Spike's Dragon Code for Cuddling

by Kevinltk

Chapter 1: The Ancient Guide to a Noble Dragon's Code

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Within the Castle of Friendship, Spike was busily sweeping the foyer with a broom that was taller than him. It was a simple task made into a monumental one due to the sheer size of the area. While Spike was thankful that the Tree of Harmony gave him and Twilight a shiny, magical castle, was it too much to ask for self-cleaning floors?

To help keep his sanity as he went through with the mundane chore, Spike hummed the theme song for the Power Ponies, his favorite comic heroes. He had heard it during a comic convention that he attended a little while ago. He had also picked up several stacks of comics from that same convention, and he was still gleefully going through all of them.

Twilight had complained about the amount of bits he spent on all the super rare, limited-edition, and mint-condition comics, but Spike did not see what the big deal was. Twilight said he needed to read more, and there were definitely words to read in most of the pictures.

In fact, being able to continue his reading was why he had elected to stay home while Twilight was staying overnight in Canterlot to show Starlight her hometown. He could almost hear his comics calling for him from his room, promising him hours of thwarting villains and totally awesome fighting scenes, as he tried to finish his chore as soon as possible while making sure he did a good enough job to pass Twilight’s inevitable inspection.


Spike jumped and yelped in a totally manly way, his broom clattering to the floor. Something had loudly hit the front doors and given the number of outrageous stuff that often rampaged down the streets of Ponyville, it probably was a good idea to run away. That said, he knew that ignoring whatever was on the other side of the door could also potentially lead to disaster.

Picking up the broom and brandishing it like a club with both claws, Spike warily made his way to the castle’s entrance and opened one of the double doors just a crack to peek outside. He let out a sigh of relief and tossed the broom away when all he saw outside was a dazed, gray pegasus on the ground with a mailmare cap on.

“Hey there, Derpy,” Spike greeted, pushing the doors wide open to step outside and check on the mare whose eyes were still spinning. “You alright?”

Derpy quickly shook her head, and her eyes focused on Spike. “Yeah, I’m fine, Spike. Thanks for the concern,” she greeted with a smile, only to fade when her left eye drifted to the side. “Uh, oops, my bad.”

Spike turned his head to see a muzzle-shaped indent on the other door and promptly waved his claw in a dismissive manner. “Eh, don’t worry about it. I’m sure something crazy will happen this Saturday, and we’ll have to replace the whole thing… again.”

“Things like that do happen almost every week.” Derpy nodded in agreement before getting up and reaching into her mailbag to pull out a clipboard with her mouth and present it to Spike. “Soon here pweaz.”

“For what?”

One of Derpy’s eyebrows cocked up, and she stepped to the side to reveal a huge crate that was sitting right behind her.

Spike facepalmed, wondering how in Equestria he managed to miss that package. The crate was as big as Derpy, and it was no wonder the mailmare had crashed into the door while lugging around that thing.

After Spike signed for the delivery, moved the crate inside with Derpy’s help, and bade goodbye to the mailmare, he inspected the crate to find out who sent the package. All he found was a small label saying that it was from Canterlot.

Since they received plenty of packages from Canterlot, Spike went ahead and used his claws to pry open the lid. His eyes narrowed into a bored, deadpan gaze when he looked inside.

“Books… Of course it’s books…” Spike grumbled, seeing that the crate was filled to the brim with literature instead of something nice like gems. Twilight must have forgotten to tell him that they were receiving another shipment of books from the Royal Canterlot Library.

Spike sighed, resigning to the fact that his comics had to wait a bit longer. While Twilight would want to go through all of the new books before they were sorted and shelved, he still had to unpack them all.

“Lexicon of Lofty Logarithms… Manuscript on Meddlesome Mold… Compendium of Convoluted Cyphers…” Spike rolled his eyes as he read out loud the titles of each book he extracted from the crate. As usual, there were only books about things that only Twilight would find interesting.

Eventually, Spike neared the bottom of the crate and the seemingly endless pile of books. He paused when he came upon a book that was far more old and tattered than the rest. Picking up the curious object, he was surprised to find that it was actually quite thin and there was nothing written on the exterior.

His interest piqued, Spike cracked open the book. A gasp escaped his mouth when he saw what was scrawled on the first page.

“The Ancient Guide to a Noble Dragon’s Code…” Spike muttered, barely believing the big bold words his bulging eyes were reading.

When Spike went to the Great Dragon Migration, he saw how different he was compared to other dragons, and he was glad for that fact. All of the young dragons seemed to be only interested at seeing who was bigger and tougher, and they cared little for anyone else but themselves. Refusing to be like those dumb, mean brutes, Spike had created his own dragon code, a set of honorable ideals that he did his best to uphold.

Remembering that he and Twilight could not find any book about dragons, it seemed a bit odd to suddenly find a book like this, but Spike shrugged it off and started to flip through the pages. He was eager to learn more about being a noble dragon.

Plus, this book was ancient, it even said so in its title, so it totally had to be the real deal.

Spike carefully scanned the pages, absorbing every single word. He was pleased to see that many of the book’s teachings aligned with his own code such as being polite and helpful. There was even a section about being indebted to anypony that saved a dragon’s life.

It did not take long before Spike was about to reach the end of the book. He was a bit disappointed that the book had not taught him anything really groundbreaking, but he reassured himself that it likely meant he was already on the right path to being a noble dragon. Slowly, he turned to the last page.

A quiet thud rang through the castle when the book dropped from Spike’s claws. His mouth was slightly agape with shock, and his eyes had shrunk into pinpricks as the words on the last page were etched into his memories.

With a gulp, he looked down at the same page, hoping that he had misread something or by some miracle, the words had somehow changed on their own, but his fears were confirmed as he read out loud the only words on the troubling page that made his heart stop.

“A noble dragon makes sure to cuddle with his closest friends.”

Spike gulped again. There was no further explanation or reasoning. Closing the book, he considered if he actually wanted to cuddle with his friends. While he had partaken in many hugs and nuzzles with his pony friends, even receiving a kiss or two on the cheek, he had never cuddled with any of them. It felt a bit too intimate to him, and male pride deemed that the act was above him. The awkward images of him cuddling with his friends were already filling his head and making him fidget uncomfortably.

He was tempted to just let the cuddling clause slide, but the more he thought about it, the more he convinced himself that this was something he had to do. He was not going to break his updated dragon code. There was no doubt that things were going to be weird and kind of embarrassing, but it was a small price to pay to be a noble dragon.

Taking a deep breath, Spike marched out of the castle. If the noble dragon code demanded that he cuddled with his friends, then he was going to give them the best cuddling they ever received.

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