy tricks. She was pretty sure she wouldn’t stand a chance in something like the Best Young Flyers competition.

The crowded airspace of the city soon gave way to clusters of cloud houses, and Scoot descended on a small plain one just outside the city. Home sweet home.

Scootaloo loved her little two-room cloud house. After living on the ground for so long, it felt like the real symbol that she was grown up, on her own, making her own choices and doing things her way. It didn’t hurt that she quickly figured out that she could eat a whole jar of frosting, leave magazines all over the floor of her bedroom, and put her big autographed Wonderbolts poster right over the living room couch if she wanted to. Being grown up was awesome.

She tossed the saddlebag that held her lesson plans on the floor. Lesson plans were really the only thing she didn’t like about her job as a junior flight instructor. She had so much fun sharing something she loved with a bunch of excited foals, but she’d rather teach the kids at their own pace than plan lessons and give tests.

She grabbed a packet of ‘Hay-for-One’ from the cabinet and curled up on the cloud she was using as a couch for the time being, glancing through a magazine as she ate her cheap, bland dinner. She finished the hay and crumpled the wrapper, tossing it across the room and nearly hitting the trash can. Then she looked back to her magazine and sighed a little.

The downside to being on her own was that she was sometimes lonely. She could fly down to Ponyville and see Apple Bloom, or to Canterlot to visit Sweetie Belle, but between the trips and not knowing if they might be busy she saved that for days off, when she was really bored. She knew that she’d make some new friends eventually so for now she just entertained herself.

As the thought of entertaining herself crossed her mind, Scoot grinned impishly and tossed aside the magazine, then looked up to the Wonderbolts poster on the wall. Her eye traced the curve of the flank of the Wonderbolt on the far left, from the Wonderbolts symbol to the rainbow tail emerging from the outfit. Scootaloo remembered something else she could do whenever she wanted now that she lived alone.

From the time she got her first flood of hormones, she’d been thinking about that cyan flank. She had gone through phases of thinking that it might actually happen someday, but now she was old enough to see it for what it was: a school filly crush. Still, there was no reason not to let herself enjoy the thought every now and then, in the privacy of her own home.

She started teasing herself lightly as her mind brought up her favorite fantasy. Her and Dash, out flying, then landing on a cloud miles away from everything. A long kiss, Dash pushing her back into a cloud, and Dash’s mouth and hooves all over her body.

When she had finished her mid-afternoon rendezvous with her hoof, she laid there with her eyes closed a while longer enjoying the afterglow and the slightly wicked feeling of just doing that in her living room. Then she laughed a little to herself and said softly, “Thanks, Dash.”

“No problem. Glad I could help.”

Scootaloo opened her eyes. That voice didn’t come from her head.

Her face turned quickly towards the window, where Rainbow Dash herself was sitting there, smirking.

Scootaloo just stared at her, horrified, as the blush to end all blushes crept to her cheeks.

Dash flew in and landed, looking around. “Nice place, not bad for a first cloud house. You know, you shouldn’t leave your windows open in Cloudsdale. Lots of air traffic.”

As Dash walked over to the part of the large main room set aside as the kitchen, Scootaloo regained her power of speech. “Thanks. Um...”

Dash opened the refrigerator and looked inside. “Hey, your fridge looks like mine. I didn’t think you’d lived here long enough for carrots to go rubbery.” She closed the fridge and turned around with a smirk. “So, was I good? As if I have to ask.”

“Dash! What are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to –” Scootaloo jumped up suddenly, as if just realizing exactly what had happened. She flew to the kitchen and washed her hooves, wishing that she could just sink through the cloud floor. “I mean, um, heh. I know this is really weird, just please don’t hate me or anything.”

“Just here to check up on ya, kid. The folks back home asked me to keep an eye on you. So, why would I hate you? You think I’m hot. If that was a crime, half of Equestria would be banished.”

“Can we just pretend that never happened?”

“And why should I do that?” Dash teased.

“So that I don’t die of embarrassment.”

“I don’t know...” Dash pretended to consider it. “You’re kind of cute when you blush.”

Scoot rolled her eyes. “Dash! Please?”

Dash grinned. “No, I mean it. Really cute.”

Scoot hid her face in her hoof. There was no way Dash was ever going to let her live this down.

“So anyway, how’s work?” Dash said, changing the subject.

