Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 14: A Few Weeks Later

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Author's Notes:

So I have been having a large block writing this, I feel like this chapter is awful but I feel I have to get something out so I can try to move past this chapter and get back on track. Hopefully the next chapter will be better, I will try to come back to this and fix it up later. Also I am going to be calling Luna, Moonjumper, in nearly all circumstances now, mainly just because I didn't want to switch throughout chapters like I did in previous.

A few Weeks later:

“Twilight!” Moonjumper called out. She had woken up a bit later than usual. She hadn’t seen Twilight since she had gotten up, Spike didn’t seem to be around either. The library seemed very empty without her housemates around.

It had been three weeks since Twilight first had Nightmare Moon appear in her mind, and their subsequent flight. In that time, Moonjumper and Twilight had continued with their lessons, although they had taken a break to teach Twilight how to better protect her own mind. Luna had also decided to just go by moonjumper even at the library after a close call with somepony walking into the library.

“Well now what do I do?” Moonjumper said to herself. She had already eaten, and she didn’t feel like going out by herself. She contented herself with wandering through the library. Twilight had given her permission to go anywhere, given that she would be living there for the foreseeable future.

“Twilight.” Moonjumper said quietly to herself. Moonjumper had been thinking a lot about the unicorn lately. She didn’t think this was overly strange, Twilight was the first pony to try to be her friend since she had gotten back from the moon. Twilight had saved her from the clutches of her demented persona twice, and was now shouldering some of the burden of keeping the Nightmare back.

Moonjumper shook her head. Taking a moment to realize where she had wondered to while she was not paying attention. She was slightly confused to find herself in Twilight’s room, just sitting in front of the door.

Shaking her head, she got up and looked around the room a bit. She had been in Twilight’s room before, and it was a fitting room for Twilight. Still full of books and a balcony for looking out at the night sky through her telescope.

Moonjumper walked over to where Twilight’s bedside bookcase. Twilight had shown her the bookcase quickly when she had given her the full library tour, but it was only in passing.

She wondered what type of books Twilight would keep next to her bed. Moonjumper was not a nosy pony but she decided to look through a few of the books. She read a few titles that were familiar to her, a few magical theory books, a few Daring Doo adventure stories, and a few books that had the name Zecora written on them, books that Twilight had borrowed from the zebra no doubt.

One book in particular managed to catch her eye. It was a simple book with no title on it’s spine. Pulling this book out, Moonjumper saw that the front cover had Twilight’s name written on it.

“This must be Twilight’s journal!” Moonjumper exclaimed. Without thinking she ruffled the pages but did not look at any of them. However she quickly realized that her hoof had stopped moving toward the end of the book, but more pages were seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

“An infinity spell,” Moonjumper said, pulling her hooves away from the book and holding it in her magic, “impressive, Twilight, most impressive.” Moonjumper put the book back on the shelf, not wanting to intrude any further into Twilight’s personal journal.

Moonjumper left the room after the book was back in it’s place. The rest of the room held nothing for her and she had tread to far in already.

“Moonjumper, are you up yet” Twilight’s mind voice suddenly breaking through Moonjumpers thoughts.

“Yes Twilight, where are you and Spike?” Moonjumper asked to the empty library.

“We had to go to sugarcube corner for something. You should come over too, Pinkie says she has something planned for today.” Twilight said,

“Sure thing, be over in a few minutes. See you soon.” Moonjumper responded, moving toward the door.


“Alright everypony, is everything in position?” Twilight asked her friends.

“I got the decorations all done.” Rainbow Dash said, flying away from the streamers she had just put up.

“Cake, is frosted and ready to eat!” Pinkie Pie called out from the kitchen.

“And the food and drinks are all ready as well.” Rarity called from the snack table.

“Alright everypony, it should only be any second that Moonjumper comes through those doors. I just hope that she enjoys this.” Twilight said, an apprehensive look on her face.

“Twilight, there ain't no reason to be nervous. Ah know Moonjumper is gonna appreciate what you are trying to do.” Applejack comforted Twilight, putting a hoof on her shoulder. Twilight seemed to calm down a little at this and took a few deep breaths.

“Thanks, I just really want this to go smoothly.” Twilight said.

“And it will. Don’t worry.” Applejack said.

