A few months after their trip to Cloudsdale, Twilight finds herself faced with another piece of Rainbow's culture. This time, though, it will affect the very dynamic of their relationship.
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It's no secret that pegasi have a long, proud history as the warrior tribe. Their race boasts some of ponykind's greatest military minds, fearless legions that struck fear into the hearts of any who dared oppose them with their mighty lightning lancers and thunderhead squads.

Honor, duty, and protecting their own kind were the very foundation of the old legions, a notion that holds true to this very day. The strong protect the weak, and the weak stay safe under wing, grateful for their care.

But just how do they make such a big decision? Who determines the stronger pony out of two so closely bonded?

For all those questions, there is but one answer:

The Challenge.

Preread by Cynewulf, Jondor, and Timaeus. Thanks, guys.

Cover art by FairDahlia.


5,962 words: Estimated 24 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. By the Rites of Pegasus Courtship [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Jun 19th, 2017
Published Jul 8th, 2016


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