Your Best Friend

by Orcus

Chapter 1: A Strange Sight in the Everfree Forest

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Fluttershy hummed a happy tune to herself as she trotted deeper into the Everfree Forest. She was wandering through the dense woods looking for wild radishes to harvest as she did many times before, and the filled satchels hanging from both of her sides showed how abundant the plants were and how bountiful her quest had become.

As she made it to another clearing; one of many openings in the Everfree, she spotted another patch of the plants she was looking for, and quickly made her way toward them. Amidst the field of tall grass and flowers she entered were many sprouts of the wild, edible vegetables, as well as a variety of pretty, multi-colored blossoms of varying sizes. The pegasus couldn't help but sigh at their beauty, taking in a deep breath of the summer air.

Getting to work, she instantly set to picking the radishes she came across, pulling them out by the roots with her mouth. After seeing how large their dirt-covered bulbs looked, she would always toss them into one of the two packs hanging by her side, and close them afterword.

"Howdy!" a high-pitched voice suddenly spoke from behind her. Jumping in startled reaction and letting out a yelp of fear, Fluttershy leapt forward until she was hiding behind a medium-sized rock. Peeking her trembling face out from behind it, all she saw that begat her sight was just a plant sitting near where she just was. But... it was an unusual plant, to put it lightly.

The plant looked fairly tall, almost the size of the average pony's leg. At the end of its stem was a bloomed flower, lined with six yellow petals, and in between them was a white-brown oval, with what appeared to be... a face on it. Two eyes and a mouth rested on the space, showing a cheerful expression.

"Um... howdy!" the plant greeted again, still in a friendly voice. "I'm Flowey! Flowey the flower! Who... are you? And what might someone as wonderful-looking as you be doing in a place like this? It's dangerous out here!"

Fluttershy, at first still surprised by just what kind of aberration she was currently witnessing, couldn't help but smile as she calmed down. "My name's Fluttershy. It's nice to meet you, Flowey," she started, in a soft tone. "I came out into the forest to pick some plants and vegetables."

"D'aww... that's a pretty name..." he smirked in a bashful way, bobbing side-to-side on his stem. "Do you live around here? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't."

"No, I live back in Ponyville," she said. "It's where all my friends live too. Say... how are you speaking right now?"

"Oh, heheheee... it's a... long story..." the flower said in a somber tone, lowering his petaled head. "A very long story that I... don't think I wanna share with a stranger as of right now. But, what I can say, is that I'm trapped out here in these woods with lots of animals that want to eat me. Like those nasty deer."

He suddenly looked back to the pony, flashing another, completely innocent smile, showing the pegasus what kind of sweet person he surely was on the inside. "It's a crazy thought, but do you... think you could maybe, possibly take me home with you? I would really like that. It's better than standing out here and getting eaten by... deer. Or goats! Brr! Just thinking about it is making me shudder."

Fluttershy put a hoof to her chin and thought for a good few seconds. "I don't know... I have a lot of animals that I take care of," she began in a hesitant voice.

Flowey puffed. "Pshh... all you have to do is water me from time to time. I can usually take care of myself, too. I can move a bit on my own, you know."


"Well, I can tunnel to other places fast. Or, if you put me into a plant pot or something, I'm sure I can bounce around in it," he replied, before his face turned into an expression showing nothing but a pleading glower. "Please can you take me with you? Please? Please, please, please? Pleeaassee? All I'm looking for is some love, is that so bad...?"

Fluttershy couldn't say no. How could she just leave a small, defenseless plant like him out in the wild to fend for himself? "Oh... alright," she finally relented, walking up to him. "I'll take you with me." Flowey cherubically smiled again, giving a thankful glance to Fluttershy as she walked up to him, put her hooves deep into the grassy soil he rested upon, and lifted him up with a small clump of dirt around his lower body, making sure to avoid damaging his roots. Opening one of her satchels, she placed the sentient plant into it, and made sure he had enough room to poke his head out by folding the flap onto its side.

After grabbing several more wild radishes, her remaining bag was full, and the yellow pegasus decided it was time to go back home. Turning about, she and her new companion left the glade and reentered the woods.

"Uh... what'd you say your name was?" the plant asked, as they began to pass by the forest of trees and bushes.

"Fluttershy," she replied.

"Okay, um... "Fluttershy," are we... best friends?" he inquired next, curiously. She smirked to him before replying.

"Of course we are, little buddy!" the pegasus chuckled, stopping to pat his head before continuing on. As she carried him and her freshly-plucked veggies out of the woods, Flowey couldn't help but let a wide, jagged grin slowly stretch onto and across his face as his plan was successfully set into motion.

Author's Notes:

And so it begins, heheheee...

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