Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 32: A Fated Talk

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A Fated Talk.

Luna watched as her sister’s chariot flew off toward Canterlot. She felt sad knowing that Celestia still held so much anger inside her. She could understand in a way, Nightmare Moon had attempted terrible things. Maybe it was her shared history with Nightmare Moon, but Luna wanted to give Moonbeam a chance to show that she could change. Luna looked away from her sister’s Chariot and over toward Twilight who stood next to her.

Twilight seemed to notice this, and turned to give Luna a smile.

“Are you ready to go home, Moonjumper?” Twilight asked. Luna gave one last look to the sky before she nodded.

“Yes, Twilight. Let’s get home, we have much to discuss with Bastion and Moonbeam.” Luna said. After all the talking and planning of the last two days, she was feeling exhausted. But Luna knew that she couldn’t put this specific talk off.

Twilight and Luna started walking back into Ponyville proper, saying a quick goodbye to their friends, and thanking them for their help dealing with the trial. As they walked, Luna thought to herself about what she would say to Moonbeam. It had been far too long since she had actually talked with the mare who had once been Nightmare Moon in anything resembling a civil fashion.

Twilight seemed to notice Luna’s pensiveness, and began slowing her pace a bit. Luna noticed this and soon came to a stop.

“Moonjumper, are you sure you are ready for this?” Twilight asked, seeming to sense Luna’s discomfort with the situation. Luna averted her eyes.

“I don’t know Twilight. I know that I need to talk to Nightmare Moon, or Moonbeam, or whatever she wants to call herself. It’s just that, I haven’t had any civil communication with her in over a thousand years,” Luna explained, raising her head and looking Twilight right in the eyes.

“For a thousand years, I have felt hatred, anger, and helplessness. All of these emotions came from Nightmare Moon taking my body away from me, of course I would be mad at her. But something always nagged at the back of my head, why would she do this to me after helping me get through my grief? We never talked, even though she was always there in my head, I could feel her influence. I think I’m more afraid to find out why she did what she did than anything else.” Luna admitted, rubbing one of her forehooves against her other leg. Twilight nodded and scooted closer to Luna.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right there to support you through the whole thing. I can’t imagine that this will be easy on either of you, but you both need to get everything out in the air before either of you can start to trust each other again.” Twilight told her, giving a firm nod as she finished speaking. Luna looked at her, glad to know that she had found somepony so much like Starswirl had been before he lost himself in his search for immortality.

“I am glad to know that you are with me, Twilight.” Luna said softly. With that said, they began walking once again. They could see the Library getting closer. Suddenly Twilight looked around, her face slightly panicked.

“Wait, were is Spike!?” She asked, looking all around for the dragon that should be riding on her back. Luna thought back to when they left Twilight’s friends at the edge of town.

“I believe that Spike might be with Fluttershy, I think I saw him walking with her toward her cottage.” Luna said, “I think he knew that there was bound to be drama and decided to stay over at her house until everything blows over.” Luna offered. Twilight thought about this for a second, looking over her shoulder in the direction of Fluttershy’s cottage. Suddenly she shook her head and looked ahead.

“I’m sure you’re right, Moonjumper. Spike is pretty smart, he probably knew things would get a bit hectic and didn’t want to get in the way.” Twilight said. “Let’s just worry about Moonbeam for now, I doubt Spike is getting himself into any trouble.” Twilight said, trying to reassure herself. Luna nodded in agreement. The library was still a few blocks away, and Luna was trying to think of how she would start this long overdue conversation off.

Moonbeam paced back and forth in front of the door to the library. She had arrived almost half an hour ago with Bastion, and she still couldn’t figure out the best way to apologize and explain everything to Luna, or Moonjumper, or whatever she wanted to be called.

Moonbeam had been pacing for so long that Bastion had warned her that she was starting to wear a groove into the floor. But Moonbeam couldn’t help it, she was nervous.