Scoot grinned with relief. “Great! Except for almost getting fired last Wednesday. But I didn’t get fired, so great!”

“What’d you do?”

“Well, see, I’ve got the remedial fliers. Some colt from the top class was picking on them, so I threatened to tie his wings and buck him off a cloud if he didn’t stop.”

“Way to go, squirt!” Dash said, offering her hoof for a bump.

Scoot grinned and bumped hooves. “Yeah, it turns out teachers aren’t really allowed to do that. I got a long talk about ‘handling problem students responsibly.’ But they let me off with a warning, and I haven’t seen that colt around since.”

“Sounds like you like it.”

“I do. At first I thought I’d get frustrated with the remedial kids, cause you don’t get to teach the cool stuff. But they work their wings off, and they get so excited at every success.” Scoot smiled. “Maybe I just know how bad they want it, you know?”

“Yeah. And with a teacher like you, they’ll be flying in no time.”

“I hope so. I’d love to see them all in the air.”

“Speaking of seeing pegasi in the air, guess which Wonderbolt is not on judge duty for this year’s Young Flyers Competition?”

“Fleetfoot,” Scoot said sarcastically.

“Well, she’s not, but that’s not important. What is important is that I’m a free agent, and allowed to offer myself out as personal trainer to anypony I think could be Equestria’s Best Young Flyer.” Dash gave her most charming smile.

“I’ll let you know if I see somepony,” Scootaloo said, smiling and rolling her eyes.

“Come on, Scoot! Soarin’ has this big ox of a guy he thinks is a shoo-in, and he’s really getting on my nerves. I know you could win it with my help!”

“If by ‘your help’ you mean you’re going to dye your coat, mane and tail and fly it for me, I’m all in.”

“You can do this. You have to at least try, or you’ll never know.”

“Never know what, that I would’ve been laughed out of the Colosseum? I can live with that.”

“Right Scoot. I’m asking you ‘cause I know you’ll lose. You know how much I love losing, and it’s not like I know anything about flying.” Dash laughed. “I think you’re the only pegasus to ever try and talk a Wonderbolt out of training them for the Young Flyers Competition.”

“When you put it that way...” Scoot hesitated. Public humiliation versus getting to hang out and fly with Rainbow Dash. She almost laughed at herself, it wasn’t even a question. “I’ll give it a shot. You know I’ll do my best for you, Dash. Just don’t expect too much.”

“Great!” Dash said with a big grin. “I’ve seen your best, kid. You give me that, you’ve already won the crown.”

Scoot smiled. “We’ll see. I’m not throwing away the empty take-out boxes to make a spot for it just yet.”

“Leave the take-out boxes, it would look better on the shelf next to the dead houseplant anyway.”

Scoot laughed. “That was a present from Apple Bloom. I tried to tell her that my place was a death sentence for plants, but she said I just had to water it and it’d be fine.”

“Did you water it?”

“Um... No?”

Dash laughed.

“Don’t tell her! I can hear it now, ‘Ya can’t even water a houseplant and they’re lettin’ ya teach foals to fly?’”

“Fluttershy gave me my Official Dead Houseplant for my first cloud house. When she found out it died, she insisted we have a funeral for it. It was hilarious! Well, to me at least.”

“Hold on, why are we talking about houseplants? Wonderbolt stories, now! What are you guys working on? I heard Spitfire pulled a wing, is she gonna be okay?”

“Spitfire’s fine. She has to take it easy for a few weeks, so she just bosses us more from the stands. As for what we’re working on, we’re trying this unison star pattern. You know how a star pattern can be rough, with all those 36 degree turns. Try doing it in line with three other flyers. Soarin’ always goes too fast and gets to the points before everypony else... which is a problem he has in other places too.”

Scoot laughed. “We were talking about the Wonderbolts, not your ex-coltfriend.”

“Yeah, well, I’m tired of his timing issues. Anyway, we’ll get it down eventually, if Spitfire screaming at us can make it happen. That usually works.”

“What will the Wonderbolts do if she ever retires?”

“Why do you think I’m training you? I’ve gotta get some screaming practice in.” Dash grinned.

“So you’re gonna go for captain when Spitfire leaves?”

“Can you think of a better pegasus for the job? You know me, Scoot. I’ve gotta keep flying for the top.”

“Oh, I know. And every time I think you got there, you find a new top to aim for.”

