The Secrets We Keep to Ourselves

by RoyalRainbow

Chapter 1: The Secrets We Keep to Ourselves

Author's Notes:

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Personally, I don't mind Bon Bon being revealed as a secret agent in the 100th episode, "Slice of Life." Yes, it was random and out of nowhere considering we pictured Lyra being the weird one of the two, but it did provided some great moments between Lyra and Bon Bon, mostly on Lyra's part. I mean, they got Ashleigh Bell, voice actor of Applejack and Rainbow Dash, to voice Lyra! :pinkiehappy: She does such an amazing job on capturing Lyra's adorableness! :rainbowkiss:

Anyway, enjoy! :twilightsmile:

It is a quiet night here in Ponyville. No late-night activities at this time. Everypony in town is already fast asleep in their respective beds. Yes, this is indeed a perfect night.

A perfect night for a spy.

Scurrying across the empty streets, a lone shadow shifts from one secure spot to another, be it the corner of an alleyway, a large floral bush, or a tall lamppost. Thankfully, her rapid hooves barely produce any sound that may give away her location, and therefore compromise her mission. She tackled on many dangers in the past, but her current task is perhaps the most crucial one of them all.

Through a series of acrobatic flips and quick sprints, the stealthy pony reaches her destination as she stands on her hind hooves while leaning against the wall. She then looks up to estimate its elevation before making the big climb for herself. Next, she pulls out a retractable grappling hook from her utility belt and flings it high above the rooftop until it latches on to something. Once she gives it a couple of tugs to ensure the anchor’s security, she makes her climb at a steady pace.

From reaching to the top, the mysterious shadow leans toward the other side of the thatched roof to plan out her point of entry. She could easily enter through the front door; even if it's locked, her masterful lockpicking would make short work of that. Still, there are other factors to consider which may alert others of her presence: the creak of the door, the squeaky floorboards, and those rickety, old stairs. No, the best way to minimize such disturbance is through the bedroom’s window on the second floor.

With her grappling hook securing the next anchor, she makes her descent until she lines up with the bedroom window in front of her. Fastened to her secured line, she reaches forward until she gets a good grip of the window before she gently pulls it open. Once it is opened, she begins to swing back and forth until she feels ready to let go of her line, and she flips through the cleared opening.

After her soft, perfect landing, she stays completely still to ensure that her target isn't awake. From scoping out the dark bedroom, the intruder can see a huge lump underneath the bed’s covers as its breathing causes the thick sheets to gently rise and fall at a steady rhythm. Resuming where she left off, she does a quick whiplash of her grappling hook to cause it to fall off its anchor, and it quickly retracts back to her utility belt like a slithering snake.

Afraid that her retractable hook might disturb her sleeping target, she does a quick take-back to make sure the other pony is still asleep. Once she assesses that her target hasn't budged from that spot, she carefully closes the window until it makes a soft click to signify it's fastening. Then, she tiptoes toward the other side of bed as she continues to stay low to the ground like a panther on the prowl.

From reaching the other side of the room, the spy-cladded pony lets out a soft sigh as she smiles on how close she is from completing her mission of infiltration. All that's left for her to do is unzip her suit and crawl into bed before she can call it a night.

But as soon as she lets her guard down…


...the light goes on. Not a bright one, but enough to illuminate the room. Still, despite how dim the light is, it is enough to cause the mare to instinctively freeze in place. No longer is she merged with the shadows as the rosy-colored light exposes her blue-and-pink curls, her cream-colored skin, and her sleek, black spy suit that hugs her fit figure like it’s her second skin with her long, curly tail sticking out at the end. From her petrified state, the Earth Pony can hear a soft yet stern voice behind her.

“Hello, Bon Bon… or should I say, Special Agent Sweetie Drops.”

The emotionless response from the one pony she didn't want to face this evening sends a disturbing chill throughout her entire body, and reluctantly, she turns around to face her captor. Sitting on one end of the bed is a mint-colored Unicorn with a two-striped mane featuring and a white streak and a darker shade deriving from her coat and golden eyes that are both majestic and fierce to look at. Everything about her speaks in volume over her marefriend’s late return, from the way she sits up straight with her fore hooves crossed and one hind leg over the other to her cold, piercing stare that's as sharp as a razor. Despite being backed into a corner, Bon Bon makes a desperate attempt to cover up her recent expedition.

