A Heartfelt Apology

by Ebony Horn

Chapter 1: Frenemies With Benefits

Frenemies With Benefits


“Relax, Sparkle.” Trixie offered the other mare a haughty toss of her mane—though that turned into a genuinely apologetic look after a moment. She tightened her grip on Twilight’s lush thighs, kneading the alicorn’s soft curves appreciatively. “Trixie has decided that she must apologize. Just relax.”

“But that’s—“ Twilight bit her lip and inhaled deeply as Trixie leaned forward. A shuddering gasp went through her body as Trixie’s muzzle brushed against the hefty bulge beneath Twilight's skirt. “Mmff—Trixie —“

“Sshh.” Trixie nuzzled Twilight’s burgeoning erection, and giggled cheerily when the fat bulge prodded against her cheek, leaving a smear of precum in its wake. “Trixie has heard that apologies are better received when they are more...heartfelt.”

Twilight moaned gently. As Trixie’s supple hands moved up beneath Twilight’s shirt, Twilight’s back arched, her hips thrusting out her deliciously large bulge into Trixie’s face. Trixie licked her lips-- then the pretty flare protruding against Twilight’s straining silk panties - and pushed gently on Twilight’s naked stomach. Quickly losing herself to arousal, Twilight swayed backward, bumped against the sofa behind her, and promptly plopped down onto it, her package wobbling exuberantly.

Perfect. Trixie’s grin widened. Just where she wanted her. With a perky growl, she pounced on Twilight, catching the busty alicorn in a kiss and sharing the taste of her own musk. Twilight accepted the kiss greedily, their bodies grinding heavily together as Trixie’s growls grew deeper.

Pulling away, Trixie felt her own ample chest heave, and smiled down at her “victim.” With a flush of her cheeks, she noticed that her own cock had poked up past her own skirt, shoving its way rudely past her dainty panties to grind up against Twilight’s hefty erection. “Now,” she said, her smiling flickering. “Just let Trixie make her apology, if you please.” She gave Twilight’s breast a loving squeeze. “I can promise you’ll enjoy it.”  And I'll enjoy you, Sparkle, she silently added.

Twilight seemed to be well on her way already; the curvaceous alicorn’s cock shuddered, spurted precum onto their chests. “I’m listening,” she said. She shot Trixie a lusty smirk. Her own cheeks were flushed, her breathing labored.  Trixie prided herself on reading her audience, and she she was happy to obey what Twilight's body was telling her.

Quickly repositioning, she swung her leg over Twilight’s prone form and pivoted, leaving her muzzle scant inches from the delicious treasure of the other mare’s swaying cock. It was a lovely specimen, really—nice and big and thick, and just throbbing with a virile, masculine musk. Trixie felt a heat building in her chest and loins and snarled with pure, primal need. An instant later, she had her lips and hands wrapped firmly around Twilight Sparkle’s dick, her fingers lightly squeezing in sequential pulses.

Mmff. Trixie’s eyes nearly rolled back into her head. It—fuck, but Twilight tasted good. “Mmm,” she groaned around Sparkle's dick, swishing that fat flare lewdly around in her mouth. She suckled on it for a moment, hollowing her cheeks in practiced devotion, and moaned again as her efforts were rewarded with a fat spurt of precum. Swallowing it, Trixie pulled away and grunted, her lips dripping pre as she cracked a smug smile. “You taste good, Sparkle.”

Not even waiting for an answer, she thrust her head down again—but this time, a repositioning of her hips, a little waggle of her plump performer’s ass with a flick of her tail, had placed the tip of her cock directly over the moaning mouth of the princess beneath her. Before Trixie knew it, a tight, moist pressure had been applied directly around her downward-facing shaft, Twilight’s luscious lips suckling hungrily at Trixie’s girthy meat. Trixie moaned, the vibrations of her cheeks leaving Twilight’s boner harder, and pushed forward until she was just about swallowing Twilight’s cock.  Angles and leverage were a magician's friends - and a lover's tools.

