Diapered Designs

by Tsunogami

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Place Where Things Got Wet

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The initial conversation Twilight had had with Rarity was significantly less awkward than it otherwise could have been due to Pinkie giving Rarity a tipoff that Twilight would be arriving soon and what she was looking for. Rarity had greeted Twilight in her boutique with a look that somehow managed to combine sympathy for the embarrassment she knew Twilight to be facing and something almost sultry, which Twilight imagined Rarity reserved for ponies that came looking for the sort of outfits that a pony does not typically wear in public, assuming they wear anything at all.

Once it was firmly established that both ponies knew what the other knew it was right down to business for Rarity. Despite not being quite closing time Rarity was quick to turn the sign over her door around and draw down the window shades. Just as Twilight was beginning to get comfortable with the situation she found herself in; that of casually discussing what makes for an enjoyable to wear and even use quality diaper with one of her oldest friends, Rarity had brought out a small trunk from the back storeroom and proceeded to open it revealing over two dozen different varieties of disposable diapers she had custom made for various clients over the years. No wonder Rarity’s name had gotten around in certain circles Twilight thought. There probably isn’t a single high society diaper-wearing pony in all of Equestria who hasn’t at least heard of Rarity and her work at this point. Though the diapers were technically disposable in nature Twilight had a hard time with the idea of ‘disposing’ of any of them no matter how well used they might become, they just all looked so lovely.

Twilight couldn’t help but notice that most of the diapers had custom designs printed on the plastic in front. Some of the designs made Twilight blush and brought up certain feelings which unless quickly dispelled would only further the emotional difficulty of the situation. Others seemed to be made to look as cute as possible with little images of fillies or various animals printed on them. Still others had images of particular ponies on the front. Whether that was supposed to be the pony who would be wearing the diaper or more likely in Twilight’s opinion the pony that another pony wanted to have on their diaper was not revealed. Rarity didn't bother taking measurements of Twilight as she had gotten thoes on file nearly the day the two of them had met but she did immediately start pulling out a selection of the diapers she thought would have the best size matches and characteristics.

It soon became apparent to Twilight that the next step would be to start trying on some of these selected diapers if her past experience with choosing any type of garment from the Carousel Boutique was much of a guide. Despite this it still came as a bit of a shock when Rarity had asked Twilight quite directly,

“So would you like to slip these on yourself or would you like me to do the fitting?”

While an admittedly very cute light violet colored diaper hung in the air suspended in Rarity’s magic field. Twilight decided it likely that Rarity had chosen it for the way its color complemented her fur.

And was that an image of the famous Canterlot supermodel Flur-de-lies printed on the front plastic?

“Ah, um, well I guess I should…” Twilight started

“Oh don’t bother yourself dear, here let me do it.” Rarity cut in. “I’m hardly a novice. I still help Sweetie Belle with her diapers from time to time after all.”

“Wait, Sweetie Belle wears-“

“Yes, at night, to bed. Though to be honest I don't think she is really wetting the bed anymore. I’m becoming suspicious she simply enjoys them...” Said Rarity looking off to the side at nothing. Twilight couldn’t help noticing that Rarity was smiling faintly as she said this.

“Ah, Goodness me I do apologize, here I am going on about my sister and ignoring the client right in front of me! How unprofessional! Here, lets get you up on a standing bar, it will make things easier for both of us”

Twilight was ushered through to one of the smaller back rooms where an upside down T-shaped metal bar was attached to the celling. It was a standard feature found in nearly any professional fitting room and allowed a pony to stand on only their back legs for extended periods with their forelegs hooked over the bar. This allowed the pony doing the fitting better access to the client’s chest and hip area, which would normally be difficult to work on while fitting a dress for example. Twilight noted it would appear that the device could also be used to properly fit a diaper, not something she had considered before. Of course- leave it to Rarity to turn what was a swift and often unpleasant chore with a foal into a work of care and diligence in Twilight’s case.

Her face heating up under her fur from embarrassment Twilight stood on her back legs which she spread apart and raised her tail. Not exactly the same set of movements a pony would make for a simple dress fitting Twilight considered. Really more like a mare preparing to have…no… no, best not think on that too much! Twilight did the best she could under the circumstances to not let her body’s instinctive reaction to her present posture become obvious.

