Friendship and Frequencies

by FallingThunder85

Chapter 1: Answering the call.

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Author's Notes:

This is the first story I have ever written for this site. Any criticism is welcome and if you notice something is off then please tell me about it. The story itself is based on the idea seen in Oldnew Luna, an older story by arandompenguin but will be diverging as it progresses. I did ask for permission before writing this and received it from him/her.

Chapter 1

Spike was in the kitchen of the golden oaks library cleaning the dishes from the lunch that the two residents had enjoyed a few minutes ago. Twilight would have helped but Spike had turned her away, the previous night she had been up studying. She tried to assure him that she was fine but she had been nodding off throughout the day. She tried to play it off and until lunch Spike had humored her.

When she nearly slammed her face into the table as they were eating Spike pushed for her to go rest. She had begrudgingly left but for the past hour he had not heard nor seen anything of the lavender unicorn. He decided to go read one of the comic books that he had laying around.

“Yeah! That’s how it’s done.” Spike cheered as the hero of his most recent comic triumphed in some spectacular way. Finished with that one he reached for the stack next to him to find it missing, he groaned just realizing that he was out of new comics. He got up to look for a book to read that he hadn’t already read by himself or with Twilight. He finally decided to read the new Daring Do book, even though the series was one that he had almost exclusively read with Twilight, he made a mental note to apologize for starting it while she slept.

However before he could sit down to start reading a large pressure built up in his gut. Burping out a gout of green fire,a letter from Princess Celestia materialized in his hand. He took a look at the seal that was on it and noticed some small writing that simply read ‘urgent.’ He started running upstairs to Twilight’s bedroom knowing she would want to read it asap.

When he reached the door he slowed slightly not wanting to scare Twilight out of her bed. He opened the door and entered their shared bedroom, When he was just a few steps away he called to the sleeping unicorn

“Twilight?” He said, but got no response. He called again slightly louder. “Twilight, wake up, there is a letter from the princess.

Twilight sat up slowly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She stretched and gave a small yawn before turning and seeing Spike standing next to her bed.

“Oh hi Spike, how long was I out?” she asked, feeling much better for her rest.

“Just a few hours, but I came up here because you got an urgent letter from the princess.” Spike said holding out the letter for her to take. An ethereal purple aura surrounded the parchment as Twilight levitated the paper toward her. Unfurling the parchment she read the loopy scrawl of her teacher’s writing, her face growing grave as she read more. When she was done she immediately started looking around the room for a few books on arcane subject matter as well as her saddle bags. Spike watched for a few moments rather confused before asking what was happening.

“What did the letter say?” Spike asked as Twilight continued to pack books into her bag.

“Princess Celestia needs me in Canterlot, apparently something is wrong and she requests my assistance immediately,” She said finishing her packing and returning to her bedside and taking her journal from its place on her personal bookshelf and placed it into her bag.

Twilight’s journal was her most closely guarded possession, all her thoughts and memories of the past nine years of her life. Over the years she had learned ways of keeping the contents of her journal away from prying eyes, from spells to a more traditional lock and key. Not only was her journal a safe place to write but it had also been altered in several magical way including, and Twilight was always proud of this one, an infinity spell that always added a new page but allowed the physical dimensions of the book to remain the same.
With that safely put away she turned to Spike.

“Did she say anything about what was wrong or how long you will be gone?

“No, she just told me to bring any books I had that had to do with advanced magical theory.” Twilight looked slightly exasperated. Spike was surprised she wasn’t stressing out about it more.

“So do you think you will be out for a few day’s?” Spike asked.

“No, but I want you to go over to Fluttershy’s until I get back just in case, is that alright?” She asked her assistant, he nodded.

“You don’t have to worry about me, just send a letter when you can.” Spike said before adopting a more serious look. “And promise me that you won’t do anything that puts you in danger,” He before giving a small smile, “I wouldn’t know what to do without you bossing me around!” He finished with a sarcastic smirk. Twilight rolled her eyes slightly but after saying that, Spike gave the mare a hug which she returned.

When they separated Spike picked up a few of the things he wanted to bring over to Fluttershy’s house that would be good for an impromptu sleepover, his basket, a few comics and his blanket. When they were both done packing for their individual destinations the two of them walked to the ground floor of the library. After saying a quick good bye Spike walked out the front door, off to see their shy, animal loving friend.

Twilight was left alone with her thoughts. She didn’t know what kind of trouble she was expected to help with, but her teacher’s words left her anxious. No less than ten minutes later a knock sounded from the door and Twilight got up from her reading cushion, ready to face the problem that lay before her. She greeted the stone faced Pegasus guards before boarding the chariot that they had brought for her. As she watched her Library slowly shrink as they rapidly flew toward Canterlot.

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