The Greatest of Wizards

by Ebony Horn
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Flurry has a crush on a stallion in the Crystal Palace. But that stallion is named Sunburst, and he's out of her age range, much heavier than a usual dreamboat, and also her tutor. Fortunately, the way to his heart might be right through his stomach.
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Unlike most fillies her age, Flurry Heart isn't interested in hunky, dreamboat stallions. Instead, she finds herself drifting off in the middle of class, daydreaming about her private tutor, Sunburst. Gifted with "the good life" of employment in the Crystal Palace, Sunburst himself is no spring colt, however: he's big, round, and adorably frumpy.

Sunburst's appetites for food and knowledge only make Flurry more interested, though, and more excited to earn his attentions. But between Sunburst's inability to notice her, and their teacher-student relationship, Flurry Heart might find that it's not quite as easy to land the stallion of her dreams...even when it becomes clear that the way to his heart might just lie through his stomach.

Contains: An adorable fat stallion, weight gain/feeding, and a (possible) May-December romance. A commission for FlickMare. Coverart by skitzocannibal. Edited by Troublesome Beast and Brony Fife.


17,569 words: Estimated 1 Hour, 11 Minutes to read: [Cache]

4 Chapters:

  1. Chapter One [Cache] May 21st, 2016
  2. Chapter Two [Cache] May 15th, 2016
  3. Chapter Three [Cache] May 15th, 2016
  4. Chapter Four [Cache] May 15th, 2016
Published May 15th, 2016


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