Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 30: Confrontation part 2

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Confrontation part 2.

Moonbeam’s head fell as she heard Celestia’s declaration. She had been hoping for a better chance than that.

“Sister, wait.” Moonbeam heard Luna say suddenly. Moonbeam watched as Luna walked between her and Celestia. “We are all here to pass judgment, and I will not allow your grudge to cloud the passing of justice. She asked to speak with me when she agreed to surrender. I believe that we should let her present her case.” Luna said, Celestia glaring daggers at Moonbeam as her sister spoke.

Celestia looked like she wanted to say something, but the alicorn that Moonbeam did not recognize stepped in.

“I agree with what aunty Luna says. Nightmare Moon has done nothing to try and harm anypony since she said she would surrender the other day. As Princesses of Equestria, we should give her the benefit of the doubt, I think.” The alicorn said, Luna turned to her and nodded.

“Well said Cadence.” Luna agreed, turning back to Celestia. “Now, we will listen to what Nightmare Moon has to say, we will deliberate over what comes to light, and we will pass judgment. Is that clear, Celestia?” Luna asked. Celestia’s scowl remained on her face, but she nodded her head. When Luna saw this, she turned back toward Moonbeam.

Moonbeam was unsure if she should be thanking Luna or if she should be cowering in fear due to the intense look that Luna had on her face.

“Alright Nightmare Moon, You wanted to talk and present your case. You have your chance, don’t waste it.” Luna said, turning away and walking back over to her place at Celestia’s right side.

Moonbeam nodded her head, trying to formulate her thoughts. Her mind was still racing from narrowly escaping her death, for the time being. She quickly tried to think of the best place to start.

“Thank you for granting my request, Princess Luna.” Moonbeam decided to start with, looking for any way to buy a bit more time. Luckily, it seemed to work, Moonbeam nodded once more, confident that she knew the best place to start.

“As you know, almost one month ago, through some magical means, I was separated from Princess Luna’s mind.” Moonbeam began thinking fast as to where she would go. Luna held up a hoof to stop her however.

“Just one quick question, how did you actually manage to do that? I have been trying to figure it out, but no magic spells that I know of could do such a thing.” Luna asked. Moonbeam looked at the ground quickly.

“I- I actually don’t know either.” Moonbeam confessed, causing Luna to let out a sigh. “For both of us it was a very emotionally charged moment, add in the magic potential that we both have and who knows what could have happened.” Moonbeam offered, hoping that Luna would accept that answer. Luna nodded her head and motioned for Moonbeam to continue her story.

“After I had separated from Luna, I teleported away, appearing in the Everfree forest. Knowing that I would likely be followed in some capacity due to my… previous actions… I fled further into the forest. For the next week, I managed to successfully evade capture at the hooves of the royal guard. During this time I started to question my purpose, but I will admit that I dismissed most of the thoughts. At that time I was still full of hatred, something that dissipated with time.” Moonbeam explained. Princess Cadence raised a hoof questioningly, causing Moonbeam to stop her story.

“Why do you say you evaded capture for the next week? Luna never heard anything from the guards reporting back to her.” Cadence asked. Moonbeam looked over at her before she started talking once again.

“I was actually about to address that, young Princess.” Moonbeam told her. “I was… unfortunate enough to have a run in with poison joke while looking for some place to sleep for the night. The plant’s effects… transformed my body into that of a young filly.” Moonbeam confessed, a blush growing on her face. “Only a few days after I had been exposed to the poison joke, I ended up being discovered by a member of the royal guard. He didn’t recognize me in my cursed form.”

“He had hit me with a stunning spell but when he saw that I did not look like ‘Nightmare Moon’ he apologized and offered to help me get back to town after he checked back into the base camp they had set up. I played along, at first thinking of him as just a tool to get back to Ponyville. But the kindness he showed me while we were on our way back caused me to start thinking about him differently. I wanted to get to know him. I started considering the thoughts that had been tugging at my mind since I had separated from Luna more seriously, thinking about why I was trying to do what I was doing.”

“As we got closer to town, I started to feel bad that I was lying to him about my identity. By this point I didn’t want to fight with Luna anymore, my time to reflect and the kindness he showed me had broken through all of the hate that had sustained me. I told him who I was the day that I told Twilight that I was going to surrender. I was surprised, because he actually didn’t leave me, he stayed with me until today came.” Moonbeam explained. “That is my story, more or less. I no longer want to fight with you, I want to make amends if I can.”

Moonbeam stopped talking at this point. She looked down at the ground and awaited her sentencing.


Luna turned to her sister and niece, thinking over what she had just heard from Nightmare Moon. She looked at Celestia and Cadence’s faces, trying to gauge their reactions to the story they had just heard. Celestia’s scowl remained on her face.