“Twilight, she’s almost here.” Fluttershy told the assembled ponies.

“Alright everypony, get to your places.”

With that, everypony tried to find the best hiding places. Everypony waited for the guest of honor, excited to see how Moonjumper would react to a surprise party. It felt like hours to Twilight as she sat behind a bench in Sugarcube corner. She was incredibly happy that Pinkie had somehow gotten the Cakes permission to use the store for a private party today.

The sound of the front door being pushed open caused Twilight to halt her breath for a second. Once she heard the sound of hoofsteps on the wooden floorboards she jumped out of her hiding place, signaling the other hiders to do the same.

“SURPRISE!” Everypony yelled. Unlike the first time that Moonjumper was surprised at a party, she simply smiled and looked at everything and everypony with gratitude clear on her face. Twilight felt a bit of pride at being the one who had caused it.


The party had been short due to the low guest count, but there was always a smile on everyone's faces. Twilight, Spike, and Moonjumper were walking back to the Library together in a comfortable silence. Moonjumper was happy that her friend had decided to do something special for her, even if she had been bored earlier in the day.

Suddenly Moonjumper remembered her little adventure into Twilight’s room. She felt a little guilty for doing as much as she had done to Twilight’s journal, even if she had not read anything but the title.

“Twilight?” Moonjumper asked, hoping to get a response from her.

“Yeah Moonjumper?” Twilight replied. Looking over at Moonjumper.

Moonjumper took a deep breath, collecting her thoughts. She knew that the invasion to Twilight’s journal had been small, but that could still upset Twilight.

“Twilight I was in your room earlier today and I saw your journal.” Moonjumper told her truthfully.

“What!” Twilight shouted, Moonjumper cringed back a bit, but she had expected this.

“Hold on, I wasn’t finished. I found your journal yes, but I did not read what was inside it, I would not betray your trust like that. I did see that there was powerful magic on the book and I wanted to ask you when you had cast them.” Moonjumper explained. Twilight looked a lot less upset after that.

“If that is really all you did, I guess that is okay. Let’s get inside before we start talking though.” Twilight said, taking the Library key out of her saddlebags and unlocking the door.

“So what exact spell did you want to talk about?” Twilight asked putting her saddle bags down and sitting on a cushion.

“Well I noticed that there was an infinity spell that kept making new pages, when exactly did you place such an advanced spell on that book?” Moonjumper asked

“I actually managed to do that in my first year as Celestia’s protege, after an incredibly long study session.” Twilight explained. Twilight looked over at Moonjumper and saw her jaw on the floor.

“I was not expecting that. How did you even get access to the required books?” Moonjumper asked after recovering a bit.

“Well, Celestia was open to me learning anything I wanted to just as long as I asked her first and had her there when I tried the spells for the first time. In fact there were only a few spells that she actually told me I couldn’t look at.” Twilight explained.

“Probably the spells that she wants me to teach you.” Moonjumper said quietly. She shook her head and gave a small laugh. “Speaking of teaching you, we will resume lessons tomorrow. But for now I think I’m going to turn in for the night.” Moonjumper gave a yawn as she stood up from her cushion and left for her room.

Twilight got up not long after and walked up to the room she shared with Spike. Once the door was closed and she knew she was alone she pulled her journal from the book case. She turned to the newest page and reread what she had written about the last day.

Today I got permission from the Cakes to hold tomorrow's party in the bakery, they did say we would have to confine the party to Pinkie’s room but that is more than enough room for all of us. I have been wanting to do this since Moonjumper and I went flying. It has been an experience having her here and everyday seems to be even more amazing than the last.

So, there is one more thing that I need to say. Ever since we went flying together I have felt something different toward Moonjumper. I think I may be falling for her. I can’t believe I just wrote that about a princess of Equestria.


Twilight sighed as she flopped down on her bed. She took out her quill and inkwell.

“Today, we had a fun party at Pinkie’s but I also had a huge close call with Moonjumper. She almost read what I wrote yesterday about my feelings. Luckily she just wanted to ask me about the spells I have on my journal. I still don’t know what I would say to her if she found out.” Twilight whispered out as she wrote, once she was done writing she put the journal back on the shelf and gave a long sigh.

“What a mess.”

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