“Oh, Lyra! Hey!” she replies with fake surprise and a big smile. “I didn't expect you to be awake all of a sudden.”

“So, where were you all this time?” Lyra demands softly that barely covers up the sternness in her tone.

“Oh, well… I had that big candy delivery to take care of today, remember?” she replies with a shaky, uneasy smile. “I left a note for you this morning.”

“Yes, I saw it. But what were you really doing?” the Unicorn emphasizes with a narrower gaze directing towards the Earth Pony.

Knowing that there's no use in hiding the truth, Bon Bon droops her head in shame as she appeals to her steadfast marefriend, “Come on. Don't do this to me, Lyra. You know I can't tell you what I do on my missions. You never know who might be listening in our conversations.” she adds in a whisper as she anxiously looks around the room to make sure no one is spying on them.

But Lyra wasn't amused by Bon Bon’s antics, nor does she want to hear her marefriend’s excuses anymore. Ever since Bon Bon got re-accepted into the recently revived Anti-Monster Agency thanks to the recapture of the Bugbear several months, things became increasingly distant between the two of them whenever Bon Bon (or rather "Sweetie Drops") sneaks off on some dangerous, secret mission, without even telling her in the first place. She’s just so tired of it all that she felt the need to speak up now before it gets worse. So after letting a long, heavy sigh, Lyra braces herself for what needs to be addressed, once and all.

“Bon Bon, this has to stop.”

A bit startled by Lyra’s bluntness, Bon Bon lets a simple reply, “Huh?”

“This. You. Your cover-ups. The oh-so secret missions. Everything. It has to stop right now.”

A bit taken by Lyra’s soft-spoken demand, Bon Bon expresses her own concerns in return, “Lyra, I thought you were supportive on what I am doing right now.”

“Oh I am.” she confirms much to Earth Pony’s confusion. “I just don't see why you’re still all hush-hush about this after telling me about your double life as a secret agent.”

“Lyra, you know why I can't disclose that kind of information to you or to any pony for that matter.” she mildly frowns on what the Unicorn is implying. “It may put you in danger.”

“How?” Lyra huffs in a fuming tone. “How will telling me where you might be going to put me in danger? In case you haven't noticed by now from all of your monster-hunting escapades, but Ponyville is like the capital of monster attacks here! Heck, I would feel much safer if you were here with me instead of going off into some uncharted location without telling me in the first place!”

“And that's why I need to do this, Lyra!” the Earth Pony counters with a pitch matching with hers. “I can’t just stick around here waiting for trouble to just pop up at random! Monster attacks are becoming more sporadic everyday! I would be more of use out on the field than just being stuck here in Ponyville! The agency needs me more than ever now!”

“I need you!” Lyra shrieks in very hurtful tone. “Or is possible that I no longer matter to you anymore?! How long will it be before they transfer you to a new location as well as give you a whole new secret identity?! How long will it take for you to finally tell me that you’ll leave me and everything we have here in Ponyville?! How long until you forget all about me and move on with some other mare before breaking her heart as well?! How long must you keep doing this to me, Bon Bon?!

From Lyra letting it all out, Bon Bon just stands completely still as the words from her marefriend’s outrage sink deeply and add immense guilt into the candy maker's heart. And despite how angry Lyra should be, fear and self-pity start to take hold of her as her fierce eyes that once flare like molten gold begin to cool down with tears building up and just ready to burst. And soon enough, she breaks down hard with tears pouring out mercilessly like a heavy rainstorm.

As Bon Bon watches with dread on how truly heartbroken her melancholy marefriend is feeling right now, she inches a little closer to the weeping mare and inquires in a soft, careful tone, “Is that what you are afraid of… that I might leave you someday?”

“...Y-yes.” the sniveling Unicorn answers in a trembling whine.

Bon Bon’s heart aches even further when she heard that response. She didn’t even consider on Lyra’s feelings over her re-acceptance as an anti-monster special agent. How could be so ignorant and selfish when she became so caught up in all of the excitement and adventures she secretly missed in the past? Realizing on what's truly important in her life now, she crawls on top of the bed and sat alongside Lyra before she gently wraps the weeping Unicorn in a hug and pulls her toward her chest to serve as a comfort pillow.

