Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 12: Trouble on the way.

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Trouble on the way.

Twilight sat across from Luna, her face scrunched up with focus, her left ear twitching slightly. Luna looked much the same, although she would occasionally break eye contact to make a note on a small pad of paper with a quill. Finally after nearly half an hour, Luna called a halt to it.

"Alright, that should do it for this test, there will be just one more after this before we can begin our study proper.” Luna said putting down her note pad. Twilight gave a sigh of relief, having passed another of the very strange tests Luna insisted she had to take.

“So what was that test for?” Twilight asked.

“That was to test if you reacted in a desired way given specific stimuli. If you had reacted in an undesirable fashion we would have to train your mind more.” Luna explained.

Twilight didn’t quite understand what constituted an undesirable response. But knowing that she had passed, she decided it wasn’t important. She stood up and stretched a bit before looking back at Luna.

“So I was thinking we should probably get out of the library for a bit; we have been studying and practicing for the last three days. What do you say, ‘Moonjumper’?” Twilight asked.

Luna got up from her pillow and stood beside Twilight at the door.

“I think that is a wonderful idea.” Luna replied.


“Twilight!” Luna exclaimed, Looking at the unicorn who had suddenly fallen to the floor.


Twilight awoke in a dark wood, a full moon hanging above the trees. Twilight did not recognize the woods but the entire place felt simply wrong.

“Okay, think Twilight. I was just at home about to leave. Now I am in a forest that just makes my skin crawl. I don’t think I was knocked out and dragged into the Everfree forest. That leaves one solution, I must be dreaming.” Twilight said, after realizing this Twilight gave a sigh of relief.

“I wouldn’t say Dream, More like Nightmare.” A voice from behind her startled her. Twilight remembered that voice, she did not turn to face the voice but took off running.

“HAHAHAHA, yes run little pony. But you can’t escape.” The voice said.

Twilight was running into the woods trying to get away so she could think of a plan to get herself out of this dream.

“Why is Nightmare Moon in my mind?” Twilight said out loud.

Twilight!’ came a voice from everywhere at once.

“Luna, can you hear me!? I need your help!” Twilight yelled.

I can hear you, what is going on?’ Luna asked now very scared.

“Nightmare Moon!” Twilight yelled. Luna suddenly went quiet for a few seconds.

“Not so fast little pony.” Nightmare Moon exclaimed blocking Twilight’s path. Twilight couldn’t see a way to lose her this time.

“So here we are again. You and me, and this time no friends to help banish me.” Nightmare moon taunted.

“What do you want Nightmare Moon?” Twilight asked sounding more confident than she felt. Nightmare Moon’s eyes flashed briefly with malice.

“You dare take a formal tone with me!” Nightmare Moon began. “You and your friends may have banished me once, and then again with princess Luna in her magic bubble, but I am still far more powerful than you are.”

Twilight started backing up, hoping that Luna would be able to do something soon. Nightmare Moon was rounding on her not letting her prey get away. Suddenly an even more evil gleam came to the mare’s eye.

“Now that I think about it, I know of many ways you would be useful to me.” Nightmare Moon said still coming ever closer.

“Get away from her!” Came a voice from behind. Suddenly Nightmare Moon was pushed out of Twilight's way by Luna. Before Twilight could collect herself Luna was in front of her and she was getting a spell ready.

Suddenly Twilight was back in the library. Nightmare Moon was nowhere to be seen, and Luna was standing over her with a worried look on her face. Twilight got up slowly, feeling rather lightheaded.

“I’m sorry, Twilight.” Luna said suddenly. Twilight was now very confused.

“What?” Twilight asked. Luna looked away from Twilight and at the ground.

“By sharing my magical frequency, Nightmare Moon was able to get at you again. And I don’t know what she might be able to do to you.” Luna explained looking mad with herself.

Twilight got up and put a hoof on Luna’s shoulder.

“Neither of us could have seen this coming, and it is not your fault. The only thing we can do if Nightmare Moon is able to invade my mind is be ready for it.” Twilight said comfortingly. Luna refused to say anything, but she did seem less angry.

“We should still tell Princess Celestia about this. She really should know if things are going to be getting more difficult.” Twilight said. She called out to Spike and walked over to her writing desk. A few minutes later, the letter was on it’s way to Celestia and Twilight was waiting to see if a response would be forthcoming. But it did not seem to be so.

“Haaa.” Twilight sighed, “So do you still feel like going out for a bit? It could help both of our heads.”

“I think that sounds lovely, Twilight.” Luna said. Once again the two ponies stood before the door.

Once outside, the two started wandering the town aimlessly. Twilight had her saddlebags on, and had her bit bag in case they decided to eat or saw something that they wanted to buy. Eventually they came to the park, and decided to sit for a bit.

“Hey you two, what’s up?” Rainbow Dash called to the two of them, before landing in front of them.

“Not much right now, but….” Twilight began but cut herself short when she remembered her recent experience. Luna took over the conversation.

“Something happened before we left Twilight’s library. It was not pleasant, and it is not something that easily has a solution.” Luna explained. Rainbow tried to offer her help, but was quickly quieted by Luna.

“I know that you want to help. But this is a very personal problem.” Luna told Rainbow Dash. She let the subject drop there, without protest.

“Well how about we go have some fun and get the problems out of your head. Hey Moonjumper could probably take you flying!”

“WHAT!?” Both Twilight and Luna yelled.

Author's Notes:

And now Nightmare Moon is back in the picture, we'll see how this develops. Next time we may have a bit of Twiluna, or at least having them start feeling differently for each other.

I was not expecting people to like this at all, I appreciate every like that I have gotten and every comment that has had anything nice to say. If you see anything wrong with anything in this chapter I would appreciate hearing about it. Bye

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