Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer Get Trapped in an Elevator

by Oroboro

Chapter 1: Please Notice Me, SunPie!

“Wowza, Sunset! You were totally amazing in there! Thanks so much, I could never have done all of this without you!”

Sunset chuckled, her voice echoing through the halls of the forty-second floor of Canterlot National Bank. “It was nothing, really. I’m just good with numbers, that's all.”

“But I’m not, that’s what makes it so super! Thanks to this, I’ll be able to go to college just like Maud!” Pinkie beamed, a financial aid packet clutched in her arms as she skipped between the carpet patterns. “Two college students in the family. I can’t wait to tell Mom and Dad!”

“Learning to budget because you’re poor in an alien world, intimidating sleazy bankers… It’s basically the same skillset, right?” Sunset grinned. “Anyway, I’m just glad I could help.”

“Mmmhmm! Those bankers were all spooky and intimidating, but you were all ‘Hold it! This contract is baloney!’”

They came to a stop before the elevator. When Sunset reached out to press the call button, Pinkie Pie snatched her hand.

“Oooh, I know, how about we race down the stairs!” Pinkie Pie’s eyes sparkled, and she tugged incessantly. “Elevators are super stuffy and boring anyway. I bet I can beat you!”

Sunset held tight and planted her feet before the manic ball of energy could escape. She glanced at the stairs, then back out the window. The skyscrapers of Canterlot marred her view of the setting sun. “Another time I’d be happy to take you up on it, Pinkie, but my knees are still killing me from all that soccer with Rainbow Dash. Let’s just take the elevator, okay?”

Pinkie Pie pouted, but nodded. “Okey dokey. Bad knees, elevator please!”

Sunset let out a sigh of relief and pressed the button. The floor indicator crept up with a painful slowness. Seeking something to occupy herself for a few seconds, she wandered over to a large bay window and looked down at the city below.

She always hated coming into the city proper. It merely served to highlight the differences between this world and Equestria. Here, rather than serving as a bastion of unicorn architecture, it was reduced to another urban metropolis the likes of Manehattan.

In a twisted mockery of her home, she could see the gaudy casino known as Canterlot Palace from here, complete with signature spires and an orbiting moon and sun. Flashing blue and red lights adorned the base of the structure, the cop cars producing them just out of sight. Something must be going on down there.

“Whatcha thinking about?” Pinkie Pie asked as she smashed her face up against the glass. “You seem kind of frowny.”

Sunset turned to her and forced a smile. “Nothing. Home, I guess.”

“Home is where the heart is! Pinkie Pie sung with a giggle.

The elevator finally dinged its arrival, and the doors slid open. Sunset made her way in and leaned against the back railing.

Pinkie Pie stopped at the threshold to the elevator, took a deep breath, then stood up straight in a salute. “Private Pinkie Pie, requesting permission to come aboard, captain!”

Sunset snorted, unable to keep from grinning. Pinkie really did know her stuff. “Permission granted.”

Pinkie Pie giggled, then swung her arms back and hopped onto the elevator, shaking it slightly. The doors started to close behind her, and Pinkie jammed her thumb against the ground floor button.

The elevator dinged once more, shifted under their feet, and started its slow descent.

Pinkie Pie clasped her hands behind her back and rocked back and forth on her heels. “This thing suuure is slow. I bet it drives all those bank guys nuts!”

“I can picture it already,” Sunset said, chuckling. “Bunch of suits with identical haircuts all packed in here like sardines. It stops on every floor, but nobody ever gets off, just more getting on. Like some kind of personal hell.”

“Like being in a pastry shop where all you can do is look and never eat? Or maybe for them it would be a bunch of documents where the numbers are always wrong!”

They both shared in laughter as the elevator passed the thirtieth floor.

Sunset grunted. “I think being a soulless corporate drone like that is my worst nightmare. Well, one of them.”

“Really? Huh. Mine is actually—”

Darkness engulfed them, and the elevator lurched to a stop, the harsh grinding of machinery echoing throughout the carriage.

Sunset fell to her knees at the sudden shift in motion. She froze until the noise stopped and she sat alone in the darkness.

“Pinkie?” Sunset croaked, her voice loud in the stillness. “Are you alright?”

“J-just peachy-deachy!” Pinkie Pie squeaked, her voice cracking. “I think, uh, the power went out?”