“Hey, I’ve gotta stay on top of my game if you’re coming up behind me, Miss Best Young Flyer,” Dash teased.

Scoot rolled her eyes, and Dash went on. “I’ve gotta head out. We have to go be Wonderbolts at this charity thing. But training, 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Meet me out by the flight school, there should be some empty air there on the weekend.”


“Oh, and Scoot?”


“I’ll see if I can show some more flank on next year’s poster,” she said with a wink. “Don’t wear out your hoof in the meantime.”

Scoot laughed nervously as Dash flew out the window. Then she walked over to the wall and attempted to bang her head against it. The cloud didn’t give the satisfying thud that regular walls would. She decided there might be a few problems with a cloud house after all.

• • •

Rainbow Dash smiled as she approached the flight school air fields. Scoot was already flying laps around the area. Dash knew she could count on Scoot to train to win; if there was one thing Scoot had it was determination.

Dash found the cloud with Scoot’s saddle bags and water bottle, and waited a minute before Scoot noticed her and flew straight over.

“Warmed up?” Dash said as Scoot took a sip of water.

“Yup! Ready to go.”

“Alright, let’s get started! So, what’s your wing power these days?” Dash asked as she retrieved a clipboard from her saddle bags.

“Still around 9.” Scoot looked down. “Sorry, I know it’s not much to work with. Small wings, ya know.”

Dash nodded. Scoot’s wings had always been smaller than average. They’d grown a lot since she was a kid, no one but a professional flyer would even notice the size now, but Dash knew that it would always be a sore spot for Scoot.

“It’s good for your wing span, and we can get it up with training. Besides, I know how you fly. This routine isn’t going to be about power, it’s gonna be quick and sharp and undoubtedly awesome.”

Scoot smiled. “Undoubtedly. So let’s hear it.”

“Slalom first, I know you can do that, it’s practically how you got your cutie mark. Then a nice, controlled descending corkscrew, and finish with a five pointed star.”

Scoot had been nodding until the last one. “What?! Dash, that’s the trick you’re working on with the Wonderbolts! There’s no way I can –”

“Relax.” Dash rolled her eyes. “Yours will be bigger, that makes it easier since there’s more time to recover from the turns, and you don’t have to be in sync with two other ponies. This is totally at your level, Scoot. Plus it’s showy, and it matches your cutie mark. It’s the perfect finale for you.”

“I’m going to be doing this in front of Wonderbolts, Dash. Wonderbolts who are currently training to do the same trick! They’ll notice if I have a feather out of place!” Scoot’s eyes were wide, she was starting to panic. Dash had to get control of the situation.

“Then it’s a good thing you have a Wonderbolt training you. Look, don’t freak out on me now. We’ll talk about this later, over dinner or something, for right now let’s just work on the descending corkscrew. Show me what you can do, and keep it even all the way down.”

Scoot grinned and gave a little salute, then flew off.

Dash laid back on a cloud to watch. This trainer gig was way easier than actually doing the tricks. And while it wasn’t as much fun, in this case there was an extra benefit in the form of watching a seriously hot mare the whole time.

Dash had a shot with pretty much any good looking pegasus, but there was something about Scootaloo that made her special. Probably that she somehow hadn’t noticed that she had grown into one of the sexiest mares in Equestria, in Dash’s opinion at least. The way her wind-swept pink mane and tail curled at the ends, those huge violet eyes and long lashes, and that lean, toned body with a perfectly rounded flank that no pony could match... for a kid with great taste in other ponies Scoot seemed to have no clue about herself.

She was fun too, and a great flyer. Dash was looking forward to training her for more than just the eye candy. When she was hanging out with Scoot she always felt more relaxed, like she could say or do anything and Scoot would still think she was awesome.

Scootaloo had flown to the top of the sky by now, and started down in a loose but even spiral. Keeping the turns even was the hard part, but Dash wasn’t surprised that Scoot could do it. That was just how Scoot flew, it was her talent. Dash decided that the trick was something they’d need to work on, though. It would have to be tighter to really wow the judges. But even that made Dash smile. More training sessions, more watching that orange body in flight.

As Scoot got to the level of the cloud Dash was laying on, Dash called out, “Three more times! And make it as tight as you can get it!”

Scoot just nodded, determined, and shot back into the air.

For a minute, Dash wondered if it was really fair to be looking at Scoot’s body like this. Then she thought about yesterday and decided that not only was it fair, but it made no sense for them both to be thinking about each other but not doing anything about it.