Despite her efforts she couldn’t prevent a slight “mmmm…” from escaping, as the thick soft diaper was pulled tight between her back legs and around her hips partially covering her cutie mark. More strange still was the sensation of another pony’s telekinesis having a hold on her tail and keeping it in the proper position while it was being pulled through the tail hole in back. As Rarity’s magic pulled the tapes tight across her waist Twilight was again reminded how wonderful it was to be wearing a thick diaper and now being able to do so around a good friend made her all the more pleasantly aware of her state of dress so to speak.

“Oh, my, Twilight.” Rarity said with honest excitement. “Thoes really do look wonderful on you, and you look wonderful in them. I’m so grateful you came to me for help with this matter, I can’t bear the thought of a beautiful mare, not to mention princess, such as yourself making do with anything less than the best.”

Twilight did have to admit that these were perhaps the best diapers she had ever worn, even better than the admittedly quite nice ones princess Cadance had secretly supplied her with during her days as a filly in Canterlot and Celestia’s personal student. With her years of experience Twilight could tell many things at a glance. The four tapes on the front obviously were well secured and would stay that way indefinitely. They were even colored to match the rest of the diaper. The outer covering of the diaper was of a thicker plastic than what would be found on an average brand meaning it wouldn’t tear or deform if the tapes were readjusted or reapplied, a problem she had encountered before to her annoyance.

Furthermore the padding was not only thick but dense, meaning it was packed in solidly. A very important indication of quality that meant the padding would not break apart, and or clump together even after being used for an extended period. This would help the diaper keep its shape and prevent leaks. Twilight was also very pleased to see that the padding covered more than just her backside but extended around her waist in the side panels as well, which not only improved the visual appearance of the diaper but also meant that a pony could use the diaper while laying on their side without fear of leaks, again a common issue with cheaper mass produced brands.

Though it wasn’t just the build quality that impressed Twilight, there were several minor but obviously custom designed touches, which would never be found in a commercial brand. For instance, there was a cute little purple decorative looping line printed along the leg guards and another print of small pink hearts along the top of the waistband. Not to mention the still obvious image of Flur the supermodel adorning the front.

“Well Twilight, what do you think? “I do hope you like it?” Asked Rarity hopefully.

“I, I love them. Um, Thank you…these, um…" Twilight was having a hard time knowing quite what to say as embarrassment began to reassert itself.

“Here darling, have a walk around a bit.” Suggested Rarity pointing back out into the main central room of the boutique in an attempt to distract Twilight enough so that she wouldn’t feel as uncomfortable about the situation.

Seeing as how this suggestion only served to make Twilight more self conscious Rarity decided to take slightly more drastic measures.

“I’m sorry Twilight of course this is embarrassing for you. Here, would it make you feel better if I wore a diaper myself?” Inquired Rarity with a touch of hopefulness intruding into her voice.

“Wha- but you don’t… what I mean is you don’t have to, just for me. Unless of course you, well, want too…”

Oh, Twilight dear”, Rarity said laughing. “You don’t think that I would be able to not wear these at least a few times after spending the last few years making them for other ponies do you? Besides it would be unprofessional of me to sell any sort of clothing that I make without using myself as a test subject first you see.”

“I- yes, that makes sense. It’s just that, well from you its…”

“It’s strange that such an otherwise fashionable, prim and proper pony such as myself would ever think of wearing a garment meant for ‘doing ones business’ in?” Rarity asked with a smile.

“Of course I understand Twilight, but you should be used to the idea that ponies aren't as simple as they might at first appear and even after knowing one for years they may yet surprise you! After all even I can’t be perfect all the time.”

“I’m sorry Rarity, I didn't-”

“Oh, bah! You don’t have to apologize to me! Here, if you want to make me happy go on out there and show me how a confident - not at all embarrassed – Princess of Equestria makes that diaper look.”

Twilight couldn’t help noticing how in the time it had taken Rarity to restore Twilights confidence she had not only picked out, but also put on, a diaper. Not something that could be done so quickly by a pony inexperienced with the process, making Twilight wonder just how many diapers worn constituted “a few times” in Rarity’s case.

