Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 4: Assessing the Situation

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Chapter 4

‘So you believe that after you managed to link our magic frequencies a link between our minds was forged as well, interesting.’ Luna’s thoughts replied. ‘While I am utterly astonished you accomplished such a thing, Tia would probably want me to reprimand you for doing something so dangerous, but I am grateful for your help.’

‘Haha, yeah, she probably will in the morning anyway.’ Twilight replied. While it had been strange at first communicating through thoughts, the two of them had gotten the hang of it quickly.

‘Well, again I must thank you for your part in my rescue, but I must sleep now. I am so tired from the day’s events.’ Luna said, Twilight felt a sudden absence of Luna’s presence as the Princess left for the dream world. Twilight felt rested enough so she choose to stay up and wait for the coming day.

While she had been talking with Luna a few hours had passed, and the sun was now starting to rise, letting more light into the room as it moved across the sky.

“Mmhhm.” Came a noise from Twilight’s bedside. Looking over she saw Shining Armor stirring, about to wake up. Twilight was bracing herself for however she was going to be reprimanded for breaking her promise.

Shining raised his head, blinking his eyes. Twilight contemplated trying to pretend to be asleep. but realized that her chance had already passed. Instead she turned toward her brother ready to face whatever was about to happen to her.

Shining was now fully awake and looked over at Twilight’s bed. When he saw Twilight was already up, his face froze.

“Shining, I am sorry that I broke that promise to not do any-” Twilight began before Shining Armor was up and… Hugging her?

“I don’t care about any of that, you’re alright and that is good enough for me.” Shining said. “Now that you’re up we can finally hear what happened. And your friends will be able to see you.” Shining said as he let his sister go.

“Wait, my friends are here? How long was I asleep?” Twilight looked at him incredulously. Shining gave her a slightly sad look.

“You have been recovering for the last three days, same as Princess Luna and you are the first one up. Doctors said you both just over exerted yourselves with magic usage.” Shining told her before walking over the door of the guest room. “Come on, we have more people who want to see you.” he said opening the door.

Twilight and Shining armor walked through the empty halls of the castle in the early morning. Twilight knew shining was leading her to the throne room and in just a few minutes they were sitting before the decorative doors.

Twilight was thinking over how she was going to explain everything to her friends and teacher. They walked through the doors into the throne room.

“Twilight!” Came a voice from the end of the hall. Looking up Twilight saw Spike start running toward her.

“Spike!” She yelled back to him, running toward him. She hugged him when she reached him and repeated apologies to the crying dragon. “I am so sorry for worrying you.”

It took a few minutes for Spike to calm down and the rest of her friends stood off to the side, understanding that Spike’s well-being now, was more important to Twilight than filling them in at the moment. When Spike’s tear finally stopped flowing, Princess Celestia had arrived.

“It is good to see you up and well Twilight Sparkle.” The Princess said with a warm smile that looked slightly forced. “But I think we are all curious to find out what happened after your brother and I took our leave of you.” She finished, motioning for Twilight to begin her explanation.

“As you all know I was called away 4 days ago to help the Princess with something….”


“And that is everything that brought us to me waking up in my bed.” Twilight concluded. Looking around at the gathered faces. Most of them were still confused.

“So what we should gather from this is that you managed to get Princess Luna out of her bubble by performing a bit of extremely difficult magic to link your magic together. And now because of that you can talk to the Princess by thinking toward her?” Shining Armor asked, trying to put what Twilight had Just said into Laypony’s terms. Twilight nodded.

“I don’t know anything about the magic bit but having the ability to chat up a Princess at any time is awsome.” Rainbow Dash said, hovering in the air off to the side of the Throne room. There were a few agreements from Twilight’s friends.

“You guys aren’t mad that I could have killed myself by even attempting what I did?” Twilight asked slightly confused by this.

“Twilight, we couldn’t a known, and everything turned out fine so I don’t see why we should be mad.” Applejack said.

“Plus you are amazing at magic and can pull off any spell or anything and we know that.” Said Pinkie Pie who had popped up directly behind Applejack, even though she had just been across the room.

Twilight felt slightly relieved by her friends nonchalance. But when she turned to Princess Celestia she saw that the Princess had a ponderous look on her face

“What is it Princess? Twilight finally asked. This seemed to snap her out of whatever thoughts she had been captured by.

“I’m sorry, but I was just thinking about something you said.” Celestia began. “You said you could speak with Luna through your thoughts, I was wondering if you could try doing that now. My Sister has yet to awaken and I wish to speak with her if possible.”

“I could give it a try.” Twilight told her mentor. She closed her eyes and focused on finding Luna’s thoughts.

‘Princess Luna are you there?’ She thought to herself, trying to project it out to the Princess lying asleep in her room.

‘Twilight, yes I am here. Might I ask why we are speaking again so soon?’

‘I’m with Princess Celestia and my friends from Ponyville and Celestia asked me to see if I could speak for you to include you in the conversation on what happened over the last few days’

‘Ah, I have no problems with that, What does my sister want to know?’ Luna asked.

“Luna is willing to talk, what did you want to talk about?” Twilight repeated Luna’s words to the waiting ponies.

“I simply wanted to tell my sister and you, Twilight Sparkle, about what has happened after you both fought off Nightmare Moon. Luna no longer has the appearance that you last saw her in. After expending so much magic she has enacted a sort of failsafe, and her body has reverted to a lower energy state to conserve as much power as possible. She won’t be able to raise the moon until she recovers in a few years.” Princess Celestia said to her student and by proxy, her sister.

Twilight had been repeating everything to Luna as she heard it, but the last part made her stop.

‘Twilight, what else did Tia say’ came Luna’s thoughts.

‘She… She said it would take years for you ‘till you could control the moon again.’ Twilight responded. She could feel Luna deflate at those words.

‘Tell her that I am sorry for making her take over my duties once again, but that I had expected this after our run in with Nightmare Moon.’ Luna replied before she just dissapeared from Twilight’s mind.

Twilight opened her eyes, looking saddened.

“She says she is sorry for not being able to perform her duties and that she expected something like this would happen after Nightmare Moon came back.” Twilight told the Princess.

Princess Celestia nodded, not looking angry but saddened.

“This is not her fault so she has nothing to be sorry for.” Celestia said to no one in particular before shaking her head. “That is beside the point now. We have much more we need to discuss.”

Author's Notes:

So I was feeling sick yesterday and couldn't work on this. Also this chapter was very hard for me to write, I just couldn't get it how I wanted it so I may try to edit a little later into the story once I figure things out more. Also I have no idea how to write almost any accents for Twilight's friends so they will probably all sound the same until I can figure that out. Again I will probably come back and change it later. Hopefully the next few chapters will be edited by someone I know before posting as well.

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