I Wub You

by IcarusFics

Chapter 1: One - Communication

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I never believed in love at first sight, and before you go thinking that, no. I did not fall in love with Vinyl the first time I saw her. In fact, the first time I saw her, I think I may have hated her. Okay, that’s definitely an overstatement. I didn’t hate her at all, I was just somewhat annoyed by her. I’d like to think I’m a refined sort of mare, and being seen in a club like that, with a pony like that, would be the last thing I would want.

Alas, there I was. The… The Rocking Horse? I think that was what it was called, but it was an absolutely dreadful establishment. Loud, uncouth ponies walked around, carrying large amounts of alcohol to either drink for themselves or to give to their other loud, uncouth friends. Speaking of loud and uncouth friends...

“TAVIA!” I flinched backward as Berry shouted in my ear from next to me as I walked in the doors. “I’m so glad you came!”

“I’m not.” I mumbled to myself, appreciative of the loud music for the first time as it covered up my words.

“What? You gotta speak up, girl! The music in this place is bangin’!”

“I said, I’m glad to be here!” I forced a smile and received a tight hug from my friend. After a second, she released me and turned to another group of ponies.

“Tavia, meet my friends!” She motioned to the group, who swiveled to look at me, skeptical smiles on their faces.

“Hey, girl. Heard you weren’t coming with anyone tonight.” A white stallion with a spiky yellow mane walked up to me from Berry Punch’s group of friends.

“No, not interested.” I said, immediately knowing what this was about.

“Wh-what? I just wanted to chat you up- uh… I mean, have a chat with you.”

“Swift, she’s gay.” Berry said, laughing loudly at the stallion’s blush and immediate switch from confident to shy and nervous.

“Oh, uh… Sorry, miss.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s quite alright.” I smiled back at him. How surprising. A stallion with manners.

“Hey, you want a drink?” Berry said, sidling up to the only pony I did recognize, Bold Line, her coltfriend.

“A martini, if that’s alright. How much is it?” I reached for my purse only for a hoof to stop me.

“Girl, I know for a fact you didn’t want to come tonight.” Berry said, an almost apologetic look on her face. “This place is like, the opposite of what you like, and I wanted to thank you for showing up. Just let me buy your drinks tonight, okay? Please?”

I sighed and smiled at my friend. As much as I didn’t want to associate with her kind of lifestyle, she was a true friend, one that had stuck with me ever since I came to this usually quiet little town.

“Fine. I’m not going to be drinking much tonight, but I appreciate your offer.” I smiled at her and she grinned back widely, leaving her coltfriend’s side to go order our drinks. As she left, Bold Line walked up to me and sat down.

“Hey, Octavia. I hope you can have some fun tonight. Berry really wanted you to come.”

I sighed and smiled at him.

“Yes, I will try. I know Berry just wants me to be included, and she’s compromised for me before. I know that she didn’t like the soiree that we attended together after my solo concert last week, so it’s the least I can do to make it up to her.”

“She’s lucky to have a friend like you.” The blue stallion smiled widely and surprised me with a tight hug. I returned the hug to the affectionate stallion and sat down next to him afterward. I fiddled with my hooves as I looked around the room, glancing over to Berry’s group of friends, who had now begun to approach us.

“Hey hey, Octave, right?” A deep red mare slurred, clearly already having drunk a few rounds already.

“Octavia, actually. Charmed to meet you.”

“Ooh, fancy speak! Niiiiice…” She said, leaning up against another mare, this one with a lime yellow coat and pale green hair. “I’m Pepper, and this is my girl, Sour Twist.” She said, as the quite nervous looking, skinny mare waved to me. I forced another smile and waved back. As we were talking, the last member of Berry’s group approached us, the stallion named Swift who had come onto me before.

“Hey, Octavia. Sorry for trying to… You know.”

“Really, Swifty, I’m sure she doesn’t mind.” Bold said.

“I don’t.” I nodded. “I know I don’t exactly come across as homosexual, but I am, and I am not ashamed of it.”

“Hey!” Pepper leant toward me and whispered in my ear. “Me neither!” She jolted back and mashed her lips against her partners, eliciting a muffled complaint from Sour Twist, who eventually conceded and kissed her back. I was a little shocked by this sudden display of affection, but Berry had told me about this kind of place before. I had tried to steel myself for what it would be like, but I had not expected to experience nearly every one of her warnings in the first ten minutes of arriving here.

“Loud music, over-confident stallions, public displays of…” I glanced over to Pepper, still kissing her partner who had seemingly lost all sense of nervousness. “I guess that’s ‘Affection’.”

“What was that?” Bold asked and I shot up, surprised anyone could hear me over the loud music.

“N-Nothing! Just… rambling to myself.” I said, attempting to excuse my mumbling.

“Okay. Ooh! Berry’s back!” I followed his line of sight to see Berry, precariously balancing six drinks in her hooves. She began distributing the drinks out between her friends, all of them seemingly having ordered various types of ales or ciders, except for me. I felt a little out of place, sipping my martini while the rest of the group drank their beverages with great fervor, but I tried to smile anyway. Berry’s friends were still loud, and definitely not who I would usually hang out with, besides Berry, but they were no-where near as bad as I had anticipated. The smile on my face almost became genuine, but all of a sudden, a loud boom came from behind me. I yelped and flinched, accidentally knocking the rest of my martini over in the process.

“Wooooo!” Berry jumped up from her seat and spun around, her eyes wide with excitement. What in tartarus could be causing such… Oh. I turned around and looked across the club, seeing nothing but flashing lights and shadows of ponies until I saw, dancing on the stage with her hooves planted on the turntables, a pure white mare with an electric blue mane. The loud booming music that came from the speakers next to her shook the whole room, even leaving ripples in the puddle that my spilled martini had left.

“Who in the world is that!” I shouted, holding my hooves to my ears in an attempt to stop them from exploding.

“Who is that? Who is that!?” Pepper said, seemingly having finally broken away from her kiss with Sour Twist. “That, my dear friend, is DJ Pon3! Only the raddest, most awesome, and downright hottest mare in the world! Uh, that is, besides Sour Twist.” She said, looking back to her blushing partner.

“Hot?” I looked back to the stage and squinted my eyes to get proper look at her. Despite the distance between the stage and I, I could tell that the mare behind the turntables was quite pretty. If it weren’t for her garish hairstyle, and now that I was looking closer, her awful purple shades, she might make for a respectable mare.

“C’mon, Swift! Let’s go dance! Maybe there’ll be another hot, not gay mare out there for you!” Bold shouted, grabbing the now confident looking stallion by the hoof and leading him toward the dance floor. Pepper skulled the rest of her beer and lead Sour out to join them, leaving me and Berry alone. I sat back in my chair, hooves dropping from my ears. The music was still incredibly loud, but I had gotten somewhat used to the volume by now.

“Hey, Tavia! You spilled your drink!” Berry said, sitting down next to me.

“Oh, uh… Yes. Sorry, Berry Punch. You don’t have to get me a new one.”

“Are you kidding me? I never leave a friend with an empty glass!”

“Berry, I don’t plan on drinking very much tonight. I’d rather not wake up tomorrow with a pounding headache.”

“But Taviaaaaaa…” She whined, placing her hooves on my shoulders. “You promiiiiiised…”

I rolled my eyes and groaned.

“Fine. I’ll have another drink. One more drink.”


Five. Five drinks. I smiled, my eyes drooping as the effects of the alcohol took a hold of my body.

“Woah, Tavia, you’re smashed!” Berry said, wrapping a hoof around my withers. “I knew you were a lightweight, but damn.”

“I am not… Smashed. I am… Happy.”

“Hey! I knew you’d be having a good time tonight!”

“I didn’t mean happy like that, but I guess I am happy. I’m havin’ a good time here and stuff.” I slurred leaning against my also quite drunk friend. The club’s music had quietened down after that horrible mare had stopped playing her loud music, but it was still louder than I usually would have liked. Drunk me, however, didn’t care. She bobbed her head to the music, sipping from her sixth drink that night.

The rest of our group was done dancing and we all sat around the table, only missing Pepper, her marefriend sitting patiently as she waited for her to return. Bold was arguing loudly with Swift about this mare Swift had met that he was sure he had “Fallen in love with” the moment he met her. Bold was, of course, trying to convince the tipsy stallion that it wasn’t love, but he just liked her flanks. I giggled at the thought of a wide eyed Swift giving googly eyes to a mare’s rump that had literal googly eyes stuck to it. That would be weird.

“Hey guys, look who I found wandering around at the bar!” Pepper shouted, all of us turning around to see her approaching us, a familiar white unicorn mare at her side. “It’s DJ Pon3! And she wants to drink with us!”

The cocky looking mare, now sans her ridiculous glasses, nodded at us and offered a wide grin. Now that those glasses were off, I noticed that her eyes were a bright magenta, not that far off from the colour her glasses were. It was still quite striking, but I definitely could say I prefered her without the shades.

“C’mon, sit down with us!” Berry called her over and the DJ walked over, sitting uncomfortably close to me. She glanced over at me and waved. I offered an apprehensive smile back before turning to the rest of our group as Pepper began to talk again.

“So, whadya want to drink, DJ Pon3.”

The DJ showed a slight frown before reaching into her saddlebag, pulling out a pen and paper. Confused, I watched as she levitated a pen out and began writing down something, probably her drink order.

“Why don’t you just tell her? I’m sure she can remember!” I called out, my mouth speaking before my mind even had time to catch up. She frowned at me before writing on the piece of paper again. Underneath the words “Shot of Absinthe and a Rum and Cola”, in particularly nice hoofwriting, were the words “I can’t talk”.

“Ohhh, sorry!” I apologized. She must have a sore throat after shouting out at the crowd of ponies all night. Fair enough, I’d be in even worse a condition if I was her. Pepper collected the rest of our orders, me included, and hurried off excitedly, eager to get our drinks and talk with DJ Pon3 again.

“So, Miss DJ Pon3. What’s your real name?” I asked, my drunken self forgetting the formal way I would usually word my sentences. She smiled, reaching for her pad again.

My name is Vinyl Scratch. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?

The wording that she used was very surprising. I expected a mare such as herself to use short sentences, impolite and straight to the point.

“My name is Octavia, and it’s nice to meet you too.” I tried my hardest to sound like I did when sober, now worried at being judged by this pony for some reason. Maybe she was actually one of the Canterlot high elite and just dressed like this for the stage? “I must say, while I thought it was a little bit too loud, I did quite enjoy your music. I usually play and listen to classical music, usually string quartets and the like.”

Vinyl lifted her pen again.

You’re a musician too? What do you play?

“I play Cello mainly, though I have learnt quite a lot of violin and piano from my sisters. They are also talented musicians, though only one has pursued it.”

I really like the Cello. I used a few Cello samples in one of the songs I played tonight, did you notice?

She did? I really hadn’t been paying enough attention to her music, I was spending most of it drinking and talking with Berry.

“I-I didn’t, sorry. It took a little while to me to get used to your music.” I said apologetically, and Vinyl waved a hoof dismissively, a smile on her face. This was strangely enjoyable, interacting with this mare. I had expected this entire night to be a disappointment, leaving me with nothing but aching muscles and a throbbing headache, but it was turning out to be quite the opposite. I was snapped out of my thoughts as Vinyl began to write again.

Maybe we should get together some time and play together? I’ve always wanted to play with a real musician instead of synthesized instruments, but I’ve never met a musician like you that didn’t immediately ignore me. Classical musicians don’t exactly respect electronic music.

Play with her?

“P-Play with you?” I voiced my thoughts aloud. Would that… Would that be nice? My drunken mind was trying to make heads or tails of the situation, but I found myself nodding at the now wide smiled unicorn.

Awesome! Do you have any shows coming up? I’d really like to go to one.

“You? You’d like to come to one of… My shows?”

She nodded enthusiastically.

“Well, y-yes! I would like that too! I’m really glad to have met you, Miss Scratch.”

Please, just call me Vinyl.

“O-okay then, Vinyl!”

“Ooooh, look who’s chatting up the rockstar, Berry!” Pepper said, arriving with our drinks and hoofing them out to us.

“I am not chatting her up. We are having a civil conversation.” My words must have come out a lot less proper than I thought I had said them, as the entire group erupted into laughter. “I-I’m not!”

“You are sooooo wasted, girl!” Berry said, giggling uncontrollably. “Get that drink in you! We’re getting completely wrecked tonight!”


“Soo… Then I said, hey mum! Fuck you!” I stumbled with my words, a now very drunk, white coated unicorn next to me. “Then I left. I wasn’t gon’ take none of that bitch’s shit an’more.”

Vinyl levitated her pad and wrote down another message.

That’s very brave of you. I could never come out to my mum. She’d kill me.

“Yeah, well I had to do it. I had m’ first marefriend, and I reaaaally wanted ta kiss ‘er.”

I haven’t had a marefriend yet. I’d really like to have one eventually, but I’m focusing on my music right now.

“Jus’ give it time, Vinny. No point in rushin’. Wait, you’re gay too?”

She nodded, her face red with an alcohol fueled blush.

“Sweet. I mean, uh, that’s… cool.” I quickly looked away from her, taking another sip from my drink. After a few more drinks, I felt the effects of the alcohol begin to fatigue me. I stumbled with my words, and it was pretty much impossible to carry a conversation with Vinyl anymore.

“Hey, Vinyl, do you mind taking Tavia home? She looks pretty drunk, and I don’t want her to regret tonight anymore than she will tomorrow morning. I’d take her home, buuuut...” Berry glanced over to the seat next to her where Bold Line was collapsed, snoring loud enough to be heard over the music. Vinyl nodded and lifted me up, wrapping one of my hooves around her. She quickly got my address off of Berry and before I knew it we were walking together through the town. Well, it was mostly her walking, me stumbling around with my hoof around her.

“You really don’ have ta take me home, Vin’... I'm *hic* fine.” I slurred, earning me nothing but a roll of the eyes and and a shake of the head.

I didn't have it in me to argue so I conceded to let her drag me home. Eventually, we reached my apartment and I drunkenly pulled out my keys. After a minute or so of fumbling at the lock, she took it from me in her magic and unlocked the door. I mumbled a thank you before making my way in and over to the couch and collapsing. Vinyl came in behind me and stared around the room, eyes wide.

“Like it? I earn enough from the shows I do to ‘fford some… fancy shit.” Vinyl just nodded and continued to look at her surroundings. My walls were adorned with quite a few paintings and there was a fresh vase of flowers that I had purchased that morning from Rose and Lily. Vinyl smiled at me and waved, turning to make her way out the door.

“No, stay!” I shouted to her before I could even think. She froze in her tracks and turned around, one eyebrow raised on her pretty face.

Pretty face?

“Jus’... stay, please?” I pleaded as she stood there, a frown now adorning her eyebrows. After a while, she rolled her eyes and nodded nervously.

“Wooooo!” I called out, stretching my hooves out and rolling around on the couch. Vinyl slowly walked toward me before sitting down. I leapt forward, wrapping my hooves around the shocked mare.

“Yaaaaay, Vinyl!” I smiled up at her, my cheeks more than just rosy from my drinking. “I think… I might be a little drunk.”

She grinned and raised an eyebrow.

“Fiiine, more than a little. Hey, I had fun tonight.” I said and Vinyl nodded in agreeance. “Maybe I'll come to another one of your shows and properly listen to the music this time.”

Vinyl nodded softly and and we sat in silence. I rested my head against the mare’s belly and hummed a satisfied ditty. I looked up at her and found myself oddly entranced by her. There was something odd about the mare's wild appearance, yet polite way of wording her messages to me that left me wanting something. I wanted to be friends with this mare.

“So, is your throat still sore?” I asked. She raised an eyebrow questioningly. “You know, your throat was sore? You couldn't talk tonight?”

A look of realization swept her face, coupled with one of sorrow. She levitated her writing pad out and hoofed it over to me. It took a few seconds to focus on the letter and a few more to understand exactly what she had written.

I'm a mute. I've never been able to talk.

“Oh my gosh, Vinyl.” I looked up at her, tears suddenly brimming my eyes. “I'm sorry.” She waved a hoof dismissively again and flashed her signature grin at me again.

“I really wanted to hear the pretty voice that went along with that pretty smile.” I thought, earning me a shocked expression and a blush from Vinyl. Wait. Did I actually say that?

“Oh, uh… I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to-” She cut me off with a hoof, covering my lips gently. She pulled up her pad and began to write.

Nopony’s ever called me pretty before. Thank you.

“Now that I find hard to believe. You're like, one of the prettiest mares I know.” I stated, earning me another shy look and a blush. “You… You really haven't been called that before?”

She shook her head and looked down at her hooves.

“Well, thas’ gon’ change, m’kay? Cos’ you’re like, super pretty and stuff I’ll call you pretty err’y day.” I smiled at her dumbly, her blush only intensifying. I moved closer to her and wrapped my hooves around her neck. We sat in silence, no sound coming from either of us besides her hot breath against my face. Suddenly, the heat of her breath was replaced with a different warmth. The warmth of her lips against mine.


“Uuuuugh, my head is killing me…” I whined out loud, the throbbing of my headache encompassing my entire existence. I turned around and pressed my face into one of the pillows on the couch. I must have slept there last night, probably too drunk to even get up and go to bed. My messy mind tried it’s hardest to recall the events of last night in order, but they were nothing but a blur. I heard the hooves of another pony approach me and I opened my eyes. “V-VINYL!?”

She stepped back, shocked at how loudly I had shouted her name.

“Wh-what are you still doing here? I didn’t make you take care of me, did I?”

She levitated her writing pad off of the coffee table and scribbled down something fast.

You did ask me to stay, but you were just very t̶o̶u̶c̶h̶y̶ ̶f̶e̶e̶l̶y̶ friendly after that.

“Friendly? Friendly how?”

Vinyl shook her head in dismissal and held out her hoof to me. I looked at it to see that she was offering me a few small white tablets in her hoof. Headache tablets, thank Celestia! After I took them from her, she levitated over a glass of cold water to me.

“Oh, Vinyl, thank you so much.” I downed the tablets quickly, eager for them to start their effect some time soon. Vinyl sat down next to me and placed a hoof on my shoulder while lifting her pad up again.

Octavia, I have a feeling that last night's events are a little blurry at best for you, so I will recount them. After I took you home, you begged me to stay and we talked for a while. Afterward, you were quite affectionate and you kissed me before you passed out.

“I did WHAT!?” I stared down at the page, my eyes flicking between Vinyl and the message. “Miss Vinyl, I am so sorry. I did not mean to impose on you in any way, and I will fully understand if you would avoid interaction with me from this day forward. I sincerely apologize.”

Vinyl’s face lit up with a look of worry and a bright blush as she shook her head, writing something on her pad again.

No, I do not want to cut contact with you at all! You are the first pony I have met that either didn’t want to interact with me any more or was too star-struck to form a normal conversation. That and… I find you quite pretty. I don’t expect you to still want to talk with me, but I enjoyed talking with you greatly. You are kind, considerate, and even though I haven’t heard your music yet, I know that you are very talented. I also k̶̷i̶̷n̶̷d̶̷ ̶̷o̶̷f̶̷ ̶̷r̶̷e̶̷a̶̷l̶̷l̶̷y̶̷ ̶̷l̶̷i̶̷k̶̷e̶̷d̶̷ ̶̷t̶̷h̶̷a̶̷t̶̷ ̶̷k̶̷i̶̷s̶̷s̶̷ ̶̷ would like to see where this goes. That is, if you would like to as well.

“See where this goes…? Vinyl, are you asking me…?” I stared at the very shy looking mare, who nodded shakily, glancing between me and her hooves. I composed myself despite my aching head and my racing heart. I placed a hoof on Vinyl’s and looked up at her with a nervous smile on my face.

“Vinyl Scratch, I accept your offer.” She looked up at me and smiled, her beaming expression threatening to split her muzzle. “It is the least I can do after forcing myself on you in such an uncouth manner last night. It is most unbecoming of me to have done that. I still apologize greatly for my transgressions and hope that I can make it up to you.”

Vinyl’s eyes lit up and she reached for her pad.

How about you play a song for me? I’d still love to hear you play.

“I think I might have to give those headache pills a chance to kick in first.” I smiled at her nervously. “That and… would it be alright if I asked you for a small favor?”

Vinyl nodded expectantly and waited for my request.

“Might I bother you to make me a coffee?”

She giggled and smiled softly at me, nodding before making her way into my kitchen. My head was still throbbing and my mind was fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure I just agreed to go on a date with Vinyl Scratch. That did actually happen, right?

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