What's in a Name?

by IcarusFics

Chapter 15: Chapter Thirteen

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“Rose?” My mum called as I hesitantly walked down the stairs. Who could be coming to see us? Who the hell even knew we were here? Did my parents tell someone? I guess telling a relative might be okay, but if my mum had called a vet to make sure my pregnancy was going along well, then there’d be hell to pay.

“Coming, mum!” I said, turning my head to make sure Lily was still following. She had just as nervous a look on her face as I did and offered me as reassuring a smile as possible. I turned back and began my journey down the steps again.

I cautiously stepped around the corner into the living room only for an extremely familiar face to greet me.

“L-Luna!” I gasped, struggling between rushing forward to hug her or bowing down.

“Luna?” Lily looked between Luna and I. “This is P-Princess Luna?”

“You bet!” My dad said, placing his hand on my mum’s shoulder and chuckling heartily. “Nearly gave your mum a heart attack when she showed up as well.”

“I admit, I should probably have opened the portal outside instead of in your… living room.” She giggled, politely covering her mouth with a hoof. “Definitely ‘twas quite the shock for your mother. How have you been my little ponies?”

“Luna… You… How…?” I said, grasping to form a coherent sentence.

“I will explain in due time, Roseluck. Lily, I’m glad that we can finally meet. Rose has told me a lot about you.” She said, turning to Lily and offering a polite, welcoming smile.

“Oh, uh… It’s nice to finally meet you too.”

“Likewise. I almost offered for Discord to come along too so he could apologize directly for the pain he put you through, but this visit was meant to be more civil and calm. Bringing Discord into the equation would not achieve that.”

“D-Discord?” Lily said, her brow furrowing at the name.

“It wasn’t really that much of a bad thing that Discord did. This life, our human ones, wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it definitely wasn’t all bad. Plus, he… he saved me.” It felt immensely strange saying that, knowing that I would be dead if it wasn’t for this originally malicious being. “He’s not all bad, and I know that.”

“He… He may have tricked me, but he brought back my Rose, so he’s good in my book.” Lily said, smiling as she stopped by my side.

“I’m very glad you see it that way, Rose. He has been making a conscious effort to improve himself.” Luna said before turning to my parents. “I don’t mean to bother you, but you did mention…” Luna began to blush. “Uh… Afternoon tea?”

“Oh, of course!” My mum said, dashing into the kitchen and retrieving the meal she had made for us. It mostly consisted of biscuits and crackers, but a fresh pot of chamomile tea had also been prepared. It was strange, seeing Luna sit next to my father. She was quite tall for a pony, but given that normal ponies were about our size, she only really came up to a little bit higher than my dad’s knees.

“So, you’re this princess that we’ve been hearing so much about, right?” My dad said, munching down on a biscuit. “You’re bigger than I imagined.”

“D-Dad! Talk to her a little nicer, she’s a Princess!” I scolded him, shooting an apologetic look to Luna. She giggled again and waved her hoof in dismissal.

“Oh, let him be. It’s not often that I meet ponies that treat me like a normal mare. Being royalty is… a lonely affair.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be your friends!” My dad said and playfully slapped Luna on the back, causing her to stare at him in shock before relaxing and smiling again. Her smile was definitely genuine, so as long as my dad didn’t go overboard, I guess I could live with him being like this.

“Here we go, princess!” My mum said, placing cups before us all. I smiled contently as my mum walked around, pouring a generous amount into all of our cups. I placed a cube of sugar into mine, while Lily took hers without and nervously sipped it. I could tell the shock of seeing Luna for the first time was still fresh, so I just nuzzled up next to her, smiling.

“I must say, your home is lovely, if a little… large.” Luna giggled. “I knew there was a size difference between our races, but this difference is much more than I anticipated.”

“Yeah, definitely took a lot of getting used to for Lily and I. Not to mention that we aren’t unicorns, so no handy magic to grip handles with or items with.”

“I still can’t bring myself to open a door with my mouth, so we just leave doors ajar most of the time.” Lily added.

“So, besides coming for a visit, I guess, what brings you here? Can’t exactly be easy to make a portal to earth, can it?”

“No, not exactly. While, yes, I did come to check up on you and see how you were doing, I usually could just do that through your dreams. I came to… give you a check up.”

I felt my fur stand on end.

“A ch-check up?”