Catching Scoot pleasuring herself yesterday had been amazing. Dash had been so turned on that it was all she could do to keep her wings down and act cool so she didn’t freak Scoot out more. She was sure now that she wanted a chance to get her hooves on Scoot, to play a more direct role in something like that. But if that was going to happen, it would have to be without all the annoying baggage that came with dating and love and stuff. Dash wasn’t about to fall in love with Scootaloo, or anypony else really.

When she was younger, Rainbow Dash thought she was good at everything, or could be if she cared to try. But it turned out she was wrong. There was one thing she was really bad at, no matter how hard she tried. Relationships.

She’d had a few in her life, even some serious ones. Applejack, Soarin’, she really thought those were going to work. She’d cared about them, they had stuff in common, they liked spending time together. But Dash always screwed it up. A few forgotten dates, missed birthdays, winks at other ponies at the wrong times. Then there were fights and things got said when ponies were angry, and finally the break-up. The Element of Loyalty hated break-ups.

With enough time to smooth things over she was still friends with both AJ and Soarin’, but she’d given up on romance. As a Wonderbolt she had access to more than enough adoring ponies who didn’t expect anything more than a night of fun, and she liked fun. She liked the short term excitement without all the messy emotional stuff.

So she hoped that with Scoot, she could have it all. Somepony cool to hang out with, somepony really sexy to have fun with, and no messy emotional stuff. If Scoot agreed, this would be perfect. And really, there wasn’t much she couldn’t get Scoot to agree to.

Scoot landed on the cloud next to Dash, out of breath. She leaned down and took a drink from her water bottle. With a thin layer of sweat on her coat and her hair wild from flying, she just looked that much hotter.

“How did I look?” Scoot asked, obliviously referring to her flying.

Dash just grinned. “Good! Really good. There’s stuff to work on, but you’ll get it, no question.”

Scoot smiled. “I’ll try.”

“I know...” Dash nodded. Then she decided to go for it. Now or never. “Hey, I wanted to ask you something about yesterday.”

“Um, yeah?” Scoot asked, blushing. Which Dash actually did think was totally cute.

Dash gave her best, winning smile. “If you think I’m so hot, why didn’t you ever ask me out?”

Scoot looked embarrassed at first, then she grinned. “Because I didn’t want you to hurt yourself when you fell off a cloud laughing at me. It’s just a crush, Dash. I know it’s nothing.”

“Okay, but what if I wanted to give you a shot?”

Scootaloo blinked. “What?”

“You’re fun, you’re cute, and you think I’m hot. I’m not in the market for a marefriend right now, but we could just mess around, no strings attached. What do ya say?” Dash gave a little toss of her mane, a move that always drove ponies wild.

Scootaloo blinked again. “You mean it?”

Dash had to laugh a little. “Um, yeah? I said it, didn’t I?”

“But, why would you want to... I mean, I’m not...” Scoot’s confusion gave way to a slight frown. “Look, I appreciate it, I really really appreciate it, but you don’t have to feel sorry for me. I know I’ll meet somepony, some day. It’s cool.”

Dash raised an eyebrow. This was harder than she expected. “Oh, I know you’ll meet somepony. A mare as hot as you are can have whoever she wants. I was just hoping that in the meantime we could hang out and have some fun.”

“Will you stop that?”

“Stop what?”

Scoot rolled her eyes. “Saying I’m hot. We both know I’m the color of a carrot, my wings are stubby, and my mane looks like I put it in a blender. It’s obvious that you feel sorry for me, and I don’t want your pity. I’ll be fine.”

Dash blinked in confusion. Then she shook her head. “No way. You don’t have to sleep with me if you don’t want to, but there is no way I’m letting you think I feel sorry for you. Rainbow Dash does not sleep with ugly ponies. I asked you because you’re fun and pretty, and I’m way better in bed than your hoof. We both win here. That’s it.”

Some gears in Scoot’s head seemed to click into place and her eyes went wide. “You really want me?”

“Look, I’m getting really bored with this conversation. Either we can go to dinner and talk about the routine, or you can come back to my place and help me mess up my bed. It’s your choice.”

“I... I...” Scoot blinked. Then she started to grin. “I’ll race you back to your place!”

Dash grinned back. “You’re on. On your mark... get set... go!”

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