I'm Not A Tribalist

by TheGreatEater

Chapter 7: ... And Shipping Out

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“They are bucking morons!” Luna screamed after I had finished transferring the tossed files, and we had finished watching almost a millennia of insult and abuse towards non-unicorn applicants. The insults and jeers towards those who would enter.

“Now you see that the article wasn’t so far off. To think that my words, and offhooved treatment would grow to what you’ve seen,” I sniffled.

“Oh Tia … yes it was stupid, but all ponies have those they connect with the most. But you weren’t as malicious as that. You were just … acting ignorantly. We all make mistakes Tia. some more than others,” Luna said.

“Lulu, there’s a difference between ignorance and negligence little sister. My histories marked with that. Even with all of my plans and my foresight, there are massive errs in my actions. It doesn’t help that the nation hides their darker secrets under the rug, giving the illusion that everything is perfect. It makes things harder for helping the nation when everypony acts as if everything is fine until things fall apart around us.

“That’s not counting my own oversight to those close to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I failed you, our parents, Sunset, even my own Cutie Mark I’ve failed.”

“No -”

“Yes Luna, I have. If I have you and Sunset wouldn’t have … left. And I would have been able to truly fulfil my Cutie Mark if I didn’t overlook the non-unicorns. Simply because I never was able to connect with them as I did unicorns.”

“Tia,” Luna whispered, “None of that -”

“Luna, I love you, but it was,” I interrupted.

Luna harumphed, “We’ll talk later.”

“Alright you need to get the girls together, we have a card game to start after all.”


Those eight ponies came in to see me buried quite literally in a mountain of paperwork. I had been sorting out applicants from the very first to the most recent decade when they fell over and weighed me down. I was just about to lift them myself when,

“Princess!” A muffled yell said as a purple glow lifted the colossal amount of work off my withers.

“Yes princess,” I snarked, shaking myself loose.

“Oh … right,” Twilight giggled nervously, “I meant Celestia.”

“Yes, I’m quite alright,” I replied to Twilight’s unasked paperwork.

“What is all of this?”

“Well. This is the sign of my neglect to the other tribes. At least where my school is concerned.”

“But … It’s Celestia’s School For Gifted Unicorns, it should be obvious that it's only for unicorns.”

“Yes Twilight, but think about it on a different perspective. What is taught at that school?”

“Magic of course. So what’s the problem?”

“Twilight. Is magic limited to only unicorns?” I asked.

I could see her mouth open to answer immediately, but then she closed it. Looking deep in thought. You can do it Twilight. You’ve lived with the other races for a while now. You’ve got to see them as I have never had the chance to. Put it together.

“I don’t know,” Twilight answered with a frown adorning her muzzle. It looked as if she had more to say, but for some reason didn’t.

“These here are ponies who claimed to have magical abilities, or Cutie Marks that were magic or magic knowledge related. Who wanted to learn how to use those gifts. But were cast aside by others, including myself, who thought only unicorns could do magic.

“I believe I may be in the wrong, and worse of all. Those who represent me have turned them not just aside but have done so cruelly. I want to at least see those who tried and to make amends.” I commented. I still felt as if I’d done a horrible wrong to the ponies under my wing. Yet, I knew I had to at least start on making progress to help them.

“Alright … I’ll try to help where I can,” Twilight replied. I gave a nod of thanks, and moved the mountain of files.

“When I was about to suggest this little get together before Luna showed up, but it’s still good to see you all here. I could use some help in becoming a better mare for my nation. Especially since it seems that I haven’t been fair to two of the tribes under my protection.”

“Um … princess, what do ya mean, be a better mare?” Applejack asked.

“It’s no secret that I connect more with unicorns, heck until recently I didn’t think that the Element of Magic, or magic could be done by anything other than a unicorn. Nor did I work on looking after pegasi or earth ponies as much as I could. Other than working on ensuring they weren’t crushed under the frogs of the nobility.

“I … I need to be their for my little ponies. All of them, and I need to work on that.”

“Well Ah guess Ah can get behind that, how’re we supposed to help?” AJ asked nervously shuffling her forehooves.

“I was hoping you all would be able to tell me. Maybe learn more thoroughly how unfairly the other races have been treated. After all, the nations of Equestria work on hiding things that make their communities look blemished, sweeping the imperfections under the rug. It seems I have to make quite a few changes. Although it won’t be easy.”

“Are you thinking of pulling a Twilight?” Pinkie asked, “Because that’d be rather cool. Then maybe Luna could join, and all the princesses could see what it’d be like a field trip, but for princesses! It’d be so awesome!”

I felt her eye twitch as confetti and streamers shot out of Pinkie’s mane. Remember the Pies aren’t descendants of Discord. Luna and I proved this .... sort of. At the very least we prevented prosecution of them after the Discordian Era. “That sounds like it would be good if it weren’t for how ponies act when we arrive in a nation.”

“Well duh! That’s why you’d go in disguise. Then nopony would know who you were. It’d be perfect!” Pinkie gushed.

“That … could work, but who’d rule the nation?” I asked.

“Well we could always do that double illusion we use when we don’t want to go somewhere but need to pretend like we’re making an appearance,” Luna mentioned offhoovedly.

“What!?” Twilight shouted right next to my ears. When she saw me cringe she offered an apologetic squeak.

“It’s alright, but yes. Occasionally we are needed to be at many places, so we simply send an illusionary double, linked to a portion of our mind. Then it goes about acting as us, and when it’s needed we simply undo the spell and have the stored memories within it go back into us. It was in the page of things you needed to learn to be a successful princess.”

“But … But that’s cheating,” Twilight said incredulously. I smiled at how adorable she looked being all flustered.

“No it’s efficient dearest Twilight,” Luna replied for me, “after all we can’t be everywhere, and scheduling errors do occur.”

“A-Alright I guess. So you cast the doubles, but going as yourselves would just draw attention, and should you really be doing this?”

“Well probably not, but it must be done. If we are to truly connect with our little ponies. That and I’ve worked non-stop for a thousand years, it's about time I get a vacation. As for being noticed, changelings aren't the only race that can use shapeshifting magics.”

“If we’re going to do this. We need a plan!”


So it was that my sister and I decided to go into Ponyville, my sister going as a pegasus, and I going as an earth pony. Since neither of us connected well with them. Hopefully I can connect with them properly this time, not as a ruler, but as a fellow pony. Although I don’t think Twilight appreciated the second part of our plan.

To go not as grown mares, but with a liberal application of age magic as fillies. After all, we gave up our childhood to a war and reality torn species, then further sacrificed ourselves to the crown. This would be a great chance to start anew, even if it was for a short time.

Then we’d approach my school, and fix things from within. Albeit with our two chosen fillies to join with us, if they were able to get in.

Author's Notes:

And so this fic wraps up. I'll probably give myself a week or two to build up a buffer [for 7.5 chapters done], give some time for my editors to catch up to everything written so far, but I'll post a Link Chapter when the fic goes up ^_^. So no worries of missing the story.

I hope y'all liked the story. And I'll see you in the sequel. Which has multiple PoV's separated character dividers. Instead of just one character. I think that I'm doing it pretty well so far. And like this one it's partially satyrical, partially playing on fannon tropes [taken to awkward twists], and generally just having fun with the original prompt.

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