Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 17: The Return

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Twilight was slow to wake up. For some reason her bed felt a lot more comfortable than it normally did. She begrudgingly decided she should get up and start on some of her chores for the day. Twilight was stopped when she felt hooves wrapped around her midsection and a wing draping over her back. Twilight gave a small smile, remembering the events of last night.

“C’mon Moonjumper, time to get up.” Twilight said, nudging Moonjumper in her side. In response, Moonjumper just tightened her grip. Twilight laughed a bit at this and snuggled into Moonjumper a bit more. Twilight’s good mood left her when she heard Moonjumper laugh.

“Hehehehehe… foal.” Came a voice that did not belong to her new marefriend. Suddenly Twilight no longer felt safe in the embrace, which she only now noticed was continuing to get tighter.

“No, Moonjumper please talk to me!” Twilight started shouting, panicking and trying to get out of the ever tightening grip.

“Uhg… Twilight.” Moonjumper’s voice came through faintly.

“No, I will not lose to you again!” Nightmare Moon shouted. Squeezing tighter in that instant. Twilight cried out in pain from the pressure that was crushing her ribcage. Just as soon as she felt the pressure, she was thrown out of Moonjumper’s arms, just out of range of the half possessed mare.

“Don’t hurt her!” Moonjumper yelled in a moment of control. She tried to move away from Twilight.

“Don’t tell me what to do worm.” Nightmare Moon yelled back trying to move in a direction opposite of Moonjumper. The two continued to struggle back and forth.

“I won’t let you control me!” Moonjumper yelled.

“Then I’ll just control ME!” Nightmare Moon yelled back. Suddenly Moonjumper’s form started to convulse.

Twilight just stared as the glamour on Moonjumper was destroyed in an instant. The mare in front of her was literally splitting in two. One was a unicorn, and the other was a pegasus. Eventually where one mare had stood there were now two. Not long after the unicorn teleported away.

“Moonjumper!” Twilight called as she broke from her stunned silence and raced to the fallen mare’s side. Moonjumper shook her head, groaning, when she opened her eyes they briefly showed the feline irises of Nightmare moon but once she blinked they were back to normal again.

“Twilight…. What happened to me?” Moonjumper asked, still in a daze from… whatever had just happened.

“I don’t know Moonjumper, it looked like you and Nightmare moon were torn away from each other.” Twilight tried to explain. Moonjumper seemed to jolt awake after hearing this.

“Where is she!?” Moonjumper yells while looking around frantically, startling Twilight.

“She teleported away almost as soon as you two were separated. She could be anywhere right now.” Twilight tells her. Hearing this, Moonjumper nearly jumps onto her hooves.

“Hold on!” Twilight commands her frantic marefriend. “We have no idea where to start looking, and we also have no idea if you are in any condition to be searching for her in the first place. We need to contact Celestia right now and assess the situation.” Twilight explained remaining calm despite the nature of the circumstances.

“You… you’re right Twilight. I’m sorry. If she feels even half the way I feel after that she will definitely need time to recover. After the adrenaline wears off at least.” After saying this, Moonjumper started wobbling on her hooves. Before Twilight could do anything, Moonjumper had fallen back to the ground unconscious.


Suddenly, instead of being in the library, Nightmare Moon found herself in a dense forest. As soon as she felt her hooves back under her she started running in whatever direction she was facing. She couldn’t believe it, she was somehow free, no longer was she tied to Luna. Now she could act on her plans.

Nightmare Moon for a few minutes deeper into the forest, for right now her main objective was to make sure she was far away from any prying eyes. But it wasn’t long before she felt her energy leave her. As she fell forward, there was an evil smile forming on her lips.

“Finally… free.”

Author's Notes:

Well this is the first time in a while that I've updated this story, and to be honest, it feels great to be writing this again. I don't care if this is chapter is bad or good, I just feel happy that I started writing again.

That being said, I hope that I can continue with this and start getting into the swing of things. I also hope that, while this chapter was shorter than the rest it serves as a good starting point for what I am calling the second arc of this story. The first being the road to getting them into a relationship. This chapter is going to hopefully test their new relationship and make it stronger, and reveal other things that will eventually come into play.

Sorry for the (probably) boring wall of text, I just feel really good to get something out.

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