“I just don’t know how to make her understand things,” Moonbeam exclaimed for the third time. “I know there is no excuse for what I did, and I should have tried talking to Luna before I did what I did, but I knew that she would never agree to it!” Moonbeam said stomping a hoof on the ground. Immediately afterward, her whole body sagged slightly.

“Although, with how things turned out, I couldn’t blame her.”

As Moonbeam started on this circular train of thought once again, she heard Bastion give a small, exasperated sigh. She looked over to see Bastion walking up to her.

“Listen Moonbeam, I know that you are nervous to talk to her face to face for the first time in a long time. You told me yesterday before I left, and at least three times since we got here. But you have to realize that running every possible scenario in your head is not going to help. If you want, you can try just talking out loud to see what sounds right. I don’t mind listening, but please just don’t start this whole cycle over again for a fourth time.” Bastion told her, sitting down on the floor in front of her.

Moonbeam nodded, glad that Bastion was there to support her. She thought for a second and began trying to piece together what she would say to Luna once she arrived.

“Alright, I guess I should start with, I am most grateful that you have decided to give me a chance to prove that I wish to change. I know that you don’t have much reason to trust me after my previous actions against you. Though I know that I did some things that are unforgivable, I wish to explain my actions and the reasoning behind them.” Moonbeam said, saying things as they came to mind. She looked over at Bastion to see what he thought so far.

Bastion simply nodded, showing that nothing sounded bad to him so far. He motioned for her to continue, but they were interrupted by a knocking at the front door.

“Hey! It’s Twilight and Moonjumper. We just want to make sure you are actually in the building before we come inside.” They heard Twilight say through the front door. Moonbeam went pale, realizing that she didn’t have any more time to rehearse. Bastion saw this and called back to Twilight.

“Yes, Mrs. Twilight, we are both inside the building. However Moonbeam would ask for one moment to calm herself, she wanted to speak with Princess Luna about some important matters!” Bastion called getting up to stand next to Moonbeam.

“Oh, of course, Moonjumper was hoping to talk with her as well. If she needs a moment then go ahead.” Twilight said once again. Bastion thanked her and turned to Moonbeam.

“Alright Moonbeam, just try to be calm about this. You said that you felt like you were as close as sisters at one point, right?” Bastion asked, to which Moonbeam nodded. “Alright, just imagine that you are talking to your sister, you may have made some mistakes, but you want to apologize for them. My brother Siege and I have had times like this too, but working through it is something you have to do.” Bastion told her.

Moonbeam was glad that Bastion was trying to help, but she also felt like he was being a bit too casual about this. The issues between her and Luna were a bit more complicated than fighting over toys or other things that siblings bicker over.

She took a deep, calming breath.

*You already have your chance at redemption, this is just to clear the air.* Moonbeam thought, trying to get her mind on track. She looked at the door, then at Bastion. She nodded at Bastion, telling him to invite them in.

Bastion nodded and looked at the door once again.

“Alright, Moonbeam is ready, come on in!” Bastion called out. The next second, they saw the doorknob turn and the door started to swing open.

Once again, they stood before Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle. Unlike at the trial, both of them seemed slightly unsure of themselves as they entered the library. Bastion and Moonbeam stood in the center of the room, not sure if they should sit down.

Moonbeam saw Twilight look around and then her eyes fell on a group of cushions that lay on the floor.

“How about we all sit down? I think we should all try to get comfortable.” Twilight offered, the others nodding. The four of them all walked over toward the collection of cushions. Bastion and Moonbeam sat down, looking ahead at Twilight and Princess Luna. For a second nopony spoke. Moonbeam did not want to meet Luna’s eyes.

Eventually, Luna cleared her throat, drawing everypony’s attention back to her.

“I believe that Bastion said you wished to speak with me about something before we came inside. What was it?” Princess Luna asked. Moonbeam looked slightly caught off guard, but quickly nodded.

“Um, yes Princess Luna.” Moonbeam said, shifting around as she sat.

“Please, I do not mind if you call me Moonj-” Princess Luna began, but was cut off by Moonbeam.