As Twilight, confidence at least partially restored, turned to lead the way out of the fitting room she couldn’t help but notice the diaper Rarity had chosen for herself. It was every bit as well made as the one she now wore but the details were all different. For one thing the plastic was a pure white except for a pair of dark purple wavy lines parallel to each other running from near the top of the front of the diaper and disappearing back between Rarity’s legs, fancy wetness indicators? Twilight thought, how very…Rarity, if so. And what appeared to be a thin silver chain was tied loosely around the waist of the diaper. It was almost as if Rarity had designed a diaper for herself.

Twilight was hardly the type of pony to stride down a runway at a fashion show; she simply lacked the grace for that sort of thing. But for Rarity’s sake she tried her best to walk proudly even if she didn’t exactly feel it inside and showed herself off in as many angles as she could think of without making a fool of herself, or so she hoped at least.

However despite her initial reservations Twilight did enjoy herself. Really, how could she not when wearing a diaper as nice as this one. It hugged her lower waist very securely but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. The thicker plastic had no sharp corners that would dig into her fur and become itchy. And the diaper’s thick bulk between her legs was more than enough to press against her inner thighs so that with every step she took thoes areas rubbed over the smooth outer plastic making each stride give her a bit of a thrill. Though at the same time the diaper never seemed excessively bulky or out of proportion to her body. There was one oddity though.

“Ah, Rarity I’ve been meaning to ask” Twilight said turning to face Rarity who was still standing watching Twilight and her diaper with an appraising but also quite pleased look.

“It feels as though the plastic covering runs around to the inside of the diaper as well. It doesn’t reach all the way down to, um, down to that specific area and I can feel the plastic covering the inside of the back of the diaper as well again. Um, why…”

“Yes, that” Rarity said in a way that told Twilight she was hunting for some way to explain it all that would make good sense.

“The mare that ordered the set of diapers the one you are currently wearing came from was very…experienced with diapers and knew exactly what she wanted. She said that having as much of the inside of the diaper be covered in the same plastic as the exterior as could be achieved without interfering with its absorbency helps the diaper to maintain its proper shape over longer periods of time. She also explained that it keeps more of the chest fur nearer the navel from coming into contact with any wetness when the diaper is used and makes clean up afterward an easier process. Furthermore she simply though they felt better that way as the inner plastic allows the fur to slide around more easily when walking or even running.”

“Well that was a more complete explanation than I expected, that mare, whoever she is, sure sounds like an expert! I would love to meet her some day.”

“Oh you probably have already Twilight, but I’m sure you will get another chance at some point.” Rarity replied somewhat mischievously.

“I’m surprised how well thoes diapers happen to work on you, I mean, I made the best selection I could but even I didn’t expect… Well this does make things much easier! We can immediately begin with what you are wearing as the template and get to work right away! I promise you Twilight that when we are done you will have a set of the best diapers anypony could possibly wish for!” Rarity exclaimed. Why, diapers for a princess, I never would have thought…” Rarity trailed off growing oddly wistful.

Twilight could see she was in for a longer stay at the boutique than she had initially planed on. After all, when Rarity said she would start right away on something that is precisely what she did. And that was the problem at the moment because Twilight was beginning to need to use the bathroom quite badly. In fact she had begun to feel it before coming to the boutique in the first place but in her desire to hasten her arrival she had ignored the feeling and perhaps it was true that subconsciously knowing she was going somewhere that perhaps had diapers on hoof that she might be able to use... well, she had not directly considered the possibility and when the diapers turned out to be so fancy and well made she had dismissed it entirely. Seeing as how the possibility of returning home in a timely manner before she lost control was now beyond possible –short of teleportation which was a risky undertaking without being able to directly see one’s exact destination – she concluded that the only choice would be to ask Rarity to go upstairs and use the bathroom here in the boutique. Turning to Rarity Twilight couldn’t help but feel a bit sheepish but asked anyway.

“Rarity, I want to get started on the new diapers as quickly as possible as well but first I need to use the restroom, um, I guess you can put the diaper on me again when I come back down, sorry to make extra work for you though.”

Twilight paused at Rarity’s confused look. “What is it?” Asked Twilight.