“Yes. While pony pregnancies are safer than human ones, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. I’m sure that you would not prefer to go to a human doctor to make sure everything is alright, as well as the fact that they wouldn’t know exactly what they’re doing. Before I became a princess, I studied pony physiology for many years, and am more than qualified to give you a check up to make sure your pregnancy is going well.”

“Thank you so much, Princess Luna!” My mother said and gave her a hug, eliciting a shocked look from Luna. “I’ve been so worried about her, and I just want her and the baby to be alright.”

“Uh, n-no problem, Mrs Linden. I’m glad I can put some of your fears to rest.” Luna said, breathing a sigh of relief as she was released from the hug.

“Anyway, after tea, I would like to perform this check up, if that suits you.” Luna asked me.

“Uh, s-sure. What are you going to be doing exactly?”


I lay on my bed as Princess Luna’s horn glowed, and a wave of light passed across my body. A frown crossed her face as the light touched my hooves and I felt my heart beat faster with worry.

“Is something wrong?”

“Not exactly. At least, nothing that can’t be fixed easily now that I’m here.”

“Wh-what is it?” Lily said, grasping my hoof as Luna’s magic scanned me. A more intense frown appeared when the light from Luna’s horn touched Lily’s hoof as well.

“Hmm, it is as I feared. I’m afraid that the magic from your bodies has been draining faster than I had anticipated. It is possible that your thaumic resonance is just a little weaker, but my scan proved otherwise. Your thaumic resonance is strong. Dangerously strong. Have either of you been experiencing tiredness that is out of the ordinary recently?”

“Now that you mention it, we’ve both been pretty tired over the last few weeks…” I said, my worry increasing.

“Ah, well, it’s not too much to fret about, little ones.” Luna explained, clearly seeing the worry evident on my face. “Now that I’m here, I can transfuse a little of my own magic into you. My natural reserves are quite a bit larger than a standard pony, so it won’t hurt me at all to do this. I must ask though, have either of you experienced… Flashes of memories?”

“H-how did you know?” I gasped.

Luna giggled politely and continued her scan. “I had actually hope that this would happen, just preferably once you arrived in Equestria. My sister and I discovered that your memories might begin to return to you even while awake, but these flashes are quite magically intensive. The strength of your magic resonance explains this, as the more intense the connection to the magic in your body, the more you will remember. Unfortunately, this also means that the closer connection you have to your magic, the faster it drains.”

“Okay… Th-this isn’t going to hurt us, r-right?”

“No, not now that I’m here. I can give you both magical infusions to stop your magic from draining completely. I do recommend that you try and take it easy over the next few weeks, especially you, Rose. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to Brisk Breeze.” Luna said, her magic now passing over my slightly bulging belly. Luckily, a smile crossed her face and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“What is it?” Lily asked.

“Nothing. As in, nothing is wrong. Your foal is completely healthy.”

I smiled widely and Lily leant in, nuzzling against my cheek.

“Now, that brings me to another thing I must tell you both. Because your magic is draining quite fast, and I still want you two to be able to spend as much time as possible with your parents, I must remain here on earth for the remainder of your time here so that I can continue to give you magical infusions. Your parents have not been informed yet, but I’m sure they will approve of this decision, as it is in the interest of protecting you and your foal.”


“Yes, and that means I can also continue to do more check ups on you to ensure the health of your foal. I also must admit…” Luna said, blushing slightly. “I am quite curious on the culture of your world.”

“That’s great!” Lily said enthusiastically. “I don’t think we’re the best teachers, but I’m sure we can find something that will interest you.”


“What is this device?”

“It’s called a Super Nintendo. It’s not a modern thing, but plenty of humans use it, or similar things to it.” I said, handing a controller out to Luna, who cautiously held it in her magic. Lily giggled as she inspected it, almost like a rare artifact.

“What does it do?”

“Well, the thing I gave you is actually the controller. You press the buttons here,” I said, pointing to the front of the controller. “and it will control the character on the screen here.” I punctuated by pressing a button and watching Kirby jump up and down on the screen.

“What is the purpose?” Luna said, raising an eyebrow and making Lily and I both laugh, eliciting a blush from her.

“It’s for fun, Luna.” I explained and her face lit up.

“Oooh! I like fun!”

“Well, I hope you like this. Games aren’t for everyone.”

