Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 20: waiting

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Author's Notes:

I tired rewriting this chapter, hopefully it is better now than what it was before. That is about it, if anyone has some suggestions to how I may improve this I will definitely consider it.


Twilight and Moonjumper sat in the living area of Twilight’s library, across from the head of the unit sent to find the escaped Nightmare Moon.

“Unfortunately we have very little to report. We have been scouring the surrounding areas but Nightmare Moon has so far evaded us, please forgive us for this.” The guard explained, looking down ashamedly.

“It is all right, your men had no information to go on and Nightmare Moon is exceptionally cunning, even when weakened.” Moonjumper explained in a soft tone. “Keep up the search and if anything comes up, please report to me immediately.”

“I shall my princess!” The guard exclaimed, offering a salute to Moonjumper and a bow to Twilight before departing.



“I’m sorry Twilight, I’m just… Stressed.” Moonjumper confessed. “Not knowing what Nightmare Moon is planning, when she could strike at us.” Moonjumper shook her head.

“I think we need to try finding something to take your mind off of this.” Twilight said. “We could go out with Spike for a bit, he was a bit sad that we haven’t been able to spend time together recently.” Twilight suggested. Moonjumper considered this for a few seconds. Suddenly her eyes shot open.

“We could go on our first date!” Moonjumper exclaimed.


“Well, I just thought of how when I first got into town I made up a bunch of stories for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and one of them was our ‘first date’. Now that we are together we could actually do that.” Moonjumper said.

“Well I guess we could, but could we do that later in the day? I do want to spend some time with Spike. Oh, and we still need to tell the girls about what happened, we haven’t really been out since everything happened.” Twilight listed off the things they should consider before anything else.

“That’s fine with me, I like to have things happen later in the day anyway.” Moonjumper said.

“Alright! I’ll go get Spike.” Twilight exclaimed, running up the stairs.


“Okay, so Spike, what do want to do first?” Twilight asked. As they walked out the library's front door.

“How about we go to Sugarcube Corner, I could go for some sweets today.” Spike said.

“I’m fine with that, what about you Moonjumper?”

“Sure, we can even tell Pinkie Pie the news while we are there.” Moonjumper replied. Twilight and Moonjumper started walking toward the sweet shop.

Not long after, they arrived and something was… off. The shop was dark, and nopony was around.

“Pinkie Pie?” Moonjumper asked,

“Pinkie Pie.” Twilight replied.

Twilight, with Spike on her back, slowly approached the building. She heard a few whispers coming from inside the building. Twilight motioned for Moonjumper to come up the steps.

“Alright on the count of three, let’s go inside. Okay?” Twilight said quietly. Moonjumper nodded.

“One… Two… Three!” Twilight said. Both of them pushed through the door, and entered the dark room.

“Surprise!” Five Familiar voices called out just as the lights came on. The room was decorated as it would be for a party, but lacking a banner.

“Hey guys! I’m sure you’re surprised but my Pinkie sense let me know that something was going to happen and I realized I hadn’t seen you guys so it just had to involve you two but I didn’t know what. So what is the big stuff you guys wanted to tell us?” Pinkie Pie said only stopping for breath once. Twilight, being more used to this type of thing recovered first.

“Well, there are two things we need to talk about, some good stuff and one bad thing.” Twilight explained, looking at her gathered friends.

“Well go ahead and tell us the bad news. After the wedding incident, I can’t think of things much worse than that.” Rarity said. Twilight grimaced a bit at that.

“Well, this might be up there. So a few days ago, after my first test with Moonjumper, Nightmare Moon resurfaced and tried to take control of my body, Moonjumper stopped her temporarily. Nightmare Moon wasn’t done though, and the next day, something that we can’t even explain happened.” Twilight began, but she couldn’t seem to say what came next.

“I’ll take over for this part” Moonjumper told Twilight through her thoughts.

“Nightmare Moon, tried to take control of my body once again, while attempting to fight off her control her magic some how caused the two of us to… split.” Moonjumper explained, everypony seemed stunned into silence but she continued. “When we fully separated, she teleported to an unknown location, Celestia came by to see me and they deployed guards to look in the surrounding areas. That was three days ago.” For a full minute, nopony said anything.

“So what you’re saying is, Nightmare Moon is back… and we have no idea where she is.” Applejack said.

“Yes, but she is in a considerably weakened state. We are safe for now at least.” Moonjumper explained.

“Well what’s the good news then?” Rainbow Dash finally asked, wanting to break the bad air.

“Well, the good news is, Twilight and I have decided to become an actual couple. We were planning on going on our first date tonight.” Moonjumper said with a small, awkward smile on her face. Everypony but Twilight just gave her a deadpan stare.

“Um.. Congratulations to you two, but don’t you think you’re being a bit to relaxed about this?” Flutterhshy asked looking away.

“I know when it is phrased that way we sound like we don’t care. But we decided that stressing when we can’t do anything was not helping. If we have to wait for news we might as well try to live as normally as we can until then.” Twilight explained looking around at all of her friends.

“Well, what better way to do that than a PARTY!” Pinkie Pie shouted, taking out her party cannon and blasting out a banner. Rainbow Dash came over to where Twilight and Moonjumper were standing.

“Twilight, Moonjumper, please remember to let us know if you guys hear anything, don’t try to do anything by yourselves. Okay?”

“Don’t worry Rainbow Dash, if you want we will even make you the first one we tell when we hear something.”

“Alright, I guess let’s enjoy this party then!”

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