The Amazing Spider-Pon..Er..Man!

by PonyManne215
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Spiderman is one funny Spiderman. But what happens when Spiderman spiders his way to Equestria?
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Spiderman was screwing around as usual. He read his newpapers upside down, slept in the middle of the air, and baked cookies for homeless people and the Green Goblin. One day, while he was dancing on top of a nuclear bomb, he saw a big red button with skulls and X's all over it. It specifically said "DO NOT TOUCH". Well, he sure as hell, didn't touch it. Watch out Elements, he's SPIDERMAN!

Stupidity and ponies drove me to write this. This is not your trollfic or miss-mash of memes. This will have a storyline, like Drake and Josh or....some other comedic show. I regret nothing!


2,053 words: Estimated 9 Minutes to read: [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. Lol, What Am I Doing Here? [Cache] Jul 6th, 2012
Published Jun 20th, 2012


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