Sunset cursed under her breath and dug her cellphone out of her pockets. The screen flickered on, its soft blue light barely enough to outline the girls in the absolute darkness of the sealed container.

Pinkie Pie pulled out her own phone and switched it to flashlight mode. The harsh white light of the camera flash reflected off of the shiny walls.

“Well shit,” Sunset muttered. “Is there like, a procedure in place for things like this, or something you're supposed to do?”

Pinkie Pie put on a wide grin, though it seemed strained. “Whenever two people get stuck in an elevator on TV they argue a bunch to the point where they're at each other's throats, then it cuts to the doors opening and they’re making out and stuff.”

Sunset smirked. “I don't think this is TV, Pinkie. I wish this was a reality show prank, though.”

After a brief search, Sunset found the control panel and shined her light on the buttons. “There's an emergency call button here,” she said, pressing it. “Probably for this exact situation.”

“Did it work?” Pinkie Pie asked, mashing her face up next to Sunset’s to get a view of the panel in question.

“I don’t know. Nothing seems any different. Is it supposed to let us know if it worked?” She pressed the button a few more times, but nobody answered. “Maybe it just doesn’t work without power.”

“Well that’s not very helpful,” Pinkie Pie grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest. “Oh well, lucky for us we live in the future!” She pressed three buttons on her phone, then held it up to her ear.

After waiting a few moments, Pinkie Pie frowned and looked at her phone. Her eyes got a little wider. “I uh, hmm. I don’t have any bars. What about you, Sunset?”

Sunset looked down at her phone screen and saw that her reception was just as dead as Pinkie’s. Her battery wasn’t looking so hot either. “Sorry, no dice.”

“Oookey-dokey,” Pinkie Pie said. She started pacing, walking in circles. “Guess we’re on our own then, huh? No biggie, I’m sure it’s just a blip in power. It’ll be back on before you know it, then it’s just a good story for the rest of the girls, right?”

“Hmm.” Sunset began looking over the rest of the elevator, shining her phone on every nook and cranny. She’d never stopped to pay much attention to them before. “Is there another way out of here? Maybe an escape hatch or something?”

Pinkie Pie shook her head. “There’s an emergency access panel, but it’s only for elevator workers to access from the outside. They don’t want people crawling around in the elevator shaft, it would be really unsafe.”

Sunset shone her light on the ceiling, where she could see the indentation of what could be an entrance. She’d have to climb on top of Pinkie Pie to reach it, and she doubted she’d be able to get the leverage necessary to force something like that open. “Anything we can do at all?

Pinkie Pie stopped her pacing and shivered violently. “We could try calling for help. I mean, the old fashioned way.”

“Good point.” Sunset started pounding on the door. “Hey! Is anybody out there? We’re stuck in here!” Her shouts echoed off the elevator walls and left a ringing in her ears.

Pinkie Pie slammed on the door with even more force than Sunset. “If anybody lets us out of here I’ll throw you the biggest and best party you’ll ever have in your life! Pretty please?”

After several minutes of deafening noise with no result, Sunset pulled away and sighed. She flicked off her phone, leaving Pinkie’s flashlight-phone as the only light left. “So much for that. I guess we just wait?”

The shadows darkened around Pinkie Pie’s not-particularly-poofy hair, and she let out a soft whimper. “Guess so! Ooh, I know, we can make it kind of an adventure! I’m sure there’s a ton of games we can play or something while we wait.”

Sunset rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “Uh-huh. Let’s see. I spy with my little eye… something that rhymes with elevator.”

Pinkie Pie sighed. “Come on, Sunset, you don’t have to be all snarky and stuff! We’ve got to stay positive. Like I said, this’ll make a great story later!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sunset rubbed at her temples, then sat down in the corner, leaning against the wall. “It’s not like I’m worried or anything. Hell, it’s not like I even had anything to do later tonight. It’s just annoying, is all.”

“Hmm.” Pinkie Pie peered at Sunset, then snapped her fingers. “Oooh, we should try and figure out everything we have on us, in our pockets right now!” She set her packet on the floor, then frowned. “You made me leave my party bag at home though. We could have had a party in here!”

Sunset chuckled wryly, then began digging through her jeans pocket. Soon enough, she had made a small pile in front of her consisting of a wallet, keys, lighter, pocket knife, pepper spray, and some gum.