“I don’t understand Twilight, you are wearing a diaper at the moment after all, is there something wrong with it?”

“Wrong with it? Of course not, I just, wait, Rarity! Twilight started with a bit of a shock as she understood Rarity's implication, “This diaper is so beautiful and unique. Besides its not even really mine is it. I can’t well, just... go in it right?”

“Oh Twilight darling,” Rarity said expression softening into a warm smile, that diaper was yours the moment I put it on you. And as for it being unique, pah! That one is simply one of hundreds I had made for the customer, probably thousands by now actually, she still orders more each month. I just keep a hoof full around as samples or for design inspiration if I need it. Don’t you worry, there are more where that came from and anyway the ones I will make for you will be every bit as good if not better!”

“After all Twilight, really, what is the point of a diaper if its not used for its intended purpose? So you see,” Rarity said walking over and pressing a hoof gently into the side of Twilights diaper, “there is no reason for you to go and use a another bathroom when you are already wearing one.”

“I- really, its ok? Thousands you said?”

“Yes Twilight, thousands” Rarity said with a comforting smile. “And if it helps I’ll use my diaper if you go in yours.” Said Rarity with surprising eagerness.

Again Twilight was a bit at a loss for words, Rarity? Using a diaper? What was the world coming to?

Twilight gave Rarity a semi-suspicious look. “You’re not a changeling are you?”

“Oh for Celestia’s sake Twilight! If you need to go then just go, you don't need my permission, Princess. Rarity said putting special emphases on Twilight’s title.

“And Twilight, I do have one rule, if you are going to use one of the diapers I made I insist that you enjoy it as much as possible!”

“Heh, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind” Twilight said laughing nervously.

“Where- I guess here, right? Here is good?”

“Where ever you like darling, its your choice. Though I do hope you don’t mind if I watch, do you?” Inquired Rarity hopefully.

“Oh, um no, of course not, you’re always welcome to watch, I mean its your place I can’t just send you off or something hehe.”

Part of Twilight really couldn’t believe she was about to actually go through with this. After all as recently as last week she had had no idea that her friend whom she had known since the day she had moved to Ponyville even knew that a grown mare could enjoy diapers let alone wear them herself. However, she considered perhaps it was only a matter of time before ponies with similar interests wound up getting to know each other. The other part of Twilight was really only concerned with one thing, the act of relieving herself of a certain uncomfortable pressure. And it was this part that won out over her weakening desire to find any way to delay the inevitable. There was no way out of it now. Anything less than a complete soaking would be rude to Rarity and Twilight was not that kind of pony.

With a quiet intake of breath that sealed her commitment Twilight turned so that her backside was facing Rarity and raised her tail somewhat to provide her with a less obstructed view. She shuffled a bit out of nervousness and spread her back legs slightly. Then with a nearly inaudible sigh she let her muscles release their bind around her urethra.

The results were not as immediate as Twilight was accustomed to considering the pressure she felt but as she forced her body to get used to the idea that yes, she really did intend to go here and now her natural processes took over and the trickle became a torrent which she no longer had any desire to stop.

At first the force of her urine entering the diaper caused it to splash back onto her sensitive places, covering her lower lips and more in a wonderfully warm liquid. Beyond that though it soaked into her fur making her sensitive skin come alive with spreading warmth that just couldn’t be achieved in any other way except perhaps a soak in a hot spring bath. Her strong stream continued its playful splashing into her diaper with an audible and distinct hissing sound as Twilight could feel the increasingly soaked padding pressing more firmly against the inside of her legs as it expanded quickly to accommodate the sudden influx of fluid. The warmth of the thick, tight diaper pressing itself against her from all directions was nearly more than she could take without rubbing herself like a mare in heat. She still was able to maintain enough dignity to keep from doing that, for the moment at least.

It felt like she had been peeing forever. Truthfully, probably only a minute or two but time seemed to slow down as the flow just kept on coming and the diaper gradually expanded and grew noticeably heavier. It didn’t require much though for the once dry diaper to take on the distinctive feel of a well used one to Twilight. The amount of pee flowing out of her would have made for at least two good diaper wettings under normal circumstances so she was thankful for all the excess since the diaper she was taped into had more capacity than what she had worn in the past. Somehow she felt it would have been a terrible waste to have only gone a little or even a moderate amount in this diaper. A diaper of this quality should be used to its maximum potential and nothing less.

By the time her powerful flow finally trickled to a stop she had all but forgotten she where she was and that she had an audience of any sort. Her head was bowed low as she had let every muscle in her body relax save for thoes one currently holding her upright. Incidentally this allowed her to look under herself and examine the diaper. Due to the thick violet tinted plastic covering, not to mention the large print on the front of the diaper it was hard to tell she had wet at all just by looking at the color, perhaps it was a bit darker than before but the more obvious indication of a heavily used diaper was the way the front of the diaper bulged out even further than it had while dry. Twilight was pleased though unsurprised to see no signs of leakage anywhere, the diaper was doing its job well, it was holding in more pee than any standard diaper could be expected to without at least a little leaking. Though what did surprise Twilight was that the diaper was doing all this with out any apparent sagging at all. Despite the noticeably increased weight of the soaked padding the diaper was taped just as tightly and securely around her body as it had been since the moment Rarity had put it on her. And soaked it was, she could feel the warmth all the way from where the front of the diaper ended just below her navel to up underneath the base of her tail.

Twilight found she couldn’t resist curling a foreleg underneath herself to slide the tip of her hoof gently over the smooth plastic while pressing in slightly here and there to test the consistency of the padding. Although the wet thickness of the diaper prevented her touch from being directly transmitted through to her now rather sensitive crotch just the feeling of gliding her hoof gently up and down the front of her diaper was enough to get a quiet moan out of her.

It was however at this point that Twilight noticed that not only had Rarity moved herself closer, but also that Rarity was apparently doing the same thing to the front of her diaper as what Twilight had been getting up to. Twilight quickly lowered her hoof - although she tried to make it look like she wasn’t trying to do so too quickly- feeling her cheeks grow hot.

“Oh my, Twilight.” Rarity said breaking her eyes away from Twilight’s bulging diaper.

“I do believe that just may have been the most beautiful thing I have ever seen you or any pony do!” I’m so honored to get to make diapers for a mare who can appreciate them so much, really I am!”

“That's so sweet of you Rarity, thank you.” Said Twilight turning to nuzzle her friend.”

Despite being momentarily distracted by Rarity’s emotional outpouring Twilight couldn’t help remember a certain promise from the white mare.

“Well, since I’ve used mine that means that you will- I mean you said that you’d-“ Twilight said struggling with the proper way to broach the subject.

“Well yes, about that hehe, I think I may have um, done my business, already, just now, while watching you, so to speak.” Rarity got out awkwardly. “I must admit it does feel really quite nice.”

Rarity turned around showing her that her once pristine white diaper was now noticeably darker with a slight yellowish cast to it that covered most of her backside and well up the front Twilight was sure. Rarity must have been telling the truth about how it felt as when she pressed a hoof tip into the center of her diaper Twilight could see her body visibly shiver. Twilight wasn’t sure why but the sight of such an otherwise well kept pony wearing a rather fancy diaper, silver waist chain and all so thoroughly enjoying a very obvious wetting in her diaper was all rather exciting. Her actions were just so wonderfully juxtaposed with her appearance and public reputation.

“Oh my, it has been too long since last I did this. Thank you Twilight for coming over today, I wouldn’t have been able to be having nearly as wondrous a time without you!”

Before Twilight could respond Rarity went on.

“Silly me, this is about you dear, here now, walk around a bit, do some stretches, just move about like that diaper is the most normal thing in the world. I want to be sure that the diaper is perfectly comfortable for you no matter what you do while wearing it. Nothing less is acceptable.”

“Um, ok” Twilight said trying to decide just what constituted a bit of a walk. She settled on simply striding around the room while trying to walk as normally as possible. This proved a bit difficult, not due to any true physical limitations the thick wet diaper imposed but simply because of the novelty of the sensations its heavy warm padding and the tight smooth cool plastic produced as they stretched and slid around her legs and the very receptive areas to be found under her tail. Altogether it really was enough to drive a pony to distraction.

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