“I know, Princess. But, I just feel like I shouldn’t. Like I need to earn the right to call you the same name your friends call you.” Moonbeam said, hoping that Luna would forgive her interruption.

“If you say so,” Luna said, letting out a small sigh. “So, what did you actually want to talk about then?” Luna asked again, hoping to start the conversation in earnest. Moonbeam nodded.

“I would like to say that I am extremely grateful for this chance to prove my willingness to change. I know that I wronged you terribly in the past, and I will try to use this opportunity to make amends in any way I can.” Moonbeam said, bowing her head toward Luna as she spoke.

“Is that everything?” Luna asked, looking at Moonbeam quizzically. Moonbeam shook her head.

“No, Princess Luna, I also wanted to explain my past actions from my perspective. I do not seek forgiveness through this, I just want to tell you why I did what I did.” Moonbeam admitted. She looked at Luna as she said this.

Luna seemed to consider this for a second before nodding.

“I will admit, I have wondered why you would do such a thing as well. After it happened I was convinced that you were just the monster that Celestia had accused you of being when I first told her of your existence.” Luna said before nodding her head. “Alright, go ahead and tell me.”

Moonbeam nodded as well, she took a deep breath as she began her story.

When I first came into existence, I was greeted by all of the negative emotions that were swirling around you. I didn’t know much, but I knew your voice, and I knew you were in pain. I wanted to help you because you brought me into this world.

I didn’t know how I could help, so I tried to talk with you, and over time, you started hearing me. Eventually, as you know, we would hold entire conversations and I would offer my company to help you deal with the pain and loneliness that you were feeling every day.

After a while, I started thinking of you as a sister, one who needed my help. I was glad to offer my help in any way, and even when you stopped talking to me as frequently, I was always just waiting for when I could help in some way.

But… you started to ignore me as you started sinking back into your loneliness. I tried talking to you, but you either didn’t hear me, or you ignored me at the time. I was on my own, the pony I considered a sister needed my help, but I couldn’t do anything. I started thinking of how I could help if I couldn’t talk to you directly.

I saw all of the hate that was building up inside of your mind. I decided at that point, that I had to try and get rid of that hate. I started sucking the hate away from you, hoping that I would get enough away from you to make you feel better. But, looking back, I was probably too successful.

Eventually, you did start to feel better. But the hate was still there, and more was coming every day. I continued to pull your hate into me, and it started to change me. I saw everypony that you talked to as somepony who was only pretending that you were a real Princess. I started hating everypony else so much.

That was when I took over your body and tried to cover Equestria in night. I wanted to show the ponies that they shouldn’t treat you so badly. I wanted them to know that you were just as important as your sister. In my mad state, driven by the hate that I absorbed from you, I thought it was the best way to protect you. When Celestia tried to stop me, I thought that she was agreeing with everypony else, all those who I thought ridiculed us.

“For the next thousand years, I continued to absorb the hatred that you produced as we were bound to the moon. I did not realize that the hatred that you held, was now directed toward me.” Moonbeam said, finishing her story.

Luna stared at Moonbeam for a few seconds, dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe what she had heard. Finally, Luna found her thoughts once again. She shook her head and tried to formulate something to say.

“Well… I can easily say that I was not expecting… that reason.” Luna said finally, she looked over at Twilight, who seemed just as surprised as she was.

“I understand if you do not believe me. I can see how this story could be seen as just an attempt to gain sympathy.” Moonbeam said, not raising her head. Luna looked at Moonbeam as she sat there, she considered what she had heard.

“I will admit,” Luna began, causing Moonbeam to look up once again. “It is odd to think of the events of your story being true.” Luna told her. Moonbeam looked saddened to hear this, but Luna put a hoof up before Moonbeam did anything else.

“But, I can see how it could be true. Your actions at the trial today seem to go along with how you act in the story. You tried to make sure Bastion didn’t get harmed in any way despite the fact that you would likely be injured. Just as you tried to keep me from harm by absorbing my hatred.” Luna told Moonbeam.