Pinkie Pie managed to scrape together some gum, paper clips, a few rubber bands, string, more gum, several balloons, a melted candy bar, a lot of loose change, and a rubber bouncy ball.

“Not really much of a haul,” Sunset said as she idly stretched one of the rubber bands between two fingers.

“Hmm, I bet something’s missing,” Pinkie Pie said, a cat-like grin stretching across her face. She snatched up Sunset’s wallet and rifled through it until she pulled out a single condom. “Aha! Didn’t realize you were expecting to have so much fun, Sunset.”

Sunset raised an eyebrow. “That’s probably expired, Pinkie. I’m pretty sure I put that in there when I was still dating Flash.”

“Suuuure,” Pinkie Pie said, giving an exaggerated wink. She dropped the condom in the pile with the rest. With a deep breath, Pinkie Pie swept her arms about grandly, presenting their pile of junk to the world. “If this were a TV show, we’d somehow be able to use all of these items in ways that would allow us to break out of here and stop the terrorists!”

Sunset leaned backwards, staring up at the darkened ceiling. “Like I said, pretty sure this isn’t TV. Also, what terrorists?”

“You know, like in Die—”

A thunderous boom in the distance shook the elevator.

Pinkie Pie shrieked, tackled Sunset, and squeezed hard enough that it hurt.

Sunset grimaced. Pinkie’s elbow had caught her jaw, but she braced herself on the elevator railing until the shaking subsided. She waited for about a minute and, when there weren’t any further noises, let out a long sigh of relief.

“W-what was that?” Pinkie Pie stammered, her teeth chattering.

“It felt like an explosion,” Sunset said. She checked her phone again to see if she had a signal. Still no good.

Pinkie Pie’s eyes went wide, and she shook her head frantically. “I was just joking! I don’t actually want to have to stop a bunch of terrorists! I take it all back!’

“Relax, Pinkie,” Sunset said, squeezing her shoulder. “It was probably just a transformer or something exploding. Would explain why the power is out. Although if that’s the case, might not be such a simple fix.”

“Ahaha. Right. I knew that, just joking around!”



“You can stop hugging me now.”

Pinkie Pie blinked, looked down at Sunset’s chest, then disentangled herself, blushing. “What can I say, I grab onto the sturdiest thing if the boat starts rocking! Ooh, I know, do you have any good games on your phone? That’d be a good way to pass the time.”

Sunset shook her head. “I do, but my battery is kind of low. It’s a good idea to save it for an emergency, or if we suddenly get a signal. In fact, you should probably turn off the flashlight on yours, that drains battery really—”

The light blinked out as Pinkie Pie’s phone died.

“...fast,” Sunset muttered, not even sure why she bothered to finish the sentence. It was probably her fault for tempting fate. “We’re going to sit tight and wait anyway, right? Just watch out for the stuff on the floor.”

“Right…” Pinkie Pie mumbled. She sat down cross-legged next to Sunset, so close that they were touching, and began softly humming a ditty Sunset didn’t recognize.

Just who designed this deathtrap anyway? Shouldn’t there be a battery backup or something? Well, there was no use worrying over it now. Either someone would rescue them, or they’d have to wait until everything started working again. Hopefully, that would come before they died of thirst. Sunset took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

If only she had magic, she could bust out of here in an instant.

“Hey Pinkie,” Sunset said, opening her eyes, though there wasn’t much point to it.


“Tell me a story.”

Pinkie seemed to perk up; Sunset could hear her shifting around in the darkness. “Ooh, I can do that! I know lots of stories. What do you want to hear?”

Sunset shrugged. “I don’t care. The kind of story you tell to the Cake twins to help them get to sleep? Anything will do.”

Pinkie Pie rubbed at her chin, then snapped her fingers. “Alright, I think I got one. Once upon a time…”

“And they lived happily ever after. The end!”

Sunset applauded politely as Pinkie stood up and took a bow. This was the third story so far. They weren’t masterpieces, and, befitting Pinkie Pie, they were rather incoherent. But it was a nice distraction that helped them focus on something else for awhile.

“This is a lot of fun,” Pinkie Pie said, sitting back down and wiping at her brow, “but I think I’m going to take a break for now, okay? I’m getting really thirsty.”