“Oh Lyra. I would never do that to you. Never.”

From Bon Bon’s soft-spoken reassurance, Lyra takes a break from her crying to look up at her comforting marefriend. With no need for words, the Unicorn can see the Earth Pony’s sincerity from her sparkly, blue eyes and her sweet, genuine smile. And soon after, Lyra resumes her crying as she too wraps her forelegs around Bon Bon, never wanting to let go of her.

Silently, the two ponies remain in each other’s fore hooves as Lyra continues to sob softly in the crook of her marefriend's neck while Bon Bon hugs the Unicorn very closely. Minutes have passed and Lyra’s sniffling has lessen significantly while Bon Bon carries on with her hugging as well as stroking her partner's two-striped mane. As tension has calmed down between them, the spy-cladded Earth Pony wants to share something that she never told anypony before until now.

“You know, when I first joined the agency, I practically had to give up everything to having a normal life, even from pursuing my love of making sweets.” Lyra’s ears perk up a bit to Bon Bon’s opening statement as the latter continues her story. “Overtime, it didn't really bother me due to all of the thrills and excitement with every mission I went on. It was that kind of rush that kept me going and to never look back.

But when the agency had to shut down due to the Bugbear’s escape, I… didn't really know what to do when I first came across Ponyville.” she admits hesitantly as she relived that moment of isolation in her past. “To me, being out in the open and maintaining a normal life was nearly impossible for me since I was so dedicated to my cause as a special agent. How could I be part of the norm when I lived in the shadows for so long? For the first time in my life, I felt utterly lost… and afraid.”

Bon Bon’s fear is evident in the subtle trembling of her voice and body, so with the attentive Lyra picking up on that, she lightly interlocks her forelegs around her marefriend and nuzzles her affectionately. This tender gesture is enough for Bon Bon to display an appreciative smile, and she carries on her reminiscing in a more uplifting tone.

“But all of that changed for me one day when I sat down on a bench all by myself, and suddenly, a pony sat next to me while sitting in the strangest position I ever did see.” she hints at that description with a clever grin.

Sigh… our first bench together.” Lyra smiles all lovey-dovey over that unforgettable memory of theirs.

“Yes.” Bon Bon agrees with a warm chuckle. “And as I was distracted by the funny way you were sitting, you stared back at me with those fetching, golden eyes and that adorable, perky smile of yours.” she comments lovingly, which earns her a cute, blushing smile from Lyra. “And then, you actually talked to me despite the fact that I was a complete stranger to you. Soon after, you led me around town and showed me around. Little by little, you helped me to find my own place in Ponyville: you introduced me to new friends, you offer me a place to stay, you helped me rediscover my talent and passion in candy-making, and more importantly, you were to first pony to give me your friendship. And surprisingly enough, you gave me your love as well.”

As Lyra is stunned by these revelations, Bon Bon pushes her back a little so that the endearing Earth Pony can look at her marefriend in the eye as she concludes with a captivating smile, “Don't you see, Lyra? If it wasn’t that fateful day where we first meet, I may not have regained that life of simplicity I’ve yearned for so long. And it's all thanks to you, Lyra Heartstrings, for giving me everything I need, right here in Ponyville.”

As Lyra is on the verge of shedding more tears, she asks in a whimpering voice, “Do you really mean that, Bon Bon?”

“I do, Lyra.” she nods earnestly. “With all of my heart.”

Unable to contain herself with how heartfelt Bon Bon’s words were, Lyra rushes forward for a much tighter embrace as she breaks down with more tears cascading across her face. From receiving that hug, Bon Bon returns the same amount of tenderness by wrapping her hooves around the emotional musician as she too begins to shed her own tears, both over the remorse for causing so much heartache to her marefriend and from feeling overjoyed from receiving love and forgiveness from the one pony that matters most to her.

“Oh Bonnie, I'm so sorry for ever doubt you!” Lyra exclaims in a frantic, tearful voice. “I was… scared that every time you go on one of your missions, I may never see you again!”

