Flight 19

by Goldenarbiter

Chapter 1: Preface

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First off, I would like to point out that yes, you have seen this story before, under someone else's account.
Flight 19
That is the original version written by Myself, Ty, and Dave. This version will not only contain error fixes, as well as the rest of the story, but it will allow Ty to have a bit of privacy.

Before all of this went down, Ty was having some personal things going on in his life,which resulted in him temporarily going out of service. He basically gave me complete control of his Fimfic account and since then (about Chapter 2-3) I have been updating the story using his account and password.

Part of this transition is because I respect peoples need for privacy, and having to jump on Ty's account every week was kind of a violation of that. The other part is because Ty is no longer the main writer. Life has gotten in his way and he can't contribute nearly as much as he did before.

I have already tried asking the mods about moving the story, but since none of them have responded in the several months of this going on, I am going on the rule of 'silence implies consent'.

I am sorry for the inconvenience to those of you who have been reading since before this transition, as you will need to re-favourite the story, etc, but it needed to be done. It really needed to be done.

Another benefit of doing this, is that we are now going to be offering Gdocs versions of the chapters, to be posted along with the chapters. This also lets us submit the story to EQD, where we will hopefully get more people to enjoy this (at the risk of sounding smarmy) good fan fiction.

As I said before in limited clarity, The first 10 chapters (plus prologue) will be included in a re-written format. Those of you who have read the story before, should not need to re-read them, as it will mostly be grammar and consistency changes. If anything major happens, I will say so at the beginning of the chapter.

So without further adu;

On with the show!

I was gonna say that... oh well.


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