Crap. Sunset hadn’t thought of that. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have made you exert yourself so much.”

Pinkie Pie shook her head. “Don’t worry about it, it was a great idea!”

Sunset knew she had an extra water bottle down on her bike, but it wouldn’t do either of them any good here. She sighed. How long had it been already? Thirty minutes? An hour?

As terrible as she’d been growing up, Sunset had always managed to avoid seeing the inside of a cell. Was this what it was like?

“Whatcha thinking about?” Pinkie Pie asked, her face so close Sunset could feel her breath on her cheek. Their eyes had adjusted to the darkness, so at this distance Sunset could make out Pinkie’s facial expressions beyond just a vague silhouette.

Sunset shrugged. “The past, I guess.”

Pinkie Pie flipped around so that she was lying down with her head in Sunset’s lap, looking up at her. “Does it still bother you?”

“I think it would be a bigger problem if it ever did stop bothering me. I mean, it’s not something I wallow in all the time or anything, but if there’s ever an appropriate time for self-reflection, trapped in an elevator is probably a pretty good one.”

“You can’t see your reflection, silly, it’s too dark!” Pinkie Pie said with a giggle.

Sunset smiled. “Pinkie, you always know just what to say to put a grin on my face. How do you do it?”

Pinkie Pie cocked her head slightly. “I mean, it’s kinda my thing, duh. You know how you used to sneak around and do research on everyone so that you knew the best way to hurt them because you were lonely yet terrified of the idea of someone having power over you and you wanted to strike first?”

Sunset blinked, her smile falling. She tightened her fist around something she realized was a poof of Pinkie Pie’s hair. “How could I forget?”

“Well, I do that a bunch too, except I’m trying to learn what makes people happy! Everyone’s different, right? The baseline Pinkie Pie party is always a classic that everyone loves, but if you know the person you’re throwing the party for you can make it extra special just for them. Some jokes will make one person laugh so hard they spit milk out their nose, while that same joke might cause another to storm off in a huff. It’s super tricky, because even if I get it wrong and I deliver a dud, I’d rather someone be bored than screw up so bad that I hurt them, you know?”

It was a lot to digest, especially with Pinkie Pie’s talking speed, but Sunset felt her smile return once more, and she relaxed her grip. The curly hair felt surprisingly soft. She had the odd thought that if she started digging around inside of Pinkie’s hair she'd find forgotten provisions. That would probably be rude. “It must be a lot of work.”

“You betcha!”


It was impossible to tell in the dark, but Sunset got the distinct feeling that Pinkie Pie was blushing.

They sat together in the darkness. Sunset continued to idly stroke the fluff of hair in her lap.

“Hey, wanna know a secret?” Pinkie Pie asked after a few minutes of silence.


Pinkie Pie took a deep breath. “I’m, uh, really not a big fan of elevators.”

Sunset raised an eyebrow. “I think you said something about that earlier, right? Too slow and boring. I can see why you wouldn’t be fond of them.”

“Well…” Pinkie pursed her lips, then shook her head. “I mean, there’s that, but it’s really, kind of, more of a thing where, you know, I’m kind of super scared of them?”

“Wait.” Sunset blinked, then her eyes widened. “You’re claustrophobic?”

“I dunno if that's the word I'd use,” Pinkie Pie said. She sat up and twisted around, crouching next to Sunset and twiddling her fingers together. “I mean, I took Intro to Psychology last semester with Mrs. Butterface, and it was tough! I had a really hard time paying attention. But psychology is the study of people and what makes them happy or sad and that's totally my thing, so I just had to take it, you know? Anyway a phobia is a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no real danger. And I can't say I'm scared of tight spaces. They're often not super fun and can be kind of uncomfortable, but that depends a lot on the situation. Remember that time I waited for, like, three hours in that coffin during Halloween just to pop out and scare you girls? It was soo boring, and I got kind of dehydrated, but the look on your faces was worth it! So yeah, I'm not claustrophobic.”

“Pinkie…” Sunset muttered. She let out a sigh of relief when the chatterbox remembered to breathe.

“What I do have is a fear of elevators specifically! Of course there's no official phobia for it, everyone just thinks it's the same thing as claustrophobia, but it's not! It deserves to be in the DSM, but despite dozens of strongly worded letters to Psychology Today I haven't gotten a single response. What a bunch of meanies!”