Compassionately, Bon Bon brushes the Unicorn’s mane in a soothing manner as she nestles up to her while comforting the tear-stricken mare in a tenderhearted voice, “No, you have nothing to be apologizing for, Lyra. I’m the one who should be sorry here. I shouldn't have kept so much of this a secret from you. You mean more to me than anything else. And if you want me to, I’ll... quit my job as a secret agent altogether.”

Lyra’s a bit taken back by the Earth Pony’s resolve in an attempt to mend their relationship. But to Bon Bon’s surprise, the Unicorn dismisses that offer with a shake of her head. “Oh no, Bon Bon. I can’t make you do that for me. This is what you like to do for a living, right? Besides, I think it’s kind of cool to have a super, sexy spy as a marefriend.” she winks with a sly smile.

After giggling over Lyra’s remark, Bon Bon restates herself with an alternative in mind. “Well then, how about from now on, I promise to tell you where I will be for next mission and so forth.”


And from their agreement, they engage in another heartwarming hug to signify on a stronger relationship from here on out. However, there is one thing that Bon Bon needs to resolve as she gingerly brings this up to her mare’s attention.

“Hey Lyra?”


“I know it's not my real name, but… can I still be your Bon Bon?” she asks in a cute, bashful manner.

In response to her marefriend’s timid request, Lyra breaks into a warm smile and answers wittily, “Only if I can still be your Lyra.”

Bon Bon beams from hearing that welcoming response, and she pulls her lover in until their muzzles are practically touching each other while she reassures with a doting smile, “You’ll always be my Lyra… always.”

And right after that, Bon Bon gives her mare a soft yet extensive kiss, which Lyra graciously accepts to her heart’s content. With the two lovers lost in their own bliss, the Earth Pony lay her forelegs around the Unicorn’s shoulders while the musician gently glides her hooves on the candy maker's sides. Throughout their embrace, their mouths remain glued to one another as a few, subtle moans of pleasure escape from their interlocking lips. Eventually, they take a break from that much-needed kiss as they stare into each other’s eyes while bearing goofy smiles for the other.

“By the way, I love the new spy suit.” Lyra comments with a casual grin.

Realizing that she's still wearing the black outfit, Bon Bon look down and explains how she acquired it with a mild blush, “Oh this? The agency gave them to us as ‘welcome back’ gifts.”

“Mmm, looks really good on you, especially those voluptuous curves of yours.” Lyra purrs with a suggestive smirk.

And before Bon Bon could comment on that remark, she suddenly feels a couple of tugs on her flanks as she lets out a high-pitched squeak to signify her surprise over the sharp yet sensual feeling. Once she is able to catch her breath, she looks back at the smirking Unicorn’s face and notices a gold-colored glow emitting from her horn. Putting two and two together, Bon Bon figures out on what her marefriend is up to as Lyra uses her magical, hand-shaped constructs to massage her partner’s tasty-looking buns.

“So tell me, where can I get a snazzy suit like that?” Lyra asks shrewdly as she continues to work her magic.

From the overwhelming sensation of her buns being kneaded like there were made out of dough, Bon Bon struggles with her response, “Lyra, only special agents can wear these spy suits. They're not… exclusive to the general public.”

Nonchalantly, Lyra continues her massage technique on the Earth Pony’s juicy flanks as she suggests with a clever smile, “Well then, how about I become an agent as well? That way, we can go on daring missions together, see the world, engage a little mischief in-between.” she hints with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

Gasping in-between, the increasingly flustered Bon Bon manages to reply back with an amusing grin, “As lovely as that sounds, I doubt the agency will hire you right on the spot.”

“Oh, I'm sure your spy pals will be in for a nice surprise when they see how handy I can be for the team. Especially my unique methods of interrogation.” she quips with a crafty grin.

And after giving Bon Bon’s flank a nice, firm squeeze, which earns her another pleasant squeak from the recipient, Lyra lays her breathless mare on their bed before she creeps on top of her and proceeds to use her dexterous magic to slowly unzip the Earth Pony out of her skin-tight suit. Having a good idea on where this is going, Bon Bon plays along and goads her lover with a come-hither look and a mocking smile.

“Why Lyra, do you expect me to talk?”

Of course, that is far what Lyra has on mind regarding with the spy suits as she leans closer toward her captive and answers with a villainous smirk, “No Ms. Bon Bon. I expect you to scream.”

And boy did she scream~!


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