Moonbeam sat up, a small smile on her face.

“Thank you for listening to my story, Princess Luna. I have wanted to explain my actions to you, but I was afraid that you would not listen.” Moonbeam said, giving another small bow to Luna. Luna nodded in acknowledgment.

“I can understand that, and I appreciate having the context. But as you said, that is not enough to earn you my forgiveness. From what I have heard and seen today, I want to believe you, but I need you to show me that you are serious about this. Do you understand?” Luna asked.

“Yes Princess. I will try my hardest to prove that I am no longer that pony that was full of hatred.” Moonbeam asserted, Bastion nodding at her in approval. Luna looked at them with a small smile.

“Good, then there is just one last matter to discuss.” Luna said. Moonjumper sat up straighter at this.

“We need to find you a place to stay, Twilight and I do not have the space for you to live here with us, especially not when you factor in Spike. You two could probably stay for tonight, but tomorrow we will need to find you both a place to stay, preferably together. Until we can all be sure we can trust you, Bastion needs to be keeping an eye on you.” Luna explained.

“Alright, I am fine with that, I will be on my best behavior so that Bastion doesn’t get in trouble. And thank you for allowing us to stay for the night.” Moonbeam said. Luna nodded and got to her hooves.

“Alright, Twilight and I will go and grab you two some blankets and other things you’ll need for the night. Just stay down here and try and relax for the rest of the afternoon.” Luna said. Bastion and Moonbeam nodded. Luna heard Twilight get up as well,

Twilight started walking toward the stairs, Luna looked at Moonbeam and Bastion one last time, giving them both a smile before she followed Twilight up the stairs.

Luna walked up the stairs and down a small hallway. As she walked, she heard Twilight from inside of a room.

“In here!” Twilight called, knocking from the inside to show Luna where she was. Luna approached the door and opened it. Twilight stood on the other side, her horn glowing and several blankets floating behind her.

“Do you think this is enough for them?” Twilight asked, looking back over her shoulder at the stack of blankets. Luna considered the pile and then nodded.

“I think that is good. Well then, shall we go back down?” Luna said, turning around.

“Actually, just one second.” Twilight said as she stepped out of the room and into the hallway. Luna turned around.

“Moonjumper, how are we going to explain those two when the rest of the Townsponies get back? I don’t know if everypony will be as willing to accept her if they know she is actually Nightmare Moon.” Twilight said, looking nervous. Luna thought for a second.

“You’re right, I doubt that most ponies will accept that they came here willingly after hearing that Nightmare Moon had been sighted nearby either.” Luna mused. She shook her head after a few seconds.

“We will bring it up before we go out tomorrow. I can’t think of anything right now, at least nothing that would be believable.” Luna said. Twilight nodded.

“Yeah, I guess we shouldn’t rush this, we know what happened last time we came up with a rushed cover story.” Twilight said, starting to walk back toward Luna and the stairs leading back down to the library. Luna started walking with her.

“Yeah, but good things have come from our little cover story, like the two of us getting together.” Luna said, draping a wing over Twilight’s back.

“Yeah, I can’t complain about that.” Twilight said, and gave Luna a quick kiss on the cheek.

Author's Notes:

Hello, I hope everyone who reads this had a happy holiday season, no matter what you celebrate. This chapter came out a bit late because I was doing stuff on Christmas day and didn't get any writing done.

Anyways, I hope that this chapter is good. I wanted to give Moonbeam a chance to explain her previous actions in a way that (Hopefully) fits with the character that I have given the redeemed Nightmare Moon. I hope that none of the stuff in this chapter seems to rambly.

I also tried a few different things with how Luna gets addressed because of a comment I got on the last chapter. In this chapter, when Luna is the character that is being followed she refers to herself as Luna, and whenever a pony that would be a friend of hers is referring to Luna, they call her Moonjumper. Ponies that do not have that kind of relationship with Luna just address her by her real name and title

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