A New Year to Remember, Always

by The Darling Cookie

Chapter 1: A New Year to Remember, Always

“Hmm, this place seems really open. Big blue sky, tons of grass everywhere..and now I can see houses and stuff. I’m dreaming aren’t I?” a white unicorn said to herself as literally houses sprung out of nowhere in front of her eyes.

As to confirm her suspicions, she saw once again her favorite video game characters walking around the now materialized Ponyville. She raised an eyebrow and smirked a little.

“Yeah, I’m definitely dreaming.”

A flight of stairs materialized in front of her and she trotted up them, continuing to follow them to seemingly nowhere until she felt she reached the top. Once she did, she found a marble looking floor and a pedestal made of shiny metal with what looked like a weathered scroll on top in the center of said floor. She trotted up to it and used her magic to lift the scroll up and opened it to read it.

“The Red Pickle flies along the Purple Shade.” The scroll read, much to Vinyl’s confusion.

Then all the sudden Vinyl felt the marble floor shake underneath her hooves.

“VINYL!” a huge voice boomed overhead, seemingly coming from the white wispy clouds themselves.

“Tavi?” Vinyl asked, before she heard the voice again and everything went black.

“Vinyl? Vinyl wake up silly! It’s almost past 2 dear.”

“Hum aanaa loki!” Vinyl mumbled as she suddenly woke up from her strange dream.

Octavia stood in Vinyl’s doorway, chuckling at how sudden Vinyl jerked awake from her sleep.

“You okay, Scratchie?” Octavia asked, much to her delight.

Vinyl, now awake, was slumped over on her bed still, her hooves lazily in front of her and her mane all over the place. Her eyes were slightly red but she took a breath and smiled at Octavia.

“Yeah, of course I am Tavi.” She replied in an I’m-still-waking-up kind of voice while managing a slight smile.

Octavia put one hoof by her mouth and chuckled some more.

“Okay, if you say so Vinny. Well, get something to eat okay? I was thinking we could stop by the store and get what we need for New Year’s. There might be some things we might need to spend it together.”

“Alrighty Octi. Just give me a sec though.”

Octavia chuckled a little again and left Vinyl’s room, trotting over to the living room and sitting down on the couch waiting. Vinyl got up and went to the restroom, first brushing her teeth then fixing her hair. As she was doing so, she was wondering the meaning of the strange dream she had. She wanted to ask Octavia about the strange dream but decided against it. Then again, Octavia might better understand what it had meant.

“Decisions, decisions” Vinyl thought to herself.

When Vinyl finished cleaning herself up, she went into her room and quickly grabbed her satchel and purple sunglasses before heading back into the living room.

“Ready to go sweetie?” Octavia asked Vinyl with a smile.

“Of course Octi. Let’s go!” she replied with a smile as well, using her magic to put on her purple sunglasses.

Octavia gave a slight nod then got up and headed to the door with Vinyl following close behind. The duo then left the house and walked down the small stairs before heading towards the direction of the store next to one another.

“Have you got bits on you Vinyl?” Octavia curiously asked Vinyl.

“Yeah, I got enough I think. What about you?”

“Of course I do. We should have enough then.”

“Alrighty if you say so.” Vinyl replied.

“But I do say so Vinny” Octavia chuckled back, looking to her right at Vinyl while doing so.

Vinyl and Octavia both chuckled at one another, both of them staring into each other’s eyes lovingly. However Vinyl was the one to break the moment.

“Hey Octi, one of us has to watch where we are trotting.”Vinyl remarked, turning her head around to do so.

“Charming.” Octavia replied with a giggle.

“Hey look! What did I tell ya’? See? The store’s right in front of us! We would’ve trotted right into the entrance!”

“I suppose you are correct, yes.” Octavia replied, her cheeks turning a slight shade of red.

“Come on Tavi, let’s get our shop on!” Vinyl eagerly yelled, earning a giggle from Octavia from how silly Vinyl was being.

Vinyl led the way up to the entrance of the store and weaved her way through the small gatherings of ponies by the front where the registers were. Octavia followed close behind and the two of them reunited by Aisle 3 which was for bread.

“Alright Tavi-Waby, what do we need?” Vinyl asked in a cute manner.

“V-vinyl!” Octavia stammered right away, blushing somewhat hard due to Vinyl calling her by that nickname as she looked around to see if any other pony had heard her call her that.

“Oh my bad Tavi. Whoops. Heh. Sorry. I keep forgetting we’re not home heh.” Vinyl apologized, her cheeks becoming red now as well.

“It’s okay sweetie, I still love you.” Octavia replied, smiling at Vinyl.

“I love ya’ too.” Vinyl replied, giving Octavia a big and cuddly hug.

The duo then stared into each other’s eyes once again while they were embracing, not noticing at all the clerk standing close to them asking if they needed help finding something.

“Oh! Didn’t see ya’ there buddy!” Vinyl exclaimed, laughing a little.

She then stopped hugging Octavia and turned around to face the clerk.

“Hmm, I guess we do need some help. Tavi, what are we looking for?” She replied, turning to Octavia for an answer.

