Of Princesses and Time Chargers

by Shotoman

Chapter 1: Prologue

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Of Princesses and Time Chargers



Though the Forest of Everfree was literally her own back yard, right at this particular moment the little filly was not finding it especially inviting. After all, it was dark, and she had been lost for hours now. “Lulu! Whew aw you?” the young child called out, for possibly the hundredth time. Her white coat was dirty, her usually flowing pink hair was drooping and listless. She was too young for either her unicorn horn or her pegasus wings to help her out too much—she had yet to even begin thinking about her cutie mark. She made a mental note to never play Hide 'n Seek ever again.

The little filly was distracted by the overall creepiness of the forest and her fear at being lost, and bumped right into something, knocking her on her flank. She looked up, and saw she'd run into a chestnut colored stallion with an uncontrollably curly brown mane and tail. Upon his head he wore a brown floppy hat, and around his neck he wore a tacky multicolored scarf that was so long he had it wrapped around his torso a couple of times. Emblazoned upon his flank was an hourglass.

The strange pony's wild blue eyes turned down to the little alicorn filly in front of him and he smiled, revealing a set of rather large teeth. “Hello,” he said, in an accent the youngster could not identify due to Trottingham not existing yet, holding out a small white bag. “Would you like a Jelly Filly?”

The filly shot the odd stallion a look. “I'm not suppowsed to talk to stwangews.”

The stallion put his bag of candy away and began talking in a strangely...energetic fashion. “Good show, good show. Excellent advice. And let me tell you, you will not find a pony stranger than me.” The stranger sat down. “So let's introduce ourselves and not be strangers anymore. I'm the Doctor.”

The filly raised an eyebrow quizzically. “Doc-tah? Oh, you're a doctor?”

The Doctor's smile turned wry. “Oh, I'm so much more than a doctor. I'm the Doctor. The definitive article, you might say.” At the young one's confused look, he shook his head. “Never you mind. Just call me the Doctor. And your name?”

The little filly shifted slightly nervously. “Cewestia.”

“Well then, Little Celestia, now we aren't strangers anymore.” The filly remained somewhat unconvinced. “Hmmm. Tell you what. What would you say if I told you I was a completely harmless pony?”

Celestia eyed the Doctor critically. “I'd say you were wying.”

The chestnut pony smiled, flashing those large white teeth. “Very good. Now, what if I told you I just want to help you get home?” After a moment of contemplation, Celestia smiled. “Excellent. See, you're different than other ponies. You've got some very acute instincts on you. Instincts you should trust. So. What say we go about getting you home, eh?”

At the Doctor's prompting, Celestia climbed on top of the chestnut pony's back. The Doctor made his way through the forest quickly and deliberately. He obviously knew exactly where he was going. After a few minutes, Celestia began to recognize her surroundings. Minutes later, the Doctor parted some shrubbery and on the other side was the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Celestia immediately jumped off the Doctor's back and ran a few steps toward her home. She stopped and turned to face her new friend. “Thank you. Do you want to meet my famiwy?”

The Doctor smiled. “No, no. I was just...passing through. I really don't belong there. Now, run along. I'm sure we'll see each other again.”

Celestia smiled and ran back home with all her might. “Lulu! Lulu! I'm home!”

The Doctor watched until she ran through the doors, then turned around and went back into the forest.

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