“I play quite a few games with my sister. We play a fun game called Ogres and Oubliettes. You create a character, and somepony will control the game, giving players monsters to fight, puzzles to solve, and objectives to do.”

“Wait, let me get this straight.” Lily started. “Your world has Dungeons and Dragons?”

“Is that similar to what I described?”

“It is exactly what you described.”

“Well, I’d be happy to play that, if you like.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Lily shouted, pumping the air with her hooves while Luna and I watched and laughed.


“Oh, come on!” Luna shouted, motioning at the screen. “I was far ahead of you, then you hit me once, and I fell behind!”

“You snooze, you lose.”

“I am the MASTER of the night, Rose. I snooze, and I win!” Luna said, as the item wheel on her side of the screen switched to a certain blue shell.

“Oh gosh, that’s not fair!” I said, dropping the controller as the shell smashed into me metres from the finish line. Luna’s character sped right past me and the victory fanfare play, Luna dancing along happily to it.

“Yes!” She said, closing her eyes and clapping her hooves merrily. “I am the victor!”

“You just got lucky.” I said, folding my forelegs in frustration. Luna seemed to not only take a liking to video games so far, but also seemed to be quite the natural at it. She was already just as good as me and she’d been playing for only a few hours, compared to my years of experience. I was just about to challenge her to a rematch when I heard my mum call out from down stairs.

“Luna! Girls! Time for dinner!”

“Dinner?” Luna gawked in shock. “I could have sworn that it was only tea time an hour ago!”

“Yeah, that’s what playing video games will do to you.”

“Do they transcend time itself?”

“Nope, you can just get lost in them very easily.” I laughed and stood up along with Lily as we headed to the stairs.

“W-wait, Rose…” Luna said from behind me.


“C-can we… play more tomorrow?”

“Of course!” I laughed. She smiled and stood herself up, joining us as we traveled down the stairs and into the kitchen. A beautiful, smooth but sweet smell wafted throughout the entire living room and I breathed in through my nose, savouring the smell.

“What smells so good, mum?” I asked and my mother stepped out of the kitchen, carrying a large steaming pot.

“Pumpkin soup! My very own recipe. I hope you enjoy it, Princess Luna.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will. Rose is right, it smells absolutely divine.”

“Good!” My mum said, smiling at us before placing the pot down on the table. I trotted happily to the table and lept up to my chair, eager to dig into the lovely meal that had been prepared for us. Luna followed behind with a much clearer sense of regality and calming crawled onto her chair before pulling it in with her magic.

“So, my daughter ever gonna be able to do fancy magic like that?” My dad asked Luna, who looked to him.

“Oh, not exactly. All ponies have a natural type of magic, unicorns and alicorns can just focus this magic more consciously than Earth ponies and Pegasi.”

“Ah, I remember Rose telling us something about that.” My mum said, beginning to ladle out servings of soup for us.

“Yeah, I didn’t explain it very well, though.”

“No matter. Not all ponies know about the magical abilities that they inherit, many just assume it is part of their natural abilities or their special talent. Pegasi can, of course, fly, but their physiology just assists their bodies natural magic. The magic assists them greatly in flying and also makes it possible for them to walk on clouds.”

“It sounds like something out of a storybook.” My mum mused as she finished ladling all of the bowls of soup and began laying them out in front of us.

“In Equestria, that is just a normal part of life. Earth ponies also have magic, but theirs is focused on the earth itself. Earth pony grown crops will flourish more abundantly, their plants will grow faster and healthier, amongst many other things. They also have a more natural resilience. While any pony can have any talent, it certainly helps to be an Earth pony if your talent is related to plant life in any way.”

“This all so fascinating!” My mother gawked. “I’d love to hear more stories of Equestria while we eat!”


“....And so, the evil controlling me was banished by the Elements of Harmony. While Nightmare Moon was borne of my own selfish desires, the spirit manifested in me was abolished that day and I was reunited with my sister.”

“Wow, this really is something out of a storybook.” Lily said, eyes unfocused as she thought about the magical world we would be soon living in.

“Yes, Equestria is a world of wonder, no doubt. I’m very happy to see you two so enthused about coming home.” Luna said, addressing Lily and I.

“When did you have to go home, Princess?” My dad asked after taking a sip of soup.