“Just some things for a New Year’s celebration. Like ice cream or something like that.”

The clerk nodded his head and smiled at the two.

“Okay, well you’re in luck. The ice cream happens to be right next to New Year celebration items. If you will follow me, I can take you over there.”

“Sure” Octavia replied.

“Yeah no problem.” Vinyl replied to him as well.

The duo followed the clerk over to aisle 11 on the other side of the store and gave their thanks to him as he went on to help another patron of the store.

“Well, we’re here Tavi. So..what are we gettin’?”

“Hmm, those party streamers look nice. Oh, look Vinny! Look! They have the perfect hat for you!” Octavia pointed to their right then to a shiny cyan hat that was wide brimmed.

She trotted up to the hat and picked it up, handing it over to Vinyl.

“Try it!” Octavia said, smiling at Vinyl.

“Okay” Vinyl reluctantly said, rolling her eyes but nonetheless smiling at Octavia.

“You’re so cute when you do that.” Octavia remarked, causing Vinyl to blush a bit.

Vinyl put on the cyan party hat with her magic, somewhat surprised that it fit.

“Well, what do you think?” Vinyl asked Octavia, smiling at her.

“I think it looks great.” Octavia replied, her eyes smiling along with her lips.

“Awh shucks! You’re too kind Tavi!” Vinyl replied, lightly hitting her with her hoof.

Octavia pretended to be a little hurt from the soft hit and when she did, both of them giggled after that. Vinyl then spotted another hat like the one she was wearing and used her magic to hand it over to Octavia.

“What about this purple one? I think it suits you Octi.”

“You think so?”

“Anything does to me Tavi. You know that.”

Octavia blushed rather hard and she chuckled from the comment.

“Now it’s my turn to say you’re too kind.” Octavia replied, donning the purple hat and smiling to an already grinning Vinyl.

Vinyl knew that Octavia wanted to kiss. She could tell by the way Octavia’s eyes were looking into hers. But she didn’t because she saw a very, very familiar purple filly with a golden mane behind her.

“Dinky! What are you doing here?” Vinyl chuckled, giving Octavia a kiss on the cheek instead of the lips before she had said that.

Octavia giggled and hugged Vinyl as she turned around to face Dinky with Vinyl.

“We’re getting stuff for New Year’s!”

As to confirm what Dinky had said, Dinky’s parents emerged from around the corner and greeted the duo.

“Mrs. Scratch. Mrs. Melody.” Doctor Whooves said respectfully to the two of them while giving the both of them a slight nod.

“Sup doc.” Vinyl replied.

“Doctor Whooves, a pleasure.” Octavia replied.

The Doctor smiled at the two of them as Derpy said hello to the two of them.

“Hey Mrs. Hooves, you’re looking real pretty today!” Vinyl remarked.

“Absolutely gorgeous!” Octavia remarked as well.”

“You both are too kind. Both of you are so sweet!” Derpy replied, her eyes struggling to fixate on the two of them.

She smiled warmly at the two of them as Dinky galloped up to Vinyl and gave her the biggest hug she could.

“Awh, hey kiddo! How have you been? Heh.” Vinyl replied, hugging her back.

“Just school n’ stuff. But I don’t have school right now! Ooooo! Vinyl!” Dinky replied, tugging at Vinyl’s right foreleg.

“Heh yes Dinky?” Vinyl chuckled at the cute filly.

“Can you spend New Year’s with my mommy and daddy? Octavia can come too. She’s really cool too.”

Vinyl looked over to Octavia and smiled, to which she received a smile back as well and then to Dinky’s parents before returning her gaze on Dinky.

“Well let’s ask your parents. Okay? Because I would love too!”

“Okay! Awesome!” Dinky eagerly replied.

Dinky then turned around to face her parents and Vinyl trotted up next to her as well. Vinyl then spoke, asking if she and Octavia could spend New Year’s with them.

“Oh of course Vinyl. We would love to have you especially considering you’ve taken care of Dinky plenty of times before! It’s the least we can do!” Derpy replied happily, smiling at her and Dinky.

Dinky jumped up in the air in excitement then high hoofed Vinyl, the both of them saying “Awesome!” at the same time.

“Well if you want to darling, you can go with Vinyl while your dad and I will-“

“OKAY!” Dinky replied, interrupting her mother in her own excitement.

“Oh Dinky, you silly filly” Both Derpy, Doctor Whooves, Vinyl and Octavia all said at the same time.

The lot of them then started chuckling after that before Derpy and Doctor Whooves said bye to the three of them.

“Well then, we’ll see you at our house!” Derpy called out to them as both she and her husband trotted away.

“Well, let’s meet them there” Vinyl said to the other two, whom smiled at her.

The other two agreed and followed Vinyl to the checkout line.

“Well, we’re about a couple of hours away from New Year’s. Y’all ready?” Vinyl asked Dinky and Octavia.

Both of them smiled at Vinyl and nodded.

“Alright, time to celebrate!”

Vinyl trotted up to Derpy and Doctor Whooves’ house and knocked on it. Derpy answered it and welcomed all of them in.