Eyes fluttering shut, Trixie let her head bob up and down, her tongue curling delightedly around Twilight’s length. More and more and more delicious precum trickled then gushed down her throat, a veritable river of arousal. Her tail flagged behind her, her prime rump clenching as Twilight’s ministrations on her own shaft left her balls feeling ripe and heavy, their contents impossibly dense and full. Trixie felt herself shudder with pleasure, with need, and redoubled her resolve.

Deepthroating Twilight’s dick with every heave of her shoulders, Trixie felt the intensity increase even further as Twilight’s hips began to pump in time with her own. Now facefucking each other in obscene harmony, the two mares groped hungrily at each other’s forms: fingers sinking into plush, plump ass-flesh, curling around hefty, apple-sized nuts, adoring every musky inch. Twilight moaned beneath her squirming body, around her twitching tool, and Trixie felt pride (and other things) blossom in her chest. Even so, there was just so much pre to swallow—as productive as she herself was, Twilight was at least doubly so.  The Great and Carnal Trixie, however, would not be overcome!

With a shuddering grunt, Trixie bottomed out in Twilight’s mouth, thrusting her hips out forward as far as they could go. Twilight sputtered beneath her as Trixie’s cock flared up, shooting load after load of hot, sticky spunk down her throat. Trixie gave a gargling moan, pumping her own throat around Twilight’s cock like a piston as more and more of the alicorn’s divine pre cascaded down her throat. She’d cum first—but as she could tell from the shuddering of Twilight’s cock, and the swelling of Twilight’s colossal balls, it would be Sparkle who had the last laugh.

A hand of telekinetic magic abruptly took Trixie’s head in its grasp and forced her head downward, shoving her to swallow every last inch of Twilight’s magnificent cock. Trixie choked, sputtered, moaned. Her hands moved to knead Twilight’s hefty nuts as she felt the other mare groan and squirm beneath her, quite clearly reaching her inevitable climax. Trixie’s throat tightened appreciatively, Twilight’s cock flexing in her cocksleeve of a neck as its girth bulged out hugely. And then, with a rumbling, a pause, and a roar, Twilight’s orgasm was unleashed.

Jets of spunk full tablespoons in volume splattered against the back of Trixie’s throat, fat globs of cum collecting together before streaming down the velvety surface .Twilight’s huge cock lurched and shuddered as its owner squealed in the throes of orgasm. Throb after throb brought enormous loads of jizz shooting straight across, depositing themselves in massive volumes in Trixie’s stomach.  Thank you kindly for your tips, Trixie’s lust-whimsied mind noted. She couldn’t quite manage a bow right now. though.

Trixie groaned, her palm going up to stroke over her distended middle as she felt it bloat and slosh with Twilight’s cum. Twilight’s magic didn’t let up, though, keeping the Great and Stuffed Trixie's tight little throat frozen in place as the alicorn’s hips pumped her length repeatedly past Trixie’s lips. Huge, hefty balls slapped loudly against Trixie’s muzzle, their contents churning as they unleashed their load. Twilight’s thrusts went wild, each jerk more arrhythmic than the last, then bottomed out completely, as her tsunami of pleasure unleashed its thick, creamy flood past Trixie’s tight-clenched lips. Ulp, ulp, ulp, went Trixie’s throat, tightening and bulging around Twilight’s throbbing shaft.

Finally, Twilight’s hips pumped for one last, shuddering time. The two mares held together  there for a moment, as if suspended in thin air, before both collapsed to the couch together. Grunting, her chest heaving, Trixie drew her lips from around Twilight’s shaft and slid the softening organ from her cum-drenched throat. It gave another lazy lurch as its fat flare popped from her lips, splattering her cheeks with spunk, and Trixie lovingly nuzzled her cheek right back against the generous flare.

Beneath her, Twilight did much the same. Trixie groaned, then pulled herself upright into a sitting position. Below her, Twilight lounged comfortably on the couch, her blouse dark and stained with massive splotches of Trixie’s messy cum, a finger idly stroking dollops of remaining spooge down to her lips.

Trixie looked at her hopefully. Twilight appeared to consider that for a moment...and then slowly, knowingly smiled.

She licked a dribble of Trixie’s cum from her lips. “Apology accepted,” she said, and winked.

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A Heartfelt Apology

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