“Ah, yes, I must ask something of you, Mr and Mrs Linden. Unfortunately, magic is being drained from your daughter and her fiance faster than I had initially anticipated.”

My mother's face dropped and a look of fear crossed it.

“No, no, there is nothing to worry about, Mrs Linden. I have a proposition that I’m sure you will be glad to hear. In order to keep your daughter and her partner here as long as possible before they must leave, I have decided that I will stay here until they leave, giving them infusions of magic to keep them safe.”

“Oh, thank gosh.”

“This also means I will be able to remain and complete more check ups on the health of your daughter and the foal. I’m sure this will put your mind to ease. I only ask that you allow me to reside in your humble abode while I stay on Earth.”

My mum’s face immediately switched back to her happy expression and she smiled appreciatively at Luna.

“Absolutely! I would love to have you here, Luna!” My mother said.

“It definitely has been pretty nice having you here, and I wanna hear more stories of Equestria too, so it sounds great to me.” My dad replied.

“Thank you.” Luna sent a genuine thankful smile to them both. “I must admit, I’ve been quite looking forward to coming here. Not only because I wanted to meet you all in pony, but also, the life of a royal is… overbearing at times, to say the least. I am constantly in the spotlight, being relied upon and looked up to by so many ponies, who also find it necessary to step on eggshells around me. It really is nice to feel… normal for once.” She said, a small blush reaching her cheeks.

“We’ll make you feel part of the family in no time, Luna!” My dad said boisterously, chuckling heartily afterward.

“Thank you very much.”

“Well, I hope you all enjoyed dinner, and I hope you also saved room for dessert!” My mum said, dashing into the kitchen before coming back, holding onto a fresh, steaming apple pie. The smell coming from it was so incredibly enticing that even if I hadn’t saved room, I wouldn’t be able to resist it. She laid it down on the table before returning to the kitchen and retrieving a punnet of vanilla ice cream.

“This smells absolutely heavenly, Mrs Linden!” Luna exclaimed, her eyes wide, taking in as much of the pie as possible. “I would hazard to say it looks almost exactly like it was prepared by one of the Apple family themselves.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” My mum smiled as she began to distribute pieces of the fresh pie. “Dig in, everyone.”


Both dinner and dessert were lovely, as it always was when my mum cooked. Lily and I, both of our stomachs bulging now from the food - and mine a little larger than hers for obvious reasons - felt ourselves quite relaxed and lethargic from our pie induced food comas. We said goodnight before trudging upstairs and lying on the bed together.

Just as I was about to roll over to face Lily, she pulled herself on top of me, my cheeks beginning to burn red as she looked down at me seductively. She slowly lowered her head and kissed my nose, causing me to scrunch up as she grinned cheekily at me.

“You’re so cute when you do that.” She said, kissing my nose again.

“Y-yeah, well… You’re c-cute all the time.” I said, earning me an adorable giggle from my fiance.

“Touche.” She said, slowly lowered her mouth to my lips. I felt my own mouth begin to quiver in anticipation as she got closer and closer, until the gap between us was bridged and she kissed me softly, yet passionately. I pressed back into the kiss now and let her tongue slip past my lips. I pressed my body into her, feeling her warmth almost encapsulate me, protecting me from the cold evening air.

“Oh g-gosh, Lily.” I said, my breathing beginning to become heavy with the telltale signs of my increasing arousal. “I love you more than the whole world.”

“I l-love you too, Rose.” Lily smiled before kissing me again, running her hooves up and down my waist. I wriggled in her grasp, eager for her hooves to touch each and every part of me. I lowered a single hoof between her legs and stroked the inner of her thigh. I was about to reach closer toward my intended prize when she suddenly pulled away from me and jumped down off the bed.

“L-Lily! What now? I n-need you!” I greedily whined, wanting nothing more than to feel the touch of my beloved again.

“Sorry, Rose, one second.” She said as she walked to the other side of the room and pulled over a chair to the door. She pushed it flush against the door, hopefully blocking any rude entry before walking back and crawling back onto the bed again.

“No more interruptions.” Lily said, leaning down and nipping at my neck. I let out a sensual moan and moved my forelegs around my beautiful Lily. “You’re my mare, Rose, and I’m taking you now. Nothing is gonna get in my way.”

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Next chapter will be another cloptional one. Sorry for all the teasing :raritywink:

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