“Hey darling, did you have fun?” Derpy asked her child.

“Yeah we had fun mommy! Vinyl taught me how to hoofstand. Or kinda of.”

Derpy chuckled at her daughter as the trio entered her and her husband’s house.

“Thanks for letting us come over. Vinyl and I really appreciate it” Octavia said to Derpy.

Dinky then nodded her head and agreed.

“Silly, you live here!” Derpy exclaimed at her daughter, which resulted in everypony to chuckle.

“Well it looks like we have a couple of hours before the big new year. Do you two have any ideas to pass the time?” Derpy asked Vinyl and Octavia.

Vinyl looked over to Octavia and grinned at her then to Derpy.

“Oh yeah, you bet.” Vinyl smiled at Derpy.

“Are you talking about-?” Dinky began to ask before she was interrupted by Vinyl.

“Yeah I am! It’s gonna be AWESOME!”

“Haha AWESOME!” Dinky exclaimed.

Derpy and her husband showed looks of confusement as they didn’t catch on right away.

“Darling, what is she going to do?” Derpy asked her daughter.

“You’ll see mommy! It’s gonna be awesome!!”

Octavia smiled at Vinyl as Vinyl trotted to the center of the living room, her horn now glowing brightly. Vinyl then sat down and closed her eyes, concentrating on casting her spell. And then, it happened. The entire room glowed electric blue. And when it did, the rest of them witnessed the spectualar transformation of the living room. Somehow, Vinyl was changing the actual living room into something else, as the lot of them experienced previous events from that year.

“Wow, this is amazing. Spectulcualry amazing.” Doctor Whooves said in awe.

“Woah.” Octavia, Derpy and Dinky all said at the same time.

They witnessed everything that had happened that year and it was beautiful; it was truly remarkable that they all were able to time-travel to the best moments of that year. Dinky even saw the moment where Vinyl had taught her how to catch a remote control from falling and when she did, she and everyone else said “Awh”. Then as the events in the background continued playing, Vinyl’s body became encased in electric blue as she started levitating, an electric blue ball now starting to encase her. And when this happened, each and every one of them to their surprise started to levitate as well, a different color to accommodate each and every one of them as spheres like Vinyl’s enveloped them as well.

“Amazing, absolutely amazing!” Doctor Whooves exclaimed, the others agreeing with him as well.

As they kept levitating in the air, the scenery around them changed as well as the lot of them could see the universe all around, distant stars twinkling around. Dinky giggled and rolled in space laughing in delight as she saw the beautiful scenery. Both Doctor Whooves and Derpy rolled together laughing in joy and Octavia went with Vinyl, whom was now out of her trance and went with Octavia. Then all 5 of them stopped once they saw Equestria and wowed in wonder.

“Oh Vinny, it’s beautiful. Thank you Vinny for this. This is absolutely wonderful!” Octavia said to Vinyl, giving her a light kiss on the lips and smiling at her.

“It’s nothin’ really Tavi. Just my present to you all.” Vinyl replied, smiling as the others gave their thanks.

Vinyl then checked her watch and looked up to the others suddenly.

“Oh snap guys, I forgot how fast time flies here. It’s almost time!”

Vinyl then closed her eyes and the lot of them slowly descended towards Equestria, through the clouds and back into the living room. And just llike Vinyl had said, once they came back the television showed the final countdown to the New Year.

“Oh goodie! We’re just in time!” Derpy exclaimed.

The TV then counted down for the New Year.




Octavia held Vinyl’s hoof and smiled at her as the both of them looked towards the TV.



Doctor Whooves embraced both his wife and daughter.



Derpy blinked, almost thinking she had missed the big moment.



Dinky giggled with excitement as everypony anticipated the big moment.


Vinyl had a streamer ready to fire, floating nearby.

“Happy New Year’s!”

Everypony exclaimed in happiness as Vinyl’s streamer went off, coating each and every one of them with assorted streamers.

“Happy New Year’s!” All of them said to one another, proceeding to hug each other and wish the best.

After that, Vinyl and Octavia wished Derpy and her husband the best as well as Dinky.

“It was our pleasure as well!” Derpy exclaimed, her husband nodding his head in agreement and Dinky giggling yes as well.

Vinyl and Octavia, hoof in hoof, then left the house, saying Happy New Year’s once again and bye after that. As the two of them trotted together, Vinyl looked back and could see Dinky on the front steps waving bye. Vinyl smiled and waved bye and watched the little filly scamper up back into the house.

“I really enjoyed that Vinyl. It was amazing.” Octavia said to Vinyl, to which she could only somewhat blush and smile back.

Octavia then leaned forward and kissed Vinyl on the lips passionately, to which Vinyl blushed extremely at.

“Happy New Year’s dearie.” Octavia said to Vinyl.

“Happy New Year’s baby” Vinyl replied.

“I like it when you call me that Vinny.” Octavia said with a short but cute smile.

The two of them continued trotting home, poking one another and chuckling in the beautiful moonlight with Vinyl’s cute protests echoing in the valley near their home.

Author's Notes:

Well that's pretty much it! Happy New Year's to everyone! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

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