*It looks like Cadence and I will decide her ultimate fate* Luna thought to herself, making an effort to keep her thoughts away from Twilight. She didn’t need to be burdened with this.

“Now that we have heard what Nightmare Moon has to say, what are we going to do about her?” Luna questioned. Cadence looked at both of the elder princesses.

“I think we should give her a chance to prove herself. We could have her under constant surveillance to see if she truly does wish to change.” Cadence suggested, causing Celestia to turn her glare toward her niece. “Aunt Celestia, I know you don’t like her, but I feel something within her that no evil mare bent on conquering the kingdom would hold within their heart.” Cadence asserted, not backing down from Celestia’s glare.

The two stood there for a few seconds, deadlocked. Luna watched them, trying to see things from both of their perspectives. She wasn’t sure what to think about the mare that had come out of the woods today. She didn’t give off the same aura that she had held in all of their previous interactions, and that gave her pause in siding with Celestia. But she also knew that Nightmare Moon was one of the most convincing liars that existed.

Celestia and Cadence turned to her quite suddenly, Celestia with her same heavy glare, Cadence with a pleading face. Luna was still unsure of what she should do.

“Luna, her actions have affected you the most throughout her existence. She is responsible for your thousand year exile, and attempted to do the same thing again once she regained her strength. Who is to say that she isn’t just trying to buy time by saying that she is ‘turning over a new leaf’?” Celestia asked, putting pressure on her sister.

Luna recoiled slightly, she wanted to believe her sister, but she knew that she needed to remain impartial.

“What about the story she told us today? If we find that guard that she mentioned we could see if she is telling the truth, as long as she has that ring on her horn, we know that she can’t be using magic to control his answers.” Cadence offered.

Luna thought about this, it was possible. She turned away from her fellow princesses to look over at Nightmare Moon. She was sitting there, her head down and her eyes closed. Luna thought she could see Nightmare Moon’s mouth moving.

*What is going through your head right now, Nightmare Moon?* Luna thought to herself. She turned back around. She closed her eyes for a second, thinking of her response. A second later, she nodded to herself.

“I think, if she is willing to bring the guard forward then we should do it. But for now, based on just her story and her word, I can not trust what she is saying at face value.” Luna said. Celestia and Cadence both gave her stiff nods and the three of them turned back toward Nightmare Moon. Luna cleared her throat loudly, causing Nightmare Moon to look at her.

Luna quickly looked over toward Twilight, seeing that she looked rather on edge.

*I hope, for your sake Twilight, that she gives us the name of the guard. I don’t want to force you to end the life of another pony, even if it is Nightmare Moon.* Luna thought to herself, and quickly turned her attention back to Nightmare Moon.

“Nightmare Moon, we have deliberated and come to a decision, we would ask that you reveal the name of the guard who traveled with you. We wish to hear his recounting of the events that encompassed your travels.” Luna stated, hoping that the mare would comply. Nightmare Moon looked shocked, but quickly shook her head.

“No, I won’t. I told him that I would not get him involved. What happens here is between me and the three of you.” Nightmare Moon said, her jaw set frimley. Luna’s head fell at this. Celestia made a satisfied noise to her right.

Cadence suddenly stepped forward, her face panicked.

“Wait, what about the magic restraint she is wearing, she told us that the guard she traveled with put it on her!” Cadence suggested, looking over toward Shining Armor. “She was wearing it when you found her, right Shining?” Cadence asked, looking desperately at her husband. Shining Armor scratched the back of his head.

“Well, yes sh-” Shining began, but was cut off by Cadence.

“See, she was wearing the ring when they found her, that fits with her story about the guard she traveled with!” Cadence offered, looking around at the gathered ponies. Luna thought about this, and agreed that it did lend a bit of credence to Nightmare Moon’s story. However, she heard Shining Armor clear his throat.

“I’m sorry Cadence, but the story that she told me was that she found it in the forest and held onto it to subdue Twilight. I was going to bring up the inconsistency, but none of you questioned me during her initial recount of the events.” Shining said, watching sadly as his wife visibly deflated.

Luna let out a sigh as well. She wished it didn’t have to come to this. Equestria had not needed to execute a criminal in the last hundred years.

“Well, given the contradiction in the witnesses testimony, and her unwillingness to bring forth any witnesses to her defense. I am forced to agree with my sister Celestia in the ruling that we must punish Nightmare Moon for her past crimes against Equestria.” Luna stated, her voice flat and devoid of all emotion. She saw Nightmare Moon turn her head away, swearing that she saw a tear.

*I wish that I could trust you, but you broke that trust a long time ago, Nightmare Moon* Luna thought, her mind going back to a time when she had relied on the other mare’s constant friendship. She looked up at Celestia, seeing her looking pleased with this outcome.

*What has gotten into you sister, you aren’t normally like this?* Luna contemplated.


Twilight stood off to the side with her friends. She looked at Nightmare Moon as she started to cry. She looked over at Moonjumper, shocked.

“Moonjumper, you can’t do this. Look at her, she clearly doe-” Twilight tried to convince Moonjumper, but got cut off.

“I don’t want to do this Twilight!” She heard Moonjumper scream across their connection. “I don’t want you to be forced to do this. But without more hard evidence, I can’t take her words at face value. She betrayed my trust once before and I can't let her do it again.” Moonjumper exclaimed, Twilight noticing a tear streaking down her face.

“Twilight Sparkle,” Celestia suddenly called out drawing Twilight’s attention.

“Yes… Princess?” Twilight asked, feeling nervous.

“As the prisoner has been found guilty of multiple crimes against the nation of Equestria she is sentenced to death. I order you and your friends to use the Elements of Harmony to carry out the prisoner’s sentence.” Celestia said, her face calm and collected as she read out Nightmare Moon’s death sentence.

Twilight shivered at the tone of her voice, suddenly feeling like she didn’t know the princess at all. She heard unsettled chatter from her friends as well. Twilight looked straight at Celestia, who hadn’t taken her eyes off of Nightmare Moon.

*How many times has she done this in her life?* Twilight thought, shaking her head. She looked over toward Cadence and Shining Armor.

Cadence was frantically shaking her head, telling her not to go through with Celestia's orders. Shining Armor just had a deeply sad look on his face as his eyes met his younger sister’s.

Twilight froze for a moment. Her friends, not sure what to do, but desperately hoping that Twilight would think of something.

Celestia, noticing that Twilight and her friends had not moved yet, looked away from Nightmare Moon.

“Twilight, is there a problem? I gave you an order.” Celestia asked, her voice slightly impatient.

“Of course not Princes-” Twilight began, almost by habit, but cut herself off. Twilight shook her head and steeled herself for what she was about to do.

“Actually, no, there is a big problem here, Celestia.” Twilight said, locking eyes with her former teacher. “I refuse to follow that order, I believe that Nightmare Moon truly wants to change. That is enough reason for me to disregard that order!” Twilight shouted, taking her crown off of her head.

Her friends followed her lead, unclasping their necklaces, and depositing them on the ground.

“Twilight’s right!” Rainbow Dash yelled, flying into the air, pointing a hoof accusingly at Celestia. “Nightmare Moon might have done things in the past, but she came here defenseless and wanting to make amends.” Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack all adding their voices.

Celestia looked at them, anger burning in her eyes. She turned her head away from Twilight and her friends and over to Nightmare Moon. Twilight saw Celestia’s horn start to glow and reflexively used her magic to create a bubble around Nightmare Moon.

A second later, a beam of light flashed out toward Nightmare Moon. It collided with a bubble of magical energy, and shattered it.

Twilight was about to scream for Celestia to stop when she saw that the bubble she had created was still up, as well as a second bubble that was beneath hers. Celestia’s beam was not making a dent in Twilight’s shield. Twilight looked around to see who else could be using magic, and saw Moonjumper, eyes closed in concentration. Realization dawning on Twilight’s face as she noticed the light of two aura’s around her horn.

By now she saw Celestia struggling to keep the beam going, Twilight's barrier still standing strong. Eventually the beam coming from Celestia’s horn sputtered, leaving her short of breath. Twilight saw Cadence move toward Celestia and reached a hoof for her horn.

Cadence slipped a magic restraining ring over Celestia’s horn while she was recovering from her attack on Nightmare Moon. Celestia tried to stop her, but couldn’t react fast enough. Twilight noticed Moonjumper open her eyes, the barrier underneath Twilight’s dissipating. Moonjumper looked over at Nightmare Moon, whose eyes were wide with shock.

Twilight was surprised when Moonjumper turned to face her suddenly.

“I guess you are right. If she really wants to show us that she can change, we should let her.” Moonjumper told Twilight, giving her a small smile. Twilight nodded giving a smile of her own, before a question came to mind.

“Wait, who created the first bubble?” Twilight asked looking around. Her question was answered by the sound of heavy hoof falls. A few seconds later, a unicorn in royal guard armor pushed his way out of the crowd.

“Moobeam!” The unicorn exclaimed, running to Nightmare Moon’s side. He quickly looked her over making sure that she was unhurt. When he saw that she had not been harmed he let out a sigh of relief.

“I knew you were going to get yourself in trouble. It’s a good thing I put that alarm spell on that ring.” The guard said. Letting out a deep breath.


Moonbeam looked up at Bastion, not believing her eyes or ears. She stared at Bastion for a few seconds before her surroundings caught up with her. She shook her head.

“Bastion! What are you doing here, I told you to stay away from me!?” Moonbeam exclaimed. Feeling her heart pound a bit harder.

“That wasn’t going to happen. I promised to keep you safe on your way to Ponyville.” Bastion told her, offering her a hoof. She took it without hesitation, noticing Bastion rubbing his horn when he took his hood back. She realized with a start that he was the one to create the barrier that got destroyed. Suddenly Moonbeam heard Luna start talking once again.

“I take it this is the guard you said accompanied you to the forest’s edge?” Luna asked, looking Bastion up and down. Moonbeam realized there was no point in denying it.

“Yes, Princess Luna, this is Bastion, the pony who was talking about earlier. I hope that you can pardon him of any punishment as he was unaw-” Moonbeam began, only to have Bastion cut her off.

“If you need somepony to testify on Moonbeam’s defense, I am more than willing. I have seen her growth first hoof and am willing to confirm anything that she has said here today.” Bastion said, giving a salute to the princess. Moonbeam looked at him incredulously.

*He really cares about me enough to put his position in danger?* Moonbeam thought, not noticing her heartbeat speeding up. She heard Luna start speaking.

“I don’t think that will be necessary, your presence here is proof enough that she did not fabricate her story, and your willingness to protect her makes it clear that you truly believe that she is willing to change.” Luna said, a small chuckle escaping her lips. “Am I correct in assuming that Moonbeam is the name she gave you when you found her?” Luna asked, causing Bastion to nod.

“That is correct, Princess.” Bastion confirmed. Moonbeam shuffled, suddenly feeling slightly self conscious. She saw Twilight Sparkle and Luna walking toward her and Bastion. The Princess Cadance called Shining Armor over to her side to help her keeping Celestia from doing something that would harm herself.

Twilight and Luna stopped a few paces away from Moonbeam and Bastion. Twilight and Luna looked between each other, not exchanging any words, Moonbeam assumed they were communicating over their mental link. Bastion moved to stand slightly in between her and the two ponies that had approached.

“There is no need for you to be alarmed, I have changed my stance on her sentencing.” Luna said. “She will need an escort from the royal guard to make sure that she does not go back on her word,” Luna said, looking over at Bastion. “Can I count on you to keep an eye on her?” She asked. Bastion nodded.

“Alright then, until I say otherwise, you will both have to report to me at least once per day so that I may personally see that she is behaving herself.” Luna said.

Twilight smiled at the two of them. Her horn began glowing and Moonbeam felt the ring on her horn slide off. She felt her magic come rushing back to her and let out a breath she hadn’t known she had been holding. Moonbeam nodded in thanks to Twilight Sparkle, who smiled at her again.

Moonbeam turned her attention back toward Luna.

“I don’t know why you tried to save me, but you have my deepest thanks, Princess Luna.” Moonbeam said, bowing down to the hornless alicorn.

“You don’t need to bow to me, Moonbeam.” Luna said, the use of her new name causing Moonbeam to stumble slightly in shock. “And for now, just call me Moonjumper, it’s the name I’ve adopted since I moved to Ponyville and started dating Twilight.” She casually added. Moonbeam looked at her, questioning if she was being serious, but when she made no attempt to take back what she had said Moonbeam nodded her head in agreement.

“Alright then, Moonjumper it is. Thank you for doing what you did.” She said again, turning to Twilight “The same to you Twilight Sparkle. Thank you for giving me a chance yesterday.”

“Don’t mention it, just make sure that you stay true to your word and show me that I made the right decision.” Twilight said, her voice sinceer. Moonjumper nodded before she started talking once more.

“Now, your trial here today is over. I will still want to have words with you tomorrow. Bastion, could you escort Moonbeam to the Library tree further in town? You two can stay there for the night as I am sure that today has been taxing on Moonbeam.” Moonjumper told them.Bastion saluted and stepped back to be more in line with Moonbeam once again.

“Now, leave us. We have business to attend to concerning my sister.” Moonjumper said. Moonbeam and Bastion nodded and started walking into town, the crowd parting before them with almost no resistance.

As they walked, Moonbeam couldn’t help but reflect on how much of an emotional rollercoaster today had been. She looked over at Bastion, reaching up to touch the bandana that was still in her hair.

*He really came to rescue me.* Moonbeam thought.

Author's Notes:

I will start off by saying that I am sorry this took so long to come out. I tried write this chapter at least four separate times before I settled on what you see here. I don't know why it was so hard for me to decide on what to do.

I hope that this chapter is okay as it is and that nothing seems too jarring or confusing with how I wrote it. I will admit, most of this stuff is written while I should probably be in bed instead of staying up and writing so some of it may make sense to a sleepy brain, but not to a functioning brain.

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