Pinkie Pie let out a huff and crossed her arms, looking indignant.

Sunset frowned. “Maybe not often, but I'm pretty sure I've seen you ride elevators before. And we made it up to the forty second floor in the first place without much trouble.”

Pinkie Pie grimaced. “They're pretty much unavoidable. But it's not like a super strong fear or anything, I can usually handle it. I've just gotta distract myself with jokes or a catchy tune or counting the spots on the walls. And the rides are never that long. This is, um, kind of literally my worst nightmare though.”

“Celestia,” Sunset breathed. “I'm sorry, Pinkie, I had no idea it was bothering you this much. Are uh, you okay?”

“Just peachy-deachy!” Pinkie Pie said through clenched teeth. “All I have to do is laugh and have fun, then I won't be scared anymore, right?” The lie was plain on her face even in the darkness.

Rather than wasting any more words, Sunset grabbed Pinkie Pie, wrapping her arms around her and pulling her close.

Pinkie Pie shuddered, and let out a soft whimper into Sunset’s chest.

Time was hard to distinguish in that darkened room, and Sunset had no idea how long they held each other, but she didn't mind. Pinkie Pie was warm. The presence of another being so close in such a miserable situation was comforting.

“Thank you,” Pinkie Pie mumbled, her voice muffled. She sniffed, then blew her nose on Sunset’s shirt. “I'm really glad you're here with me, Sunset.”

Sunset smiled, and squeezed back in acknowledgement. “It's what friends are for, right? If you're ever struggling with something and need someone to be there for you, I'll always help.”

Pinkie Pie bit her lip, then shook her head ever so slightly. “It's not just anyone, not just any friend. I'm really glad it's you, Sunset. I…”

Sunset wasn’t sure what to make of that, so she stayed silent, waiting for Pinkie Pie to continue. When no further words came, Sunset sighed and said, “I'm glad I'm with you too, Pinkie. You make everything around you a little brighter, even in a situation like this. Thanks for sharing your weakness with me. I'm sure that can't be easy, considering who I used to be.”

“I trust you,” Pinkie Pie said without hesitation. “I'd trust you with anything, Sunset. In fact...” Pinkie winced, then tightened a fist that was wrapped up in Sunset’s clothes. She took a deep breath, then looked up, her eyes determined. “Do you, uh, want to know my second biggest nightmare?”

“If you want to tell me, then sure.”

“I have a lot of dreams,” Pinkie Pie began. “Sometimes they're simple and fun, like swimming through a lake made of marshmallow fluff and chocolate! Or your standard underpants in front of the classroom gag. But other times, I dream about you and the girls. About the things we've been through together. Except things happened differently. Like we lost the battle of the bands, or when you fought Midnight Sparkle you were able to stop her but neither of you came out of that light.”

Pinkie paused, shuddering. “Sometimes we’re all ponies, or mermaids, or dragons. Some dreams feel like they might be about stuff that hasn't happened yet. I can never remember much, but I get killer déjà vu all the time.”

Sunset frowned. Pinkie Pie had an uncanny awareness of things at times. Was there even more to it than the girl’s exuberant personality?

“Anyway, I've been having this set of dreams lately that, uh, well. Do you remember that one time you helped Applejack at the farm? Pretended to be Rarity’s boyfriend? Helped Rainbow Dash make it to the state championship?”

“That last one was barely a week ago. How could I forget?”

Pinkie Pie finally pulled out of the hug. She rubbed at her eyes and sniffed. “Well, in my dream, you and Applejack came back from those weeks on the farm holding hands, and teasing each other, and sneaking off to make out. Announced you two were girlfriends now. In another, you totally swept Rarity off her feet at that wedding, made her realize she didn't need a prince. Or with Rainbow Dash, you were…” Pinkie Pie blushed, then looked away.

Sunset stared, not sure what to make of this. “Pinkie… Those were just dreams. Sure, the girls are all wonderful people, and fairly hot ones at that, but all the time I've spent with them recently was completely platonic. I'm not dating any of our friends.”

“I know that,” Pinkie Pie muttered. She chuckled, and shook her head. “But the dreams still feel super real, and it makes my chest hurt even more than that one time I made baked bads. Blech.”

That meant… “The idea of me dating one of our friends freaks you out that much? Pinkie, look, I'm not going to lie, the thought has crossed my mind on occasion. I've never had any particular desire to follow through with it, but life throws funny things at us sometimes. I'm sure that if I, or any of our friends started dating, it wouldn't tear the group apart. We’re all stronger than that.”

Pinkie Pie shook her head, a strained smile playing across her lips. “Silly! The reason I get upset is because I'm jealous! I've dreamt about the others dozens of times, but it's never happened to me, no matter how hard I imagine it! So yeah, that's my second biggest nightmare. Not nearly as big of a deal, I know, but it is what it is!”


Silence hung in the air, and it clearly took more and more effort for Pinkie Pie to keep smiling. Finally, she backed away, darkness shrouding her features so Sunset couldn't make them out.

“Sorry, I'm… not really sure how to respond to that,” Sunset finally spat out. It was a pretty lame answer. She'd never once stopped to think of Pinkie Pie like that before. The girl’s spirited nature made her difficult to consider as a romantic prospect, but as the gears slowly turned in Sunset’s head, she wondered if it would really be all that strange.

“You don't have to say anything,” Pinkie Pie’s voice came from the other side of the elevator. “I'm already living my greatest fear, so compared to anything else, don't worry, I'll be fine.”

Sunset rubbed at her temples. Her heart already ached with sympathy at what Pinkie must be going through right now. She didn't want to hurt her, but that alone couldn't serve as the basis for a relationship. Was this something she wanted for herself?”

“Pinkie?” Sunset asked, her voice cracking slightly.


Sunset wasn't sure if Pinkie’s voice was tinged with hope or fear.

Sunset pushed herself up off the floor, then stretched, the popping of her bones loud in the confined space. “I want to hear you say it directly. Whatever it is you want to get off your chest, or ask me.”

“Geez, you really know how to push a girl to her limits.” A rustle came from the darkness, a vague outline stirring the air. “Well, here it goes!” Pinkie Pie took a deep breath. “I like you, Sunset. A lot. A whole lot. And I mean, I like a lot of people. People are great! And the girls are all my best friends, and I wouldn’t want to live life without them. But Sunset, you… I like like you. I like like you a whole whole bunch bunch. I almost always feel like a million bucks, but when I’m with you it’s more like a septingentillion! I want to hang out with you, go to parks, see movies, eat dinner. Which I mean, we kind of already do that sometimes, but in the way where we also hold hands and kiss each other and call each other silly nicknames and maybe later when it's late we snuggle up under the covers together and we start to get a little handsy and everything starts to get really—” Pinkie Pie cut herself off and gasped for air. “Okay, um, nevermind. I probably went a little too far there. I’m saying all these things and putting everything out there but if it’s not something you want to hear then normally it’d be super awkward but at least I could run away! But we’re literally stuck in an elevator and there’s no getting out and I’d rather be anywhere else so it’ll make things ultra-mega awkward. I don’t want that, but it’s too late now and I just keep talking, huh? Whatever else, Sunset, I still want to be your friend, okay? Please. I can handle rejection, I’ll be fine if you just leave me with that.”

Once it became clear that Pinkie Pie had finished, Sunset let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. Well, that answered that. Her heart pounded in her chest. How should she respond? Was it really so absurd? They were good friends. There was a connection between them. Being with her made Sunset smile. Sure, everyone tended to react that way, and Sunset couldn’t say she was in love or anything, but a spark existed there that, if given the chance, could blossom into something real. Did she want to take this chance?

Sunset smiled. Maybe it was just dehydration talking, but this chance seemed like a good one. “Pinkie,” she began. She crossed the few steps across the elevator, raising a hand and resting it gently against the silhouette that was Pinkie’s cheek.

Pinkie gasped softly, clasping Sunset’s hand with her own.

“I can’t promise I’ll be able to return your feelings in the way you want. But I do like you, Pinkie. You're a good person, and a good friend. If anyone is worth taking a chance on love for, it’s you.”

“Wait, you really…?” Pinkie Pie’s eyes were wide, mouth hanging open slightly.

Sunset smiled, licked her lips, then leaned in close, kissing her gently.

Pinkie Pie stood there, eyes blank for several long moments. Right before it started to feel awkward, she squealed, the harsh outcry echoing throughout the elevator. Pinkie Pie leapt into the air, hopping around and doing cartwheels in the darkness.

“Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh! You really mean it! I can’t believe it! How can the worst day of my life also be the best one! I don’t even know what to feel, but this is real! We can do everything together that I was just talking about, and—”

Sunset caught Pinkie Pie by the arm, spun her about, then kissed her again.

When she pulled back, she grinned as she stared into Pinkie’s unfocused eyes. “Yep. And it just so happens, we now have an excellent way to kill the time.”

Sunset jolted awake in a lurch of movement and the screech of running machinery. She blinked bleary eyes against the bright lights of the elevator, then sat up, stretching.

She glanced around at the floor, their clothes strewn about haphazardly. Pinkie Pie was curled up on a small pile of them, still snoring with a goofy smile on her face. Somewhere, Sunset’s phone buzzed repeatedly, as if it were receiving a ton of notifications at once.

Well, things had escalated perhaps a bit farther than she thought they would, but there was no use worrying about that now.

“Hey, Pinkie, wake up. We're about to be free.” Sunset shook the sleeping girl.

“Mmm, five more minutes.”

Sunset glanced up at the floor indicator. Almost to the bottom. There wasn't enough time to preserve modesty, and she let out a sigh. Well, clothes weren't natural for her anyway, so what did she care?

The doors opened with a rush of the sweet air of freedom. Sunset stood there, in all her natural glory, one hand on her hip as a crowd of police officers gawked at her.

“What're you looking at?”


Ten minutes later Sunset and Pinkie were dressed, draped in blankets, and sipping on hot cocoa.

“So you girls seriously had no idea what was going on down here?” Shining Armor asked. He idly fingered the badge on his uniform, then sighed. He looked completely exhausted.

“Not a single clue!” Pinkie Pie said in a singsong. Her smile shone bright enough to move the sun. “Though I'd much rather have been down here and caught up in a bank robbery-slash-hostage situation. Sounds way more exciting than being stuck in a stuffy old elevator all day!”

“Exciting,” Shining Armor grumbled, shaking his head. “That's one way to put it. Thankfully, nobody got hurt. You girls were lucky. And, quite frankly, it sounds like the two of you were able to find plenty of excitement on your...” he trailed off, glanced between them, then blushed, looking away.

Sunset crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow. She had nothing to be ashamed of, and had no intention of apologizing.

Shining Armor cleared his throat, then stood up straighter as if he were trying to seem more professional. “Er, what I mean to say is that, while indecent acts on private property are technically against the law, in lieu of the extenuating circumstances, we won't be pursuing the matter. You girls are free to go. My sister and her friends are all waiting for you outside. They're very worried.”

Pinkie Pie blushed. “Sorry, officer! We’ll be more discreet in the future, I promise!”

With a curt nod, Shining Armor turned and left to deal with what must be a logistical nightmare.

“Well, shall we go and face the music?” Sunset asked. She stood up, then turned and offered a hand to Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie reached out a hand to take it, but then hesitated, her smile fading away. “Listen… Sunset. That got a little crazy in there, and I'm sure we were both suffering under the effects of elevator madness. If you wanted to stop and—”

“Hold on,” Sunset said, holding up a hand. “Elevator madness? Is that even a real thing?”

“Of course it is!” Pinkie Pie nodded emphatically. “And it would totally be in the DSM if they'd just read my letters! Anyway, I probably came on a little strong. We had a lot of fun, and I'll definitely never forget that, but if you wanted to stop things here, I'll understand.”

Sunset smiled. She reached out and cupped Pinkie’s chin, lifting it so their eyes met. “I've already been preparing how we’re going to explain it to our friends. I'd hate for all that effort to go to waste. Besides,” Sunset said and leaned forward to kiss Pinkie Pie softly, “love is just another type of party, I think. Let’s figure out how to throw it together.”

Pinkie Pie’s lip trembled and she began to tear up. With a squeal of joy, she grabbed Sunset’s hand and dashed towards the exit.

“This is going to be the best party ever!”

Author's Notes:

Thanks to Kalan, Cassius - Genesis of Rust, and Seraphem for editing and pre-reading!

This story is part of a collection of oneshots, each focusing on a relationship between Sunset Shimmer and a member of the humane six. The other